Top 10 Undiscovered Hidden Places in Goa - A Complete Guide , Top Hidden places in Goa

Top 10 Undiscovered Hidden Places in Goa – A Complete Guide

Hidden Places in Goa – Everyone know Goa is famous for its beaches and nightlife. But there are many hidden places in Goa that tourist even doesn’t know about them. So if you want to explore undiscovered or secret tourist places in Goa then this article really helps you.

The state also boasts popular churches, magnificent forts that clearly show the culture and history. If you wish to experience the untouched, unspoilt, rather pristine version of this coastal beauty, then you can found much more than your expectation. Here we are going to mention some secret places in Goa and some of them are very popular.

Now the important question which arises in your mind that why we should prefer hidden places in Goa. Most of the tourists searching for some undiscovered places in Goa to spend some relaxing time with their loved ones, friends and family member, where they can enjoy the real beauty of Goa apart from the crowd.

Top 10 Secret and Hidden Places in Goa

1. Cumbarjua Canal
Hidden Places in Goa Cumbarjua Canal
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Most of the tourist unaware of this place and it is located in Mandovi River. If you are looking ahead to the best-hidden places in Goa then it will be a perfect location for you. Take a backwater cruise ride to see the beauty of this place and it is one of the best locations for crocodiles spot. The thick mangrove trees and muddy waters give an adrenaline rush and a unique experience which you never feel before. Cumbarjua is a small village in North Goa which is located very near to Mandovi River.

2. Galgibaga Beach
Galgibaga Beach a secret place in Goa
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It is one of the cleanest beaches in South Goa located on a bank of the Talpona river. Galgibaga Beach also known as the ‘Turtle Beach’, where you can see some turtle eggs or nests. The place is very pleasant which have crystal clear water and shimmering silver sands. So if you are looking for undiscovered places in Goa then this location will be a perfect option for you.

3. Savoi Plantation
Savoi Plantation a undiscovered place in Goa
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Savoi Spice Gardens is an organic paradise in Goa, where you can see the large variety of plantation like rare herbs, colourful fruit orchards, peculiar looking plants, and the Goan urak and feni. You can also see distillation processes of cashew juices in the production of Goa’s famous Fenni, which is a local drink. It is located in the small village Ponda, lie in North Goa.

4. Chorla Ghat
Chorla Ghat in Goa
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One of the most beautiful and hidden place in Goa which located at Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra border. You can find wonderful hillocks and valleys at this location which gives a good feel of a hill station. Chorla Ghat famous for its breathtaking natural beauty and you can go for bird watching, butterfly spotting, trekking and hiking. So for the adventure seeker, it is one of the best secret and undiscovered place in Goa.

5. Harvalem Falls
Harvalem Falls an undiscovered places in Goa
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It is a 50-meter waterfall which is located in Sanquelim village, North Goa. The Harvalem Falls is the best substitute of Dudhsagar waterfalls and it will be quieter than Dudhsagar. Top attractions near the waterfalls are the Rudreshwar temple and the Arvalem caves. The location is an ideal spot for the picnic where you can spend some memorable time with your friends, family member and loved ones.

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6. Tiracol Fort
The most hidden places in Goa Tiracol Fort
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It is a 17th-century Portuguese fort which is located near Querim beach, North Goa. One of the most delightful forts in Goa due to its design and architecture. There are seven rooms in this fort and each one is named after a day in the week. As it is located on the top of the cliff, it gives the overlooking view of the Arabian Sea. It remains as one of the most beautiful hidden places in Goa because of a very few people aware of this location. You can also book a room here to enjoy delicious Goan food and cocktails by overlooking the ocean view.

7. Arvalem Caves
Hidden Places in Goa Arvalem Caves
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It is a 6th-century ancient cave which is also known as the Pandava Caves. The myths behind that are the caves were used by the Pandavas during the course of their exile. While some believe that these caves were carved by travelling Buddhist as there’s a huge statue of Buddha near the place. The whole cave divided into five compartments. It is located at Rudreshwar Colony which lies in Sanquelim village, North Goa. One of the best-hidden places in Goa where nobody knows what is the exact origin or history behind this place.

8. Carambolim Lake
Undiscovered Places in Goa Carambolim Lake
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As very few people know about this place, so it is one of the secret places in Goa which gives an amazing experience of bird watching and photography. It is a freshwater and marshy lake located Corlim village, North Goa. You can see many species here like migratory ducks, jacanas, moorhens, harriers and some time kingfishers too. So if you are looking for this kind of place in Goa then it will a right choice for you.

9. Bubbling Lake of Netravalli
Bubbling Lake of Netravali
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One of the most beautiful lake in Goa which is situated in Netravali Village, Sanguem district, South Goa. The lake makes continuous bubbles emerge on its surface which is quite fun to watch. These unexplained bubbles appear to respond to certain sounds and rise faster with each clap. Some people think it is happening due to the local deity and other think its accumulate due to methane gas or sulfur dioxide gas which presence in water. Overall a worth visiting place in Goa to those who are looking forward to such a kind of hidden places in Goa.

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10. Pequeno Island
Pequeno Island in Goa
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Most of the tourist unaware of this place which is situated just 1 km from the Vasco Da Gama village, South Goa. Pequeno Island is also known as Bat Island, a perfect destination for adventure seeker and fun loving people. This island consists of a small rocky beach along with a small stretch of green. With a tiny rocky beach, stretches of green landscapes, facilities for snorkelling and day picnics it is one of the unexplored places to visit in Goa. So if you want to explore the experience of Goa tour then visit this place at least once.

So these are the top 10 Undiscovered, Secret and  Hidden Places in Goa which you have to visit at least once. We sure these places give you an extraordinary life experience and you don’t want to miss this opportunity. So this time when you are going to Goa holiday vacation then explore your trip by visiting such a kind of hidden place in Goa to gain a unique experience.

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