7 Most Popular Fairs & Festivals in West Bengal That You Must Experience

Festivals in West Bengal – West Bengal is a land of rich culture and tradition and also known for its variety of celebration and festivals. Further, West Bengal is one of the richest states in India in terms of culture, fairs and festivals. There is a popular saying about West Bengal that is ‘‘Baro Mase Tero Parban’ which means thirteen festivals in twelve months. So there is a long list of festivals in West Bengal. All these Bengali festival celebrated here with equal harmony and great fervour. In addition, tourist flock here from all around the world to witness these West Bengal festivals and fairs. So let’s have a look of famous festivals of West Bengal to explore the cultural diversity of the state.

7 Most Famous Fairs & Cultural Festivals in West Bengal

1. Kolkata Durga Puja
Most Famous Festivals in West Bengal - Kolkata Durga Puja
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Durga Puja is one of the most awaited festivals in West Bengal usually held in the month of September/October every year. This grandest Hindu festival celebrated as a mark of the victory of Good over Evil. People from various part of the country come here to witness this largest Bengali festival. Further, the celebration dedicated to Goddess Durga who defeated demon Mahisasura after a ten-day battle. This particular day is known as Vijay Dashmi. On the occasion of this festival, people create life-size idols of Goddess Durga slaying Mahishasura.

You can see huge pandals all over the state on the celebration time and all the main street remains crowded than the usual day. The 10-days long festival held all over the state but Durga Puja in Kolkata famous for its great enthusiasm and zeal. In addition, one can also witness the various ritual performances, dance and art of the entire state of West Bengal. So one of the most joyful events in the list of all West Bengal Festivals and should not be missed.

2. Kali Puja
Popular Festivals of West Bengal - Kali Puja
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Celebrated after nineteen days of the completion of the Durga Puja, Kali Puja is another famous festival of West Bengal. Dedicated to Goddess Kali which is an incarnation of Goddess Dura, the festival celebrated with full of pomp and grandeur throughout the state. The celebration mark as to welcoming the Bengali New Year and it lies on the same days when rest of the country celebrates Diwali which is a festival of lights.

On the occasion of this festival, Bengali people make idols of Goddess Kali to worship them. Further, people decorate their houses with colourful rangoli and lighten up their houses with candles. At the evening time, you can enjoy some amazing moment by doing firecrackers.

3. Rath Yatra
Festivals Celebrated in West Bengal - Rath Yatra
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Rath Yatra is a chariot festival dedicated to Lord  Jagganath and considered to be the second oldest chariot festival in India after the famous Rath Yatra of Puri. The festival celebrated here in the month of June/July and known to be one of the largest festivals in West Bengal. During the festival time, people drag a huge chariot which is adorned with the idols of  Lord Jagannath, Lord Balaram and their sister Subhadra.

Further, people scramble around the chariot in a large number to get a chance to pull the sacred rope. According to the local belief by doing so they get uncertain peace and happiness in their lives. The festival mainly celebrated in the Hoogly district of West Bengal. In terms of crowd, it is the largest festival in Kolkata as well as in entire West Bengal as thousands of people participate in this event.

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4. Poush Mela
Top West Bengal Festivals - Poush Mela
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Regarded as one of the largest fairs in West Bengal, Poush Mela in Santiniketan will offer you an essence of Bengali culture. Generally held on the 7th day of Bengali Poush month, it is a perfect event to witness different cultures and traditions of West Bengal. People from all over the state come together on this largest events and you can see numerous shops here. These shops selling different goods, household things and artefacts related to Bengali culture.

Apart from that different dance group from all over the state participate in this event. So you will get a chance to know various dances, art performances and traditional music of West Bengal. As the event offers you a beautiful insight into culture and tradition, hence also known as the ‘Cultural Festival of West Bengal’.

5. Dol Purnima
List of All Bengali Festivals - Dol Purnima
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Dol Purnima refers to the Holi festival of West Bengal and popularly known as ‘Dol Yatra’ or ‘Swing Festival’. It is a festival of colour, love, peace and harmony where people of all caste and religion come together to celebrate this grandest event. Further, the festival is celebrated by people of all age with great enthusiasm and dignified manner. People splash colour and water on each other and drink Bhang which is a kind of mild-milk beverage.

The celebration begins by placing the idols of Lord Krishna and Radha on a picturesquely decorated palanquin. Later people stroll around the main street of the city by singing the song and performing the traditional dance performances. You can see the various musical performance of traditional musical instruments like ektara, dubri, veena, etc. So Dol Purnima is another famous feast in the list of festivals in West Bengal to witness its rich diversity and culture.

6. Jamai Sashti
Cultural & Traditional Festivals of West Bengal - Jamai Sashti
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Jamai Sashti is a traditional festival of West Bengal and one of its kind in India. The celebration dedicated to the son-in-law and it is an integral part of the rich culture and tradition of West Bengal. On this auspicious day, all Bengali families invite their son-in-law and organise a grand party for them. Further, various rituals performed by mother-in-law and also presenting certain gifts to their son-in-law. At last, mother-in-law serves various food items and sweet dishes to their son-in-law which brings all family together. Overall, a unique kind of festival celebrated in West Bengal which shows the rich culture of this beautiful state.

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7. Poila Boishakh
Famous Festivals & Fairs in West Bengal - Poila Boishakh
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Poila Boishakh festival marks as the beginning of Bengali New Year and it is celebrated on the first day of Baisakh. The festival celebrated all over the state with equal enthusiasm and joy to welcoming the New Year Eve. During the festive eve many musical concerts, theatre performances and dance competitions are held all over the state. Further, people make extensive preparations on this day like wear new clothes, decorate their homes and prepare delicious dishes at home. All the streets, restaurants and the night club remains crowded as the day is very special for Bengali people. If you want to get an unforgettable experience of Bengali Nea Year then must head up to Kolkata. The entire city of Kolkata has its own charm on this special day.

So these are the most famous fairs & festivals in West Bengal which are celebrated here all round the year. The beautiful state has its own culture and unique tradition. Therefore, the festivals celebrated in West Bengal is the best way to explore its rich legacy and culture.

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