8 Most Beautiful Tourist Places To Visit in Assam, Famous places to visit in Assam

8 Most Beautiful Tourist Places To Visit in Assam

Places To Visit in Assam – Assam is an absolute delight for the nature lover and adventure enthusiasts. It is one of the most charming states in northeast India, where you can see natural beauty at its peak. The tribal traditions, sprawling tea gardens, riverine islands and wildlife sanctuaries are the true glimpse of this beautiful state, Assam.

Further, the location is very popular for its Kaziranga National Park an inhabitant of many wildlife species. As the whole location blessed with natural beauty, so there is much famous sightseeing to visit in Assam. The tourist destination is very suitable for families, kids, groups and couples alike. Apart from that, the location has various culture, crafts and faith, hence it offers much more than your imagination. So here is the list of top 8 places to visit in Assam with detailed information and ensure that you do not miss any one of them.

Top 8 Popular Tourist Attraction & Places To Visit in Assam

1. Kaziranga National Park
National Parks in Assam - Kaziranga National Park
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Home to more than two-thirds of the world’s one-horned rhinoceros population, Kaziranga National Park is a famous tourist destination in Assam. With sustained ecology, the park has very versatile biodiversity, hence the location is a perfect tourist place in Assam for wildlife enthusiast and nature lover.

Spread an area of 430 sq km, the park boasts a large variety of flora and fauna. Some of the popular wildlife species that you can spot here like Swamp Deer, Elephants, Wild Buffalos, Chinese Pangolins, Bengal Foxes, Gibbons, Civets, Sloth Bears, Leopards and golden langur. One can also spot some rare species of migratory birds here in the winter season. Apart from that, you can also find around 42 species of fish and 35 species of mammals. The tourist spot is an ideal location for a jeep safari, elephant safari and wildlife photography.

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2. Guwahati
Places to visit in Assam - Guwahati
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Located on the bank of Brahmaputra river, Guwahati is an amalgamation of ancient history and modernization. The city also fame as a gateway to many other places in North East. Further, it is dotted with several ancient temples, wildlife sanctuaries and beautiful landscapes that attracts all spiritual and nature lovers. Further, the location is very suitable for all kind of adventure seeker as there are many things to do in Guwahati like parasailing, bungee jumping, paragliding, trekking and boating. Moreover, one of the best places to visit in Assam that has something for everyone like families, a group of friends, backpackers, honeymooners and wildlife enthusiast.

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3. Tejpur
Famous Tourist Destinations in Assam - Tejpur
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Situated on the edge of river Brahmaputra, Tejpur is a small and scenic city in Assam. The whole area blessed with natural beauty and has a peaceful environment all throughout the year. The tourist spot is an ideal location for those travellers who want to enjoy a peaceful holiday vacation in Assam. Further, the destination is culturally rich as there are many traditional dances and cultural events held here. Some of the popular tourist attraction in Tejpur are Bamuni Hill, Agnigarh, Cole Park, Mahabhairab Temple, Padam Pukhuri, Ouguri Hill, Nag Sankar Temple and Nameri National Park. As the location offers many breathtaking views of natural sightseeing and has a romantic climate, hence we recommended this location as one of the best honeymoon tourist destinations in Assam.

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4. Majuli Island
Popular Tourist Attraction in Assam - Majuli Island
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From a distance of 20 km from Jorhat city, Majuli Island is a pristine and freshwater riverine island on Brahmaputra river. Spread an area of 560 sq km it is the world’s largest river island and among one of the famous places to visit in Assam. The peaceful surrounding nature and pristine natural beauty of this location attract tourist in a large number. The location is a bird watcher paradise too, where you can spot some migratory birds in the winter season. Along with these things, it is an ideal location for nature photography too. Moreover, a holiday vacation in this beautiful state is incomplete without visiting such mesmerising tourist places in Assam.

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5. Jorhat
Best Sightseeing in Assam - Jorhat
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Jorhat is very famous for its natural beauty, rich culture and historical significance that makes it one of the famous places to visit in Assam. The location is also known for its tea plantations thus referred to as tea capital of India. There are around 130 tea gardens in Jorhat that increase the beauty of this place. Some of the major tourist attraction in Jorhat are Bangal Pukhuri, Thengal Manor, Burigosain Devalaya, Purnananda Buragohain Maidam, Bilvesvar Siva Temple and Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar. Further, the tourist destination is very popular for its Jorhat Gymkhana Club which is the first ever built in Asia and the third oldest in the entire World. So being a popular tourist spot in Assam you must add this location in Assam Tour Package.

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6. Dibrugarh
Adventure Activity & Things To Do in Assam - Dibrugarh
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Dibrugarh located in the upper west region of Assam and an industrial hub of North East India. The whole region is known for its largest amount of tea production, thus you can see many tea gardens here. The lush green beauty of this tourist spot attracts lots of traveller in this region.

Further, there are many wildlife sanctuaries and forests in Dibrugarh, hence it is an ideal location for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lover. The location also offers much adventure activity opportunity like trekking, camping and boating. Hence it is one of the best tourist destinations in Assam for the adventure seeker and wildlife enthusiast too.

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7. Silchar
Best Tourist Places in Assam - Silchar
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Situated on the bank of Barak River, Silchar is the 2nd largest town in Assam and popularly known as Barak Valley. The location is very well known for its scenic beauty and natural sightseeing. Surrounded by Manipur on the east and Mizoram on the south, it serves as an economic gateway for both states. Being one of the most stable areas in North-East, it is also referred to as ‘Island of Peace’.

Further, agriculture is the main occupation of Silchar and you can see many tea gardens and rice fields here. The lush green surrounding of this location makes it true heaven for the nature lover. Most of the resident of Silchar are Sylhetis (Bengalis) including Marwaris, Bishnupriya Manipuris, Manipuri Meiteis and the tribal group of Nagas. Moreover, the place is economical, cultural and naturally rich that must be in the list of places to visit in Assam.

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8. Goalpara
Assam Tourist Places - Goalpara
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Goalpara is another famous tourist spot and among one of the top tourist destinations in Assam that you have to must visit. The picturesque town is very famous for its natural wilderness, religious and historical significance. According to the historian, it was a princely state and royal residence of Rajbongsi kings and his families. Further, you can find many ancient temples, sculptures and relics belonging to Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism that makes it an important pilgrimage destination in Assam too.

Some of the famous tourist attraction in Goalpara is Sri Surya Pahar, Dadan Hill and Bana. Being a hilly town, the location also offers some adventure activity like trekking, rock climbing and camping.

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So these are some famous tourist attraction and places to visit in Assam that every tourist has to visit on their holiday vacation to Assam. The tourist spot is an ideal destination for all kind of adventure seeker, nature lover, wildlife enthusiast and photographer. Meanwhile, if you are planning to visit this location in future then must cover all the above sightseeing in Assam.

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