5 Most Beautiful Hill Stations in Meghalaya For Couples , Famous Tourist Spot in Meghalaya

5 Most Beautiful Hill Stations in Meghalaya For Couples

Hill Stations in Meghalaya – Meghalaya literally means to ‘Abode of Clouds’, which is one of the prettiest states in India. The cloud-capped mountain peaks, stunning waterfalls, lakes and beautiful Khasi & Jaintia Hills makes it a perfect tourist spot for everyone.

Further, the whole location blessed with endemic natural beauty along with a wide range of flora and fauna. Apart from its scenic beauty, it is a perfect paradise for all adventure enthusiast. Some of the popular adventure activity which you can do here like trekking, camping, caving, rock climbing and angling. So here is a list of all hill stations in Meghalaya which makes it a dream destination for the scenic lover and honeymoon couples.

Top 5 Best Hill Stations in Meghalaya For A Romantic Holiday Vacation

1. Shillong
Hill Stations in Meghalaya - Shillong
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Shillong is the Capital of Meghalaya and also referred to ‘Scotland of the East’ due to surrounding rolling hills. Located at an altitude of 1525 m above sea level, the hill station surrounded by beautiful mountains, dense forest and lush greenery. Further, the pleasant climate and peaceful environment of this location make it a perfect tourist destination in Meghalaya.

Apart from that, it is home to numerous waterfalls and rivers. Some other popular places to visit here are Shillong Peak, Sohpetbneng Peak and Lady Hydari Park. So, it is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Meghalaya and mostly preferred by picnickers and honeymoon couples.

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2. Tura
Mountain Peaks in Meghalaya - Tura
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Located in the West Garo Hills, Tura is another famous hill stations in Meghalaya. The scenic hill town has a serene environment all through the year hence it attracts lots of tourists. Further, it is an ideal spot for the wildlife enthusiast due to the Nokrek National Park, which is about 12km away from the main town of Tura. Also known as the Cultural Capital of Garo Tribes, it is very well-known for its distinct culture and unique tradition. The main attractions of Tura are Balpakram Cave, Siju Caves and Rongbang Dar Falls.

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3. Cherrapunji
Hill Town to visit in Meghalaya - Cherrapunji
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Cherrapunji is the 2nd largest Wettest place on the Earth due to heavy rainfall through the year. Located at an altitude of 1450 m above sea level in the East Khasi Hills, the tourist spot blessed with scenic natural beauty. The hill station is a perfect paradise for trekkers and also popular for its living root bridges. It is also home to many enchanting falls including Dain-Thlen Falls, Noh-Kalikai Falls and Noh-Sngithiang Falls. The untouched natural beauty and pleasant air all around refresh you inside out. Further, the mesmerising surrounding and floating clouds over hills make it a perfect hot spot for all scenic lovers.

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4. Jowai
Hill Station to visit in Meghalaya - Jowai
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Still looking for the best hill stations in Meghalaya then Jowai will be a perfect place for you. The hill station is located at an altitude of 1350 m above sea level on a plateau of Jaintia Hills. Surrounded by Myntdu River on three sides, it shares the border with Bangladesh to the South. By exploring this remote hill station, you will get a chance to know the tribal lifestyle. Further, the popular tourist attractions to visit in Jowai are Thadlaskein Lake, Lalong Park and Syntu Ksiar. So there is no doubt, Jowai is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Meghalaya that you have to visit at least once.

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5. Mawsynram
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In the list of wettest place in the World, Mawsynram is always on top due to the heavy rainfall all through the year. The scenic hill town is a perfect delight for the nature lover and who want to feel real beauty of rain. Mawsynram is a Khasi word which means to ‘Stone’. Further, the hill station is very popular for its huge formation of a stalagmite which looks like a shape of ‘Shivling’. Located in the East Khasi Hill at an altitude of 1400 m above sea level, the mesmerising natural beauty of this place can’t be described in words. Spending a whole day in such a beautiful place truly rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

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