8 Most Haunted Places in Delhi That You Should Not Visit Alone

Haunted Places in Delhi – Have you ever feel any spookiest incident in your life, then most of the people say no. But the people who feel any supernatural power will believe in all these things. So some people believe in the presence of paranormal activity or someone not. When it comes to Delhi then it seems like there is a presence of supernatural power according to many strange incidents. Due to all these spooky incident, the city known to be the most haunted places in India.

Delhi is home to many old places, monuments and historical memorials. Whereas few of them has an association with supernatural activities. In fact, the famous author William Dalrymple wrote on all haunted places in Delhi and their facts. Further, he named Delhi as the City of Djinns. So below here is the list of all horror places in Delhi that you need to enough dare to explore them.

8 Most Horror & Haunted Places in Delhi To Feel The Presence of Supernatural Activities

1. Delhi Cantonment
Most Haunted Places in Delhi - Delhi Cantonment
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Delhi Cantonment area is known to be the most haunted places in Delhi due to various spooky incident. According to the many local people and cab drivers, they spotted a ghostly woman wrapped in a white saree asking for a lift. When you denied doing so then she started running parallel to your car with matching speed of the car. After that, she suddenly disappeared when you cross the area of Delhi Cantonment area. It seems very strange to listen but the incident experienced by many people which gives us a strong belief in the presence of paranormal activity. So you need to enough dare to explore this most horror place of Delhi-NCR region.

2. House Number W-3, Greater Kailash
Haunted House in Delhi - House Number W-3, Greater Kailash
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The place said to be the most haunted house in Delhi due to the presence of ghost spirits and spooky incident. The house once was occupied by an old couple who were murdered brutally by some criminals. After that, various people claimed that they listen to the whispering voice coming from the house even when no one is there. Some people also heard muffled laughter coming from the empty house and undoubtedly it was the scariest moment for everyone. Due to all these rare phenomena, no one dares to buy or rent this property and it still remains abandoned.

3. Firoz Shah Kotla Fort
Haunted Monuments in Delhi - Firoz Shah Kotla Fort
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Firoz Shah Kotla Fort built around 14th century during the Tughlaq regime in Delhi. Today, the fort is home to many Djinns that’s why it is also listed as one of the most haunted places in Delhi. Further, the fort strictly prohibited to visit after sunset or night. In addition, local people offer certain rituals on every Thursday in order to calm the ruffled djinns. From over a period of time, Thursday rituals continue even today with a belief that if they do not do so then Djinns angry.

4. Khooni Darwaza
List of All Delhi Haunted Places - Khooni Darwaza
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Khooni Darwaza literally means to ‘Bloody Gate’ and it is said to be one of the most haunted monuments in Delhi due to the ghostly presence with this site. There are many haunted stories and spooky incident associated with this place. Among all these stories the most well-known story is that the sons of last Mughal Emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar was brutally shot dead by British soldier Captain William Hudson. From that time to till date, various people claimed that they heard the screaming and anguished cries of the dead soul. According to the local people believe, these spirits don’t harm Indians, but foreign visitors beware of it.

5. Sanjay Van
Spooky Places in Delhi - Sanjay Van
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Sanjay Van is a vast expanse of lush green forest and it covers an area of 784 acres. The place is a popular picnic spot for youngsters and children during the day time. But the place becomes one of the most haunted places in Delhi when sunset goes down. Visitor often complains that they feel the unsettling voice beckoning to them whereas few of them said that they get sudden pushes, resounding of slaps and disappearance of trinkets. All these spooky incident are really horrifying for them and the scariest thing of their life. Further, there are numerous mausoleums of Sufi saints within the forest that add another mystery to location. Overall, Sanjay Van is another spookiest places of Delhi to feel the presence of supernatural energy.

6. Agrasen Ki Baoli
Scariest places in Delhi - Agrasen Ki Baoli
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Built around the 14th century by Maharaja Agrasen, the Baoli claimed to be a residence of evils due to many strange incidents felt by the individual traveller. Once was filled with black mystical water that allures people to commit suicide. Due to this the ancient stepwell still inhabited by many dead souls that still wander here to attain salvation. When you go down into the stepwell you will listen to unaccounted noises or whispering sounds that really scare you. Further, it is also known as ‘Baoli of Unseen’ due to various strange and scary stories associated with it.

7. Malcha Mahal
Horror Sites in Delhi - Malcha Mahal
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Among all haunted places in Delhi, Malcha Mahal is one of the spookiest places that you need enough dare to visit it. The place strictly prohibited to visit after sunset and you can also see a signboard put here by Delhi Government regarding this. People claim that they feel negative energy around this place, so no one dares to roam around after sunset. It is said that the place was given to Begum of Awadh and her two children in the year 1985. But later in the year 1993, she committed suicide by swallowing crushed diamonds.

After the death of Begum, the government gave permission to the royal family to shoot anyone who caught to enter property forcefully. Today, the place left abandoned but still, no one dares to enter it after dusk. So you should add this spot in the list of Delhi Haunted Places to experience rare phenomena and invisible energy.

8. Lothian Cemetery
Most Haunted Places of Delhi - Lothian Cemetery
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Located near Kashmiri Gate in Delhi, Lothian Cemetery is a burial ground which was built during the British rule in India. It is believed that a soldier committed suicide as he was spurned by a girl. According to the people, the dead soul of that soldier still roams around this place on the full moonlight. Most of them state that they see a ghost without his head. So it is one of the scariest places in Delhi where no one dares to go there even during the day time.

So these are the most haunted places in Delhi which are claimed to most horror sites according to the various spooky incident. Further, visit all these Delhi horror sites at your own risk as you need to enough courage to explore them.

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