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Deserts in India – India comprises of an endless sheet of glittering sands in forms of multiple desert biomes. When the Word ‘desert’ come to your mind, it meant a barren dry landscape with scorching sunlight heat. But nowadays, a desert holiday tour in India is a new concept and it gains huge popularity day by day. India is also home to one of the World largest desert known as the Thar Desert.

Further, few of deserts in India serves as a popular tourist hub like Sam Sand Dunes, Great Rann of Kutch, Spiti and Ladakh. Apart from that, all the desert of India has lots of opportunity for the adventure seeker like hot air balloon ride to desert camping. So check the list of all famous deserts in India and get a unique kind of experience.

Top 6 Best Deserts in India For An Adventurous Desert Holiday Vacation

1. The Thar Desert, Jaisalmer
Largest Deserts in India - The Thar Desert
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Situated in the city of Jaisalmer Rajasthan, The Thar Desert spread an area of 148.38 sq km. Popularly known as the Great Indian Desert, it is the 7th largest desert in the World. Surrounded by Aravalli mountain Ranges from one side and Rann of Kutch (Gujarat) on another side, it is an ideal destination for Camel Safari, Jeep Safari and Desert Camping.

Due to the wide expansion of golden sand dunes, the beautiful city of Jaisalmer is also known as ‘Golden City’. Having a perfect mix of sand dunes, craggy rocks and grassland, it is one of the most visited deserts in India for all kind of travellers alike. Further, the entire region of Jaisalmer has exotic Indian desert culture, rich heritage and adventure, which make it one of the best deserts destinations in India.

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2. Spiti, The Cold Desert of India
Famous Deserts in India - Spiti
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The famous Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh considered as one of the best cold deserts in India. The virgin landscapes of Spiti Valley surrounded by snow-covered mountain ranges thus the entire location offers many spectacular views. Located at an altitude of 12500 feet above sea level, the desert valley located between Tibet and Indian region. During the six months of winter, the entire region of Spiti Valley cut from rest of India. So the ideal time to visit this place is during the summer season. Further, it is an adventure lover’s paradise due to the famous trekking trails and camping sites. Overall a must visit place in the list of deserts in India and should not be missed at any cost.

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3. Kutch, White Salt Desert of India
Best Deserts Destinations in India - Kutch
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The White Salt Desert of Kutch is known to be one of the largest deserts in India, which is also named as the Great Rann of Kutch. Spread an area of 2,898 square miles, it is home to many wildlife species and beautiful beaches. For having a wide area of White Salt, it is the largest salt desert in the World. Further, a famous desert festival is known as Rann Utsav also held here every year in the months of December-February. During the festival time, one can explore the rich culture and heritage of the entire state of Gujarat. Besides that, it also offers numerous entertainment and adventure activity to its guest that makes it the most attractive tourist destination in Gujarat.

4. Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir
Cold Deserts in India - Ladakh
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Located at an average altitude ranging from 9000 feet to 21000 feet, Ladakh is one of the famous cold high-altitude deserts in India. It is a land of ancestral customs and blessed with mesmerizing natural beauty and fascinating landscapes. Also famous for its snow-capped mountain ranges and high-altitude passes, it is an ideal destination for road trips and very popular among all Biker’s group.

While exploring the desert region of Ladakh, you can witness many beautiful lakes and spectacular landscapes. All these sightseeing in Ladakh gives you a mind-blowing experience which is really hard to forget. The lively atmosphere, amazing culture, beautiful monasteries and picturesque natural beauty, it is a heaven on Earth.

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5. Bikaner Desert, Rajasthan
List of Deserts of India - Bikaner Desert
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Famously known as the ‘Camel Country’, Bikaner is another popular paradise for deserts lovers. Situated in the middle of the largest desert in India, it is a perfect place for Desert Safari and Camel Ride. Further, the stunning Sand Dunes with the desolated barren landscape will leave of mesmerizing. A famous International Camel Festival also takes place here every year that draws every tourist attention. The desert also dotted with numerous palaces, forts and havelis that gives you a glimpse of the bygone era of the Rajputs.

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6. Desert of Jodhpur, Rajasthan
Deserts in Rajasthan - Desert of Jodhpur
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The ancient city of Jodhpur famous for its Mehrangarh fort, blue houses, temples and delicious snacks items. Boasts of a wide expanse of massive sand dunes, Jodhpur is often known as the ‘Gateway to Thar’. Further, the beautiful desert of Jodhpur famous for its Camel trek and rocky mountains passes that give you an amazing experience of the desert holiday vacation in India. Apart from that, many of the tour organisers in this region make a special arrangement for honeymoon couples like desert candlelight dinner and traditional dance performances.

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So these are the most famous deserts in India which are mostly preferred by lots of travellers every year. All these famous desert hot spots in India will leave you mesmerized and also offers lots of adventure option such as Camel Safri, Desert Camping, Jeep Safari and hot air balloon ride.


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