5 Beautiful Tourist Places To Visit in Pasighat & Things To Do , Tourist Destination in Pasighat

5 Beautiful Tourist Places To Visit in Pasighat & Things To Do

Places To Visit in Pasighat – Pasighat is the oldest town of Arunachal Pradesh. Founded in the year 1911 by the Britishers, the tourist site has high historical value. Blessed with scenic natural beauty, it is a picture-perfect place that offers many stunning views.

Further, the scenic location has plenty of option for the wildlife enthusiast, adventure freaks and nature photographers. The tourist spot marked with beautiful rivers, hanging bridges and mountain cliffs that makes it an ideal location for all kind of tourist. So here is the detailed information about tourist places to visit in Pasighat. All the below-mention sightseeing in Pasighat can be cover in 2-3 days.

Best Time To Visit – The tourist spot has a tropical humid climate during the summer season and gets heavy rainfall in the monsoon season. So by keeping these facts in mind, we suggest you plan your trip between the months of December to February. It is the ideal time to visit Pasighat and the temperature remains cool and pleasant between these months.

Top 5 Best Tourist Places To Visit in Pasighat & Things To Do

1. Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary
Tourist Places to visit in Pasighat - Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary
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Situated on an Island, Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary spread an area of 190 sq km, which is a prominent destination for eco-tourism in India. Further, most of the part of this wildlife sanctuary covered with water bodies hence it attract a large number of migratory birds from Mongolia and Siberia. Home to a wide range of flora and fauna, it has a vast expanse of grasslands and wooded area.

The wildlife sanctuary is a natural inhabitant of many wildlife species like leopard, leopard cat, barking deer, civet cat, sambar, jackal, wild boar and python. Surrounded by the beautiful Siang River, it has a breathtaking natural beauty all around. Overall, a famous bird watcher paradise that must be included in the itinerary of places to visit in Pasighat.

Things To Do At Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary – Bird Watching, Wildlife Photography and Sightseeing

2. Kekar Monying
Popular Tourist Attraction in Pasighat - Kekar Monying
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Located in East Siang near Rottung, Kekar Monying is a mountain cliff which offers many mesmerising views. The site has great historical importance too as a famous fight fought here between Britisher and Adi tribesmen in the year 1911. Further, there is also a memorial in terms of a black stone which is dedicated to the Assistant Political Officer of the British. One can also take a trek to reach this location.

Things To Do At Kekar Monying – Nature Photography, Trekking and Get some historical knowledge

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3. Komsing
Famous Sightseeing in Pasighat - Komsing
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Komsing is a small scenic village located on the bank of Siang river. The location has high historical importance as Noel Williamson was murdered here. Further, there is also a grave dedicated to Captain Noel Williamson’s along with a stone inscription. So if you want to explore the rich history of this era, then it should be in the bucket list of places to visit in Pasighat.

Things To Do At Komsing – Enjoy Serenity, Trekking at nearby trails and Relax in the lap of nature

4. Pangin
Best Tourist Destinations in Pasighat - Pangin
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Situated in Siang district, Pangin is a must visit tourist attraction in Pasighat that’s why visited by lots of travellers every year. Blessed with scenic natural beauty all around, it is a great site to behold in Pasighat for all nature lovers. At the same point, the green water of River Siang meets the blue water of River Siyom that creates a panoramic view. Apart from that, the location is famous for its variety of medicinal as well as herbs. With a lively atmosphere and peaceful surrounding, it is a great holiday vacation spot in the entire Arunachal Pradesh.

Things To Do At Pangin – Ideal for Photography, Nature Walk and Relaxing

5. Siang River
Pasighat Tourist Places - Siang River
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If you want to try some adventure activity in this region, then Siang River is one of the best places to visit in Pasighat. The tourist spot is an ideal location for numerous water sports activity like river rafting, angling and kayaking. Further, there is also a hanging bridge on the Siang River which is made up of cane and bamboo product. The bridge also considered as a famous viewpoint in this region. Meanwhile, a perfect tourist spot for all kind of adventure junkies so must visit this site at least once.

Things To Do At Siang River – River Rafting, Angling, Boating and Photography

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So these are the major tourist attraction in Pasighat that offers you an amazing experience of holiday vacation in Arunachal Pradesh. By exploring all these sightseeing in Pasighat you will get a lifetime experience of the memorable vacation.

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