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Traditional Kashmiri Food Dishes – Jammu and Kashmir also famous for its mouth-watering Kashmiri Food and delicacies. The cuisine of Jammu and Kashmir becomes World famous for its large variety of dishes and uniqueness. Having a large variety of Traditional Kashmiri Food, the cuisine of Kashmir is nothing less than a treasure for the food lovers. Further, Kashmiri Cuisine divided into parts one is for vegetarian and the other one of non-vegetarian. Being a land of many religions, one can find various food dishes in Jammu and Kashmir depending on the region. All these Kashmiri food dishes show the culinary skill of Kashmiri people which are popular even today.

In addition, few of the Kashmiri recipes have a long history from the time of Tughlaq dynasty. Among all Jammu and Kashmir Food dishes, Kashmiri wazwaan is a World famous dish – a combination of seven different dishes. In conclusion, Kashmiri Food is rich in flavour and taste with minimal uses of spices like cardamom, fennel, cinnamon, cloves, Saffron etc. So here is the list of some most famous traditional Kashmiri Food dishes that you must try when you are in Jammu and Kashmir.

Top 10 Famous Traditional Kashmiri Food Dishes in Jammu and Kashmir

1. Rogan Josh
Traditional Kashmiri Food Dishes in Jammu and Kashmir - Rogan Josh
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Rogan Josh is one of the most popular food dishes in Kashmir cuisine hence also referred to signature recipes of traditional Jammu and Kashmir food. It is a must try dish for all lamb or meat lovers and you will really love the taste of this authentic Kashmiri dish. Made up with aromatic spices, yoghurt, lamb and browned onions, the recipe of this popular dish introduced by the Mughal. Further, this mouthwatering dish is low in fat thus doesn’t have an extra calorie. One can eat this dish with naan or rice according to your preference. So if you want to feel the real taste of Kashmiri food dishes then must try it at least once.

2. Yakhni
Famous Jammu and Kashmir Foods - Yakhni
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Also known as Yoghurt Lamb Curry, Yakhni is another famous traditional food dish in Jammu and Kashmir. The authentic taste of this dish is really awesome and it represents the taste of the whole of Kashmir. This Yoghurt based curry prepared in a very simple manner and the spices used in a very balanced manner like cumin seeds, green cardamoms, onion paste, mawal flowers and dry mint leaves. To get the real flavour of traditional Kashmiri food eats it with Kashmiri basmati rice.

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3. Modur Pulav
Traditional Foods of Jammu and Kashmir - Modur Pulav
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Modur Pulav is a sweetened Kashmiri rice dish which is usually served in Kashmiri parties and other festive occasions. For vegetarian people, it is one of the best traditional foods of Jammu and Kashmir. This rice-based Kashmiri dish prepared using cinnamon, a little saffron, milk, ghee, cashew nuts, almonds, sugar, green cardamom and several other ingredients. Not only in taste, but it is also famous for several health benefits as it gives necessary nutrition to your body. The recipe of this Kashmiri Pulav is very unique which gives it a distinct taste. Overall a must try the recipe in the list of all famous Kashmiri Food Dishes.

4. Dum Olav
Famous Kashmiri Food for vegetarian - Dum Olav
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Dum Olav or Dum Aloo is one of the most famous dishes of Kashmiri food for vegetarian. As most of the Kashmiri cuisine dishes are non-vegetarian, so it is a better choice for pure veggies people. Further, it is considered as a famous food of Kashmiri Pandits and initially prepared without using garlic and onions. But now the recipe of this famous Kashmiri dish change according to the time. Prepared by fried potatoes with use of yoghurt, ginger powder, cumin, fennel and garam masala, it is known for its unique flavour and aroma. Undoubtedly, one of the most enjoyable Kashmiri Food Dishes in Jammu and Kashmir and also popular in all north Indian state.

5. Matschgand
Traditional Kashmiri Foods in Jammu and Kashmir - Matschgand
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Matschgand is another remarkable dish in Kashmiri food cuisine for meat lovers or non-vegetarian. The dish prepared by minced meatballs which are cooked in a spicy red gravy that gives it a delicious flavour. Further, the recipe also prepared with boneless chicken which is another great option for food lovers. So must try this popular aroma of Kashmiri cuisine that seduces your taste buds.

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6. Haakh
Traditional Cuisine of Jammu and Kashmir - Haakh
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Haakh is a pure vegetable dish that does not have any kind of spices, that’s why the dish has a unique recipe, unlike all other Kashmiri food dishes. Made up of a type of green leafy vegetable, it is a great source of Vitamins, Minerals and Fibers. Prepared in hot boiled water with a little amount of Mustard oil and without the use of rich spices, it is considered to be one of healthiest foods of Jammu and Kashmir. Also known as ‘Karam ka Sag’ or ‘Kashmir Saag’, it is a complementary diet for all Kashmiri used on a daily basis.

7. Kashmiri Muji Gaad
Foods for Non-Vegetarian in Jammu and Kashmir - Kashmiri Muji Gaad
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Kashmiri Muji Gaad is a famous meal of Kashmiri Wazwan and it is prepared during a wedding, other special occasions and festivals. It is made up of freshwater fried fish with a sub-mixture of vegetables like tomatoes, onion, green chillies and other hot spices. Further, chopped radish and lotus stem are also added to its recipe which makes it a dish of amazing flavour and aroma. Being a dish of Kashmiri Wazwan, we suggest you try this meal at least once to get the authentic flavour of Kashmiri cuisine and food.

8. Lyodur Tschaman
Kashmiri Cuisine Foods Items - Lyodur Tschaman
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Many of us think Kashmiri Food Dishes in only for non-vegetarian but it is not true as there is a long list of Kashmiri vegetarian foods too. One such food is Lyodur Tschaman which is considered to be pure vegetarian traditional food of Jammu and Kashmir. This popular dish is cooked almost every day in the Kashmiri households. It can be prepared by cottage cheese which is cooked in creamy turmeric based gravy. Further, to enhance the flavour of this dish red chilli and other spices has been added to the gravy.

9. Aab Ghost
Authentic Food Dishes in Jammu and Kashmir - Aab Ghost
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As you all know the cuisine of Jammu and Kashmir is widely famous for its unique flavour and taste whereas one such dish is Aab Ghost. This famous food dish made up of Mutton which is used every day in the food of Kashmiri people. There are around 25-30 Mutton dishes in Kashmiri Food and among all these Kashmiri Food Dishes, Aab Ghost is the most famous one. Often known as Kashmiri Biryani, it is served on several occasions like Eid and wedding celebrations. In addition, there are two ways to prepare this dish either Kashmiri or Iranian. Whereas Kashmiri Aab Ghost prepared by using milk and spices like cardamom and black pepper. If you want to take the authentic flavour of this Kashmiri delicacies eat it with rice.

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10. Paneer Chaman
Traditional Foods Recipe in Jammu and Kashmir - Paneer Chaman
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There is a huge section of Paneer lovers in India as it is one of the most popular dishes all over the country. Panner Chaman is one such dish for paneer lovers in Kashmir that rule your heart for its authentic flavour. We are also sure that you will forget the taste of all other paneer dishes after tasting it. Further, there are various types of paneer Chaman in Kashmir but the best one cooked with milk until it becomes tender and soft. In conclusion, a must try dish for all vegetarian in Kashmir.

So these are the most popular Traditional Kashmiri Food Dishes in Jammu and Kashmir for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Further, if you are a fast food lover then the cuisine of Leh Ladakh is a better option for you. There are several traditional food dishes in Leh Ladakh which has a little bit of influence of Chinese and Tibetan Cuisine.


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