Rajasthan epitomizes all that dreams are made of. Think architectural memoirs built with studied detail, effervescent colours, stunning handicrafts, glittering gems, throbbing towns, wildlife sanctuaries, cattle fairs, or pulsating festivities and touching hospitality and you think Rajasthan.

It is perhaps the only State that endures an enigma to the traveller long after the vestiges of the royals has turned sepia. Here tradition blends seamlessly with the modern, resonating exuberance. The land narrates tales of chivalry, valour, royal extravagance, an affluent tradition, and talks of dynasties and the erstwhile rulers as if it were just yesterday.

Define your quest…be your own enchiridion or the guide, pick a circuit and set out to explore. From the sun-kissed sand dunes in Jaisalmer to shimmering lakes in Udaipur, magnificent forts and palaces dot the state’s picturesque landscape. From enchanting Shekhawati frescos, a feast for the art connoisseurs, to piety at Pushkar, famous Jain temples at Mt Abu and National Park at Ranthambore, the magical land is a kaleidoscope of sundry hues.

For the gourmand, the land is an epicurean delight. The over 5000-year-old state is a rich mosaic of heritage and cultural diversity. Each quaint town churns out an indigenous recipe that deserves mention. If there are the ubiquitous lal maas and ker sangria, there also is daal-bati-choorma, Jodhpur mawa ki kachori, Alwar mawa, Bikaner rasgullas, Pushkar maal puas et al.

To cater to the comfort of the traveller there are options aplenty. From bed and breakfast options to a plethora of heritage hotels there is an accommodation to fit any budget. Rail, road and air network thread the 132, 138 sq. miles. And no matter how often you have been around-the subsequent trip will stupefy the city jaded sensibilities, nevertheless.

History Calling…

Rajasthan’s golden soil echoes the history of its bygone era. One of mankind’s earliest civilisations, the Indus Valley, had its base in Rajasthan. Famed for its architectural grandeur, Rajasthan is home to beautiful palaces and forts. Decorative glass work, splendid interiors and intimidating exteriors are some inherent gifts of the past that your eyes can treasure.

A celebration of Culture and Life…

Colourful dances, soul-stirring music, lovely ornaments and high-spirited people; all form the soul of Rajasthan’s fairs and festivals. The land celebrates festive occasions all year round. When in Rajasthan, you can soak in its colourful culture. This land of warriors is so vast and diverse that each place has its own unique cultural identity. From the famous Kalbeliya dance to the enthralling folk music of langas and Manganiyars; Rajasthan is where you experience culture unplugged.

Walk the Holy Lane

Rajasthan is a proud representation of a secular land. Home to the sacrosanct Sufi shrine of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti in Ajmer, Jain temples of Ranakpur and Mount Abu, and India’s only Bramha Temple in Pushkar; Rajasthan attracts pilgrims in lakhs every year.

Craft of Excellence

This land of erstwhile royalty carries a rich legacy of traditional jewellery. Popular for Kundan, Meena, Thewa and Silver Jewellery. Rajasthan’s jewellers craft some of the most exquisite collections for you to adorn.

Rajasthan is renowned as a land of richly talented craftsmen. The local bazaars, offering a wide range of handicrafts, throw open an entire array of products to shop from; be it local jewellery, pottery, furniture or paintings. Rajasthan’s textile is one of its major cultural exports. It includes an arresting range of hand block prints and embroidered fabrics. Lehariya and Kota Doria saris are women’s favourite picks.

Exquisite Rajasthani Flavour…

The land of Rajasthan offers an exotic combination of curries and savouries from its kitchen. Rajasthani cooking was influenced by the lifestyle of the Rajput inhabitants. Local dishes that should not be missed are Daal-Baati, Churma and Gatte ki Sabzi.

Explore the Wild…

Rajasthan plays home to wildlife in its sanctuaries, as well as its natural surroundings. From the majestic Indian Tiger to beautiful black bugs, and the endangered Great Indian Bustard; as you go around exploring the wild, Rajasthan brings you closer to nature.

The Heart of Rajasthan…

Rajasthan’s rural terrain brings alive its rich heritage. Colourful attires, warm people, mud houses with beautiful wall art, camel and cattle-villages hold the true spirit of Rajasthani life.