Shimla-The Nature’s Retreat

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Shimla, nature’s retreat, has been the summer capital of British in India and also the present capital of snow-capped state Himachal Pradesh. Shimla has got blessings of all nature bounties which all of us dream of. Surrounded by green hills and snow-capped peaks Shimla has got a great scenic location.

The fabulous cool hills joined by the structures made amid the pilgrim period makes an atmosphere which is altogether different from other hills.

Bulging at its creases with phenomenal development, Shimla holds its frontier legacy, with stupendous old structures, enchanting iron light posts and Anglo-Saxon names. The Mall, filled with shops and diners, is the main fascination of the town, and Scandal Point, related with the previous Maharaja of Patiala’s capers, offers a great view of snow-clad peaks.

Shimla is located at the centre place, and however flights available to the town, it is best to travel by road that takes in the charms of the HIMALAYAN views. There is a feeling of sentimentality about SHIMLA, with its old cottages and their gabled rooftops and excellent greenery.

Fast Facts

Altitude-2100 to 2300 meters

Languages Spoken-Hindi, English, Punjabi and Pahari

Festival-Consistently in the month of May/June, the international Shimla summer celebration is composed by district organization for the attraction of the tourists. Social activities are the significant attractions. A wide range of national talent, an assortment of programmes and a marvellous setting make Shimla’s Summer Festival – an important occasion.

How to Reach-Shimla is easily accessible from the main cities of India.

By Air-There are Daily flights to Shimla from Delhi and Kullu. The airport is 23kms from the main city area.

By Road-A great option to reach this place, one can enjoy Scenic views while driving from Kalka, Chandigarh or Delhi.

By Rail-One can get trains till Kalka, the base point to reach Shimla. From Kalka, a toy train takes you to Shimla.

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Things to do in Shimla

  1. One can take a nice leisurely stroll through the famous Mall Road.
  2. You can enjoy a picnic at The Glen and Craignano.
  3. The toy train journey from Kalka to Shimla is breathtaking with a great nature trail.
  4. Golf at the Naldehra Golf Course
  5. Other sightseeing tours of the town

Place to visit in Shimla

The Ridge

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The Shimla Ridge is located in the centre of town. A great spectacular view of the mountain peaks is offered by this Ridge. The Ridge is a spacious open space that runs from east to west along the Mall, which is yet another famous tourist destination. It connects to the Scandal point on the west. If you love the view of mountains, this is your dream destination. The marvellous view of snow-clad mountain ranges spellbinds you.

Jakhoo Hill

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The Jakhoo Hill is situated 2 km away from Shimla. The highest peak in the entire Shimla, Jakhoo Hill offers a great scenic view of the city and also the snow-capped Himalayan Mountains. The 8000 ft Jakhoo Hill is a well-known vacation destination that is preferred by nature sweethearts and pioneers also. It is home to the antiquated Jakhoo Temple, which has a huge statue of Hanuman, its main god. Situated at an elevation of 8500 feet above ocean level, the 108 feet tall statue has sensors to head out the winged animals.

Mall Road

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Situated underneath The Ridge, Mall Road offers a whole view of Shimla in a nutshell. It is loaded with many shops, bistros, eateries, bookshops and numerous vacation spots. Go for a walk on Mall Road and get amazed every step of the way by the things this place brings to the table.The scenic beauty of Shimla can also be seen through here.

Kalka Shimla Railway

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Kalka- Shimla Railway is a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with the Mountain Railways of India. It was built in the year 1898 to connect Shimla with other railway lines in India by British. It runs from Kalka (a town in Haryana) to Shimla. This train stops at many tourist destinations such as The Summer Hill, Solan and much more. A rail tour through this track will give the tourists some breathtaking as well as mesmerising views. Also, the journey through many tunnels and bridges would end up for a memorable experience.

