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Places To Visit in Rajkot –  Located on the banks of Aji and Nyari Rivers, Rajkot is a picturesque city in Gujarat. Founded in the year 1612, it was the princely capital of Saurashtra region. It is also home to Mahatma Gandhi as he spent his childhood days in Rajkot. Further, it is considered to be one of the fastest developing cities in India. Famous for its silk work, gold jewellery and watch parts, it is an important business hub in Gujarat.

There are a good number of places to visit in Rajkot that introduce you to its rich history and tradition. The city also developed himself in the field of art, culture and education. So here is the list of famous sightseeing in Rajkot with detailed information.

Best Time To Visit – Winter season is the best time to visit Rajkot as the weather remains mild and pleasant during the winter months. Further, most of the fairs and festivals in this region held between winter months. So you can get a chance to explore its rich culture and tradition.

Top 7 Incredible Tourist Places To Visit in Rajkot & Things To Do

1. Rotary Midtown Dolls Museum
Tourist Places to visit in Rajkot - Rotary Midtown Dolls Museum
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Rotary Midtown Dolls Museum is one of the most famous places to visit in Rajkot that gives you a glimpse of the culture and traditions of the world. The museum houses a large collection of dolls across the 93 countries of the World. There are around 1200 dolls that stand as a replica of human beings, Indian ethnic culture, traditions and family values. Further, it also has a cinema theatre for children where knowledgeable movies are played. As the museum filled with full of fun and entertainment activity, it attracts every kind of tourist in this region. Due to its unique collection of dolls, the museum also earned a place in the Limca Book of Records.

Things To Do At Rotary Midtown Dolls Museum – Explore rich culture and tradition of the World, Photography and Indulge yourself in various fun and entertainment activity

2. Lal Pari Lake
Popular Tourist Attraction in Rajkot - Lal Pari Lake
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Situated in the outskirts of the City, Lal Pari Lake is a popular tourist attraction in Rajkot for all nature lovers and picnickers. The lake also attracts migratory as well as local birds that make it an ideal spot for bird watching. Some of the famous bird’s species that you can spot here like Black Tailed Godwit, Rosy Pastor, Pheasant Tailed Jacana, Purple Moorhen, Wigeon, Common Teal, Pelican and Spoon Bill. Surrounded by scenic natural beauty, it offers countless options for photographers. So if you want to spend a scenic holiday vacation in this beautiful city then it will be worth visiting tourist destination in Rajkot.

Things To Do At Lal Pari Lake – Picnic, Enjoy Sightseeing, Bird Watching and Photography

3. Kaba Gandhi No Delo
Famous Museums in Rajkot - Kaba Gandhi No Delo
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Kaba Gandhi No Delo is one of the most visited tourists place in Rajkot where the Mahatma Gandhi spent his childhood days. It is an important place to know the early phase of Mahatma Gandhi life. Now the place converted into a museum known as Gandhi Smriti and it houses a large collection of photographs of Mahatma Gandhi and his family. Further, an NGO also runs here for young girls to learn embroidery and sewing. So if you want to get the important knowledge about Mahatma Gandhi life, then the site must be included in the list of places to see in Rajkot.

Things To Do At Kaba Gandhi No Delo – Know the early phase of Mahatma Gandhi life and See the rare photographs of Mahatma Gandhi and his family

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4. Watson Museum
Best Tourist Destinations in Rajkot - Watson Museum
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Located in Jubilee Garden, Watson Museum established in the year 1888 and its display the colonial history of Rajkot. Dedicated to Colonel James Watson, who was a political agent of the Saurashtra region, it is one of the most famous museums in Rajkot. The museum houses a huge collection of artefacts, handicrafts, pottery, and princely relics dating back to the 13th century. Further, the museum divided into different segments where one section has a large collection of paintings from the time of Indus Valley Civilization. It also houses a Library which has a rare collection of books that provides a glimpse of the socio-cultural aspects and traditions of Saurashtra. By witnessing this site, you will get a chance to explore the long history of Gujarat. Overall a must visit tourist attraction in Rajkot that you can’t miss at any instant.

Things To Do At Watson Museum – Explore the colonial history of Rajkot, See a large collection of ancient artefacts and paintings, Visit inside Library

5. Khambhalida Caves
Rajkot Tourist Places - Khambhalida Caves
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Dating back to the 4th or 5th century AD, Khambhalida Caves is a group of three caves. Carved out of local limestone, it has two Life-size sculptures of Bodhisattva flank named as Avalokiteshvara Padmapani and Vajrapani. The site is all about Buddhist sculptures and carvings and it is one of the famous cave architecture in Gujarat.

Things To Do At Khambhalida Caves – See marvellous architectural design of ancient times

6. Aji Dam
Popular Picnic Spots in Rajkot - Aji Dam
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Built on river Aji, it is a popular sightseeing spot in Rajkot and frequently visited by lots of tourists every year. By adjoining this site, there is also an amusement park, food courts and children’s park which makes it a popular picnic spot for all age group of people. You can also spot some migratory birds here especially in the winter season. So if you are travelling with your friends and family member then must add this site in the itinerary of places to visit in Rajkot.

Things To Do At Aji Dam – Picnic, Bird watching and Relax at the amusement park

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7. Prem Mandir
Places to see in Rajkot - Prem Mandir
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Prem Mandir literally means to ‘Temple of Love’ and it is the most sacred place to visit in Rajkot. Further, the temple famous for its architectural style which looks like a cathedral. Dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, it depicts various religion of India. The temple consists of five domes and a mosaic of Christ seated above a lotus with a cross sign. Besides that, it also has imprints of Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and Hinduism.

Things To Do At Prem Mandir – Worship to Lord Jesus and See beautiful imprints of various religion

So these are the most famous tourist attraction in Rajkot that gives a beautiful insight into its rich culture and past. There are a number of historical monuments and museums in this region dating back to 16th AD. The entire city has great historical significance in the history of Gujarat and you will be really glad to explore all of them.


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