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Top 8 Must Visit Beaches in Gujarat For A Romantic Escape

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Beaches in Gujarat – Having the longest coastline of 1600 km, Gujarat is home to several scenic beaches in India. There are a number of beautiful beaches in Gujarat whereas some of them are very popular. Being a popular beach destination in India tourist came here from all across the World to cherish impeccable beauty of nature. Further, all these stunning beaches make Gujarat an ideal destination for a beachside holiday vacation in India. The Union Territory of India – Daman & Diu also lies in the same region which is another famous spot for beach lovers. So here is the list of some best beaches in Gujarat where you can spend some great time with your loved ones and family member.

Best Time To Visit – The beautiful tourist place has many variations in its climate condition that changes all throughout the year. Monsoon and Summers season in Gujarat remains hot and humid. So if you want to spend a perfect beachside holiday vacation in Gujarat then must visit this place in the winter season. The temperature remains cool and pleasant between the months of November to February.

8 Best Beaches in Gujarat For A Romantic Beachside Vacation

1. Tithal Beach, Surat
Most Popular Beaches in India - Tithal Beach
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Located in Valsad near Surat, Tithal Beach is one of the most striking tourist’s destinations in South Gujarat for beach lovers. Unlike all other beaches in Gujarat, Tithal Beach famous for its black sand. This popular beach is a perfect weekend gateway for local as well as an International tourist due to its serene atmosphere. Apart from that, one can also indulge themselves in various water sports and other fun-loving activities such as parasailing, swimming, fishing, camel and horse rides. Alongside the seashore, there are two famous temples dedicated to Shri Sai Baba and Lord Swami Narayan.

2. Mandvi Beach, Bhuj
Most Famous Beach Destinations in Gujarat - Mandvi Beach
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Mandvi Beach among one of the most popular beaches of Gujarat who want to spend a perfect beachside holiday vacation in this region. Situated in Kutch-Bhuj region of Gujarat, the beach is known to be for its silky smooth sand, pristine water and rich flora and fauna. Further, the serene and calm atmosphere of this location makes it an ideal spot to spend some quality time with your loved ones. In addition, it is heaven for water sports lovers as it offers numerous activities such as Surfing, skiing, speed boating, water scooting and parasailing. Besides that, there are many accommodation options available at Mandvi beach from posh resorts to luxurious private cottages. Undoubtedly, one of the most famous beach destination in Gujarat that attracts every kind of beach lovers.

3. Somnath Beach
Tourist Spot for Beachside Holiday Vacation in India - Somnath Beach
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Located at a distance of 6 km away from Veraval, Somnath Beach always remains crowded all throughout the year. It is an ideal place to relax and unwind your mind in the lap of mother nature. Further, the popular beach also considered a sacred place for Hindus due to the famous Somnath Temple which lies on the sea-shore. The pristine water, beautiful sea waves, golden sands with the serenity of nature makes it a soul captivating place. It is also recommended as a popular picnic spot for family and individual alike. Apart from that, the beautiful view of sunrise and sunset steal every tourist’s heart as the entire area looks more majestic. Moreover, one of the best beaches in Gujarat for peace lovers as well as spiritual travellers.

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4. Nagoa Beach, Diu
Popular Beaches in Diu - Nagoa Beach
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Nagoa Beach in Diu Island is the most recommended tourist destination in India for all beach lovers. Daman & Diu have some of the most popular beaches of India that makes it a worth visiting tourist place. Surrounded by pristine natural beauty and swaying palm tree, Nogoa Beach is a perfect escape for beach lovers in Gujarat. This beautiful palm-fringed and white sandy beach is a perfect place for sea-side strolling. With a plethora of water sports activities such as jet skiing, swimming, kneeboard surfing, camel riding and pony riding, it attracts all kind of adventure junkies. Further, it is well connected to many famous resorts and restaurants, so you can relax and explore its natural beauty at the same time.

5. Dumas Beach, Surat
Haunted Beach of Gujarat - Dumas Beach
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Dumas Beach attracts lots of tourists due to its calming effect and picturesque scenery. Located in the southwest of the Surat city, this black sand beach widely known for its paranormal activities which are reported by many tourists and local people as well. Hence, it is also listed as one of the most haunted places in India. Further, it is a great place for beachside strolling that truly rejuvenates your mind and soul. Often visited by a group of friends or families, it is a must visit tourist attraction in Surat. In addition, if you are looking for a place to witness an amazing view of the sunset then, it is one of the best beaches in Gujarat.

6. Devka Beach, Daman
Gujarat Beach Destinations - Devka Beach
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Among all other beaches of Daman, Devka Beach is the most popular one. Known for its unspoiled natural beauty and clear blue waters, it attracts tourist all around the year. Further, there is an Amusement Park adjacent to this site with huge fountains and along with a children’s playground. So if you want to enjoy a scenic beachside holiday vacation in Gujarat with kids alike then must explore this beach.

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7. Dwarka Beach
Best Tourist Destinations for Beach Lovers in Gujarat - Dwarka Beach
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Dwarka is one of the popular Hindu Pilgrimage Destinations in India due to the presence of famous Dwarkadheesh temple or Jagat Mandir. The temple resides on the shore of Dwarka Beach which is a perfect escape for beach lovers in this region. The popular beach is famous for its marine life, coral reefs, dolphins, jelly-fishes and sea turtles. Besides that, the majestic environment with the essence of spirituality in the air makes it a good place to relax in the evenings with your family member.

8. Ghogla Beach, Diu
List of Diu Islands Beaches - Ghogla Beach
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Located in the Nothern part of Diu town, Ghogla Beach offers a variety of water sports activity such as speed boating, parasailing and surfing etc. Away from that, the serene beach also known for its golden sand and serene atmosphere. Dotted with a number of hotels and cafes, it offers comfortable accommodation to its guests. Further, the beach is very popular among family and honeymoon couples as they can get complete privacy here.

So these are the some most popular beaches in Gujarat that makes it a famous beach destination in India. Having a large coastline, Gujarat is home to many popular beaches, hence tourist often choose this place to spend a beachside holiday vacation in India. Besides that, all these beaches give you a chance to explore its exceptional natural beauty that soothes your mind, body and soul.



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