7 Most Famous Beaches in Kolkata, West Bengal For A Seaside Vacation

Beaches in Kolkata – Kolkata is an all-time favourite tourist destination in West Bengal for all kind of travellers. The place has lots of options which makes it a perfect weekend destination for couples, picnickers and beach lovers. Located in the vicinity of Bay of Bengal, it is known to be a perfect beach destination in West Bengal. Actually, Kolkata doesn’t have any beaches but it has multiple options for beach lovers in its vicinity. In spite of that, tourist always searching for beaches in Kolkata that still remain unexplored. So here we prepared a list of beaches near Kolkata to enjoy a seaside vacation.

Top 7 Best Beaches in Kolkata For A Perfect Seaside Fun

1. Digha Beach
Most Famous Beaches in West Bengal - Digha Beach
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Digha Beach is top in the list of famous beaches in West Bengal located at a distance of 183 km from Kolkata. The beach offers a breathtaking view of nature with its swaying casuarinas and palm trees. Further, it is home to around 500 aquatic and marine species including snakes, fishes, lobsters and prawns. So if you love to watch aquatic animals the Digha Beach would be a perfect spot for beach lovers near Kolkata.

Away from that, it offers some miraculous views of sunrise and sunset that you really want to capture. There is plenty of shops alongside the seashore which offers delicious seafood makes it an exquisite destination for the food lover. Due to its vibrant and vivacious charm, it is one of the top beaches in Kolkata around its vicinity.

2. Bakkhali Beach
Popular Beaches in Kolkata Around its vicinity - Bakkhali Beach
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Overlooking the Bay of Bengal, Bakkhali is a small beach town located on a deltaic island of West Bengal. The Island is known for its twin beaches one is Bakkhali and another one is Frasergunj. Further, these beaches separated by a distance of 7 km and known to be the cleanest beaches near Kolkata.

Away from all other beaches of Kolkata, Bakkhali beach is less commercialized, so it is an ideal place for those who are looking for a peaceful seaside vacation. Recently, the beach destination becomes very popular among backpackers and honeymooners due to its peaceful settings. Overall Bakkhali Beach is an ideal weekend getaway near Kolkata to relax on the beach, long walk and cycle rides

3. Shankarpur Beach
Beaches Near Kolkata - Shankarpur Beach
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Located at a distance of 15 km Digha, Shankarpur Beach is a virgin beach and famous for its scenic surroundings. Dotted with swaying palm trees with the cool sea breeze, it is an ideal destination to sit back and relax in the lap of nature. Tourist often heads up to this beach to laze around and soak themselves in the beauty of nature by listing sound of the sea waves. Further, the beach is also famous for it’s fishing activities being a part of the Fishing Harbour Project. So it is another favourite spot for the beach lover in the list of beaches in Kolkata around its vicinity.

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4. Mandarmani Beach
Beach Destinations Near Kolkata - Mandarmani Beach
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Having a stretch of 13 km, Mandarmani Beach is one of the longest motorable beaches in India. Located in the East Midnapore district, it is a world-class destination for beach lovers in West Bengal. The beach offers all modern facilities and luxuries which makes it a famous honeymoon destination for newly-weds couples. Further, the place is very popular among adventure thrills as the beach offers various water sports activities.

One can enjoy parasailing, speed boating, beach volleyball and beach cricket at Mandarmani Beach. In addition, one can try swimming at the beach in the early morning when the seawater remains calm. So among all West Bengal Beaches, it is a perfect beach destination near Kolkata as you can expect all those things here which are necessary for a beachside vacation.

5. The Sagar Beach
Beaches of West Bengal For A Perfect Seaside Vacation - The Sagar Beach
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Located on the Sunderbans Delta, Sagar Beach or Gangasagar Beach is known to be it’s peaceful and picturesque beauty. The beach said to be an estuary of the river Ganga hence it has religious value too. Due to this, the beach visited by lots of pilgrims on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. The festival lies in the month of January every year when people flocks here in large number to take a holy dip in mighty Ganga. On other days, the beach remains calm and less crowded so one can enjoy a peaceful beachside vacation here. Overall another seaside destination in the list of beaches in Kolkata and its vicinity.

6. Tajpur Beach
List of West Bengal Beaches - Tajpur Beach
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Tajpur Beach is an untouched and unexplored beach of West Bengal located between Mandarmani and Shankarpur. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, it is a perfect escape for those who want to spend some quality time alongside the seashore. This less commercialized beach surrounded by beautiful casuarinas trees and boasts of soothing atmosphere all the time. So the peaceful setting around this beach makes it an ideal place for all solitude lovers. Further, the white sandy beach offers amazing views of sunrise and sunset that is something you can’t miss.

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7. New Digha Beach
Beach Destinations in West Bengal - New Digha Beach
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Digha is home to some of the most famous beaches of West Bengal for sharing a wide stretch alongside the Bay of Bengal. Now the beach town is popularly known for its new Digha Beach which is located at a distance of 2 km from the old one. This man-made beach is highly maintained and more commercialized than the old one and often visited by couples. Further, the beach dotted with an array of lined casuarina trees and has tranquil atmosphere making it a quaint holiday spot to spend time in the lap of nature.

So that’s all about famous beaches in Kolkata which are located in its vicinity. Today, Kolkata serves as a perfect weekend gateway for all beach lovers due to its proximity to all famous beaches in West Bengal. So here we mentioned some top tourist destination for beach lovers near Kolkata for memorable beachside fun.

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