6 Stunning Tourist Places To Visit in Jorhat & Things To Do , Best Places to Visit in Jorhat

6 Stunning Tourist Places To Visit in Jorhat & Things To Do

Places To Visit in Jorhat – Jorhat is very famous for its large number of tea plantation. Due to the large production of tea, it is famously known as the ‘Tea capital of the world’. Situated on the northeastern region of Assam, it was the last capital of Ahom dynasty.

Apart from that, the location is very popular for its rich culture and heritage. Further, the location has World largest riverine island named Majuli that makes it a popular tourist destination in Assam. Jorhat also served as a busy commercial centre both for tea production and its jewellery making industry. The vibrant and colourful tradition of Jorhat is reflected well on its art of jewellery making. So being a famous tourist spot there is much sightseeing in Jorhat that love to explore all of them. Now here is the list of top 6 tourist places to visit in Jorhat that really helps you to explore this location in a perfect way.

Best Time To Visit – The tourist spot has a pleasant climate all throughout the year but an ideal time to visit this location start from October to March. Between these months the temperature remains comfortable, so can enjoy the best sightseeing in Jorhat.

Top 6 Best Tourist Places To Visit in Jorhat & Things To Do

1. Majuli Island
Places to visit in Jorhat - Majuli Island
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Located in Brahmaputra River, the Majuli Island is World famous riverine island which is just 20 km away from the Jorhat. The lush green surrounding and picturesque natural beauty of this location make it one of the best places to visit in Jorhat. Mostly inhabited by tribals, the location has a rich culture and religious significance. Further, there are many colourful festivals celebrated here with lots of joy and fun which gives a true glimpse of Assamese culture. Apart from that, there are about 22 Satras that were established by Sankardeva. Some of the famous Satras here like Dakhinpat Satra, Kamalabari Satra, and Garamurh Satra. Besides that, it is a perfect delight for bird watcher as you can spot various migratory birds here.

Things To Do At Majuli Island – Photography, Bird Watching, Visit various Satras and Sightseeing

2. Tocklai Tea Research Centre
Popular Tourist Attraction in Jorhat - Tocklai Tea Research Centre
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Established in the year 1911, Tocklai Tea Research Centre is one of the largest and oldest tea research stations in the World. It was established with a motive to increase production and quality of tea with the help of different scientific research or programme. There are about 8 research department and works in a different segment such as botany, soil, agronomy, plant protection, biochemistry, engineering and manufacturing, agricultural economics and tea tasting. So if you want to gain some knowledge about tea production and plantation then it will be a worth visiting tourist destination in Jorhat.

Things To Do At Tocklai Tea Research Centre – Know the making process of tea, Get some important knowledge about tea production

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3. Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary
Sightseeing in Jorhat - Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary
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Spread an area of 22 sq km, Hollongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for its hoolock gibbon population, the only ape species found in India. Surrounded by semi-evergreen forests and tea gardens the location has a wide range of flora and fauna. The wildlife reserve declared as a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1997. Apart from that, you can also spot various species of mammals here such as elephants, tigers, leopards, Assamese macaques, pig-tailed macaques, capped langurs and barking deer.

Further, the wildlife sanctuary is a bird watcher paradise too as you can see many migratory birds here. So overall a small haven for the wildlife enthusiast and among one of the top places to visit in Jorhat.

Things To Do At Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary – Wildlife Photography, Bird Watching, Spot various species of wildlife animals

4. Raja Maidam
Famous Tourist Destinations in Jorhat - Raja Maidam
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Located on the southern bank of Toklai River, Raja Maidam is a beautiful vault that preserves the ashes of King Purandar Sinha. It was constructed in the year 1984 after the death of erstwhile King. Now the vault converted into a beautiful park thus it attracts a large number of tourist in this region. The tourist destination is an ideal spot for the relaxing and a day out the picnic.

Things To Do At Raja Maidam – Relaxing and Picnic

5. Sukapha Samannay Kshetra
Jorhat Tourist Places - Sukapha Samannay Kshetra
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Constructed in the memory of Sukapha, who was the first Ahom king of Assam, the site has high archaeological importance. An excavation is undergoing here hoping to find remains of the Ahom Kingdom. There is a statue of Ahom King along with a symbol of Ahom dynasty.

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6. Gymkhana Club
Tourist Spots in Jorhat - Gymkhana Club
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Gymkhana Club is the third oldest golf club in the World, which was constructed in the year 1876.  It is a venue for horse races, golf, cricket, polo and billiards matches. Apart from that, there are a swimming pool and lawn tennis court as well. Further, a major event Governor’s Cup also hosted by this club here every that attract all sports lover. The location dotted with tea gardens that adds another charm to this tourist spot. Moreover, an offbeat tourist destination in Jorhat that you have to visit at least once. We are also sure that it will give you a unique lifetime experience.

Things To Do At Gymkhana Club – Be a part of the various sports event, View Sightseeing and Explore nearby tea gardens

So these are some prominent tourist attraction along with a list of places to visit in Jorhat. The location is very popular among all traveller due to its scenic beauty and peaceful environment. If you want to enjoy or experience natural sightseeing in Assam then make a visit this place to get a memorable holiday vacation.

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