A Complete Information About Tour to Colosseum Amphitheatre, Most Beautiful Attractions Colosseum Amphitheatre

A Complete Information About Tour to Colosseum Amphitheatre

Tour to Colosseum – Rome is one of the most beautiful attractions in Europe and trip to Rome is incomplete without visiting Colosseum Amphitheatre.

Tour to Colosseum - Colosseum Amphitheatre
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Colosseum History –

Constructed between 70 – 80 AD under the Flavian Dynasty, It is one of the popular and largest amphitheatres in the world. Amphitheatre was used for public entertainment which includes gladiator tournaments, animal hunts, games and many other types of entertainment during that time and it has the capacity of holding 50 to 80 thousand spectators.

Approximately more than 6 million visitors visit Colosseum every year and in 2007 it became one of the New 7 wonders of the world.

Best time to visit Colosseum

For crowd free entry and visit, the best time to explore Colosseum is during winters from November to February.

In summers or during the season, the best time to visit is 8:30 in the morning when it first opens. Even in high season, you will still find rush and crowds, but much smaller crowds as compare to other hours in the day.

Second best time to visit Colosseum during peak season is one hour before it actually shuts down, so if you go an hour before then you will have enough time to enjoy it and surely you will not feel rushed.

Colosseum Timings – 

Opening timings for Colosseum are same throughout the year i.e 8:30 in the morning but closing time varies according to months as mention below. So before planning a tour to Colosseum, you have to keep all these things on your mind.

  • Opens at 8:30 AM from Jan to Dec
  • Shuts Down at 4:30 PM from Jan 2 to Feb 15
  • Shuts Down at 5:00 PM from Feb 16 to Mar 15
  • Shuts Down at 5:30 PM from Mar 16 to last Saturday of Mar
  • Shuts Down at 7:15 PM from last Sunday of Mar to Aug 31
  • Shuts Down at 7:00 PM from Sept 1 to Sept 30
  • Shuts Down at 6:30 PM from Oct 1 to last Sunday of Oct
  • Shuts Down at 4:30 PM from the last Sunday of Oct to Dec 31

Tickets and Access – 

Here is the complete information about how to book an online ticket to visit Colosseum Amphitheatre.

We advise you to book tickets in advance during season time or summers to get rid of long standing queues.

Tickets can be booked from the nearby ticket office (closest ticket office is in Roman Forum) but you have to stand long in queues, so we recommend to Book tickets online and save time, energy and money.

=> Book Online Ticket Now

Important Note About Tour To Colosseum – With the help of Expert Guide, you can explore Colosseum and Roman Empire history. We recommend you to Book Guided Tour if you want to make your Rome tour memorable.

Things to know about Colosseum – 

This magnificent monument was constructed with the manpower of 60 thousand Jewish slaves. Further, the monument was built from stone and concrete and very famous for its architecture style. It is the largest amphitheatre in the world which is 189 meters in length, 156 meters in width and 50 meters in height. This is an oval shaped building which easily fit a modern day football ground inside.

Colosseum had 80 entrances and is known for holding approximately 60,000 spectators for entertainment during the Roman Empire. Some of the famous events during that period are gladiatorial combats, wild animal hunts and also ship naval battles (during naval ship battle they flooded the Colosseum with water).

Amphitheatre was accessed by every citizen with free food. This was an Emperor idea to gain popularity and support among people. The events held in Colosseum were seriously brutal where near about 10,000 animals were killed in a single day. It was estimated that more than half a million people and 1 million animals died inside this amphitheatre. So its all about tour to Colosseum that every tourist has to know before visiting this tourist place.

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