Christ Church

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A stunning example of neo-gothic design, Christ Church has been an indispensable piece of Shimla’s view. Situated on The Ridge, it was worked in the year 1857 and it took just about 3 years to finish this architectural wonder.The stained glass windows, the clock tower and the frescos are some of the attractions of this church. It also houses the largest pipe organ in India and has been a part of many Bollywood Films like Black and 3 Idiots.

Indian Institute of Advanced Study

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The Indian Institute of Advanced Study or Rashtrapati Niwas is housed in the famous Viceregal Lodge situated on top of the Observatory Hill. The building was constructed between 1880 and 1888 during British reign. The year 1965 saw the establishment of Indian Institute of Advanced Study here by Dr Radhakrishnan.

Summer Hill

A curious town situated on the edges of Shimla, Summer Hill is likewise called as Potter’s Hill. Before, this was the place potters used to accumulate mud to make pots. At a tallness of 1283 meter above ocean level, Summer Hill offers astounding views of the valley and the greenery around. It is 5 km from the popular Ridge, which is frequented by travellers in extraordinary numbers. The Hill is a piece of a bunch of seven hills, which create Shimla and consequently, you are certain to have stunning sights from the top.


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Kufri is situated 17 km far from Shimla. At a height of 2510 meters and in the Himalayan foothills, the hill station delights nature darlings and explorers alike. Kufri alongside a few places around Shimla once had a place in the Nepal kingdom. This place is must visit for everybody going by Shimla due to the breathtaking views it offers and furthermore on account of its status as an adventure centre point.


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Annandale, likewise called as Annadale, is one of the star attractions of Shimla. It is around 4 km from the Ridge. This flat terrain was previously the play area for the British, who played cricket and polo here. Racing was likewise a famous game led here. Presently, the racecourse is changed over into a little golf course, which is additionally utilized as a helipad.


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Chail, situated about 43 km. from Shimla and with a lush green setting, was the former ’summer capital’ of the Patiala state. At 2250 metres it has the world’s highest cricket pitch and a polo ground. The old palace, now a hotel, and angling are added attractions. This hill station was founded by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh from  Patiala. Supposedly, Bhupinder Singh stole away with the little girl of the then Viceroy of India from a place now known as Scandal Point.This incurred the wrath of Lord Kitchener who then banished the couple from Shimla. This place has the world’s highest cricket ground and is perfect for people looking for a laid-back holiday.


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Blessed with a pleasant climate all the year round. Solan is a district headquarter and has the famous temple of Shoolini Devi and from Solan, the Jatoli village (15 km) and the temple of Lord Shiva and on Rajgarh road the Buddhist Monastery (18 km) may be visited. Solan is also known as the “Mushroom city of India” and has an old brewery (11 km) and a sprawling horticulture. Also, it has got a forestry university at Nauni (16 km).

  • One can enjoy the great scenic views at Solan.
  • Can Taste some traditional cuisines.
  • Take a trip to Kasauli which is one hour away from this place.
  • Can visit tourist destinations like Dolanji Bon Monastery etc.


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Things to do in Naldehra:

  • One can enjoy Horse riding on the vast green land.
  • Visit Naldehra Golf Course-.23kms from Shimla, on a spur that extends from the Kufri massif, the Naldehra golf course has been in existence since the early twentieth century. It owes its existence to Lord Curzon, the British Viceroy of India who fell in love with the spot and often camped here for days on end. He was so enchanted by the spot, that he even named his daughter’Naldehra’ after the place. As a significant part of this romance, Curzon suggested the layout of a golf course on the site. The course took shape on totally natural topography which remains unchanged to the present day. Given the point of time when manicured greens took the place of Himalayan grassland, this is perhaps the oldest golf course in this part of the world.Designed over a long sloping glade, the Naldehra course is regarded as one of the most challenging ones in the country. This is a par 68 course with nine holes. The yardage of the first round is 2149 and in the repeat nine, there are four additional greens and different tees which increases the yardage of the second round to 2370.
  • The sunrise and sunset at Naldehra are worth watching.
  • There are a lot of forests nearby to Explore for the nature lovers.