Most Popular Wildlife Sanctuaries & National Parks in West Bengal

National Parks in West Bengal – West Bengal is famous for its rich biodiversity as it contributes a vast biosphere alongside the Bay of Bengal. Further, National Parks in West Bengal boasts of a rich variety of flora and fauna making it a haven for all wildlife lovers. Along with that, the distinct topography and geographical condition of West Bengal make it a natural habitat for many wildlife animals.

In addition, the state is home to India’s most beautiful National Park known as Sundarbans National Park. The park is famous for hosting the largest mangrove forest in the world. Further, the park is home to some of the most exotic wildlife of West Bengal. So let’s have a look of some famous Wildlife Sanctuaries & National Parks in West Bengal.

Most Famous Wildlife Sanctuaries & National Parks in West Bengal

1. Sundarbans National Park
Best National Parks in West Bengal - Sundarbans National Park
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Sundarbans National Park famous for hosting largest mangrove forests in the world. The park is also has a Tiger Reserve, Biosphere Reserve and a Sanctuary. Located on the Sundarban delta, the park comprises of a vast expanse of dense forest and water bodies. Further, the park also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its diverse range of flora and fauna.

Spread over an area of 2585 sq km, it is home to a large population of Royal Bengal Tiger, several species of birds and including reptiles species like the salt-water crocodile. In addition, the park has many small tributaries of the Ganges and dotted with many beautiful Islands. A boat safari at Sundarbans National Park is one of its kind which gives you a lifetime experience of wildlife in West Bengal.

Away from that, the park offers a unique blend of nature thus it attracts lots of professional photographers. There are about 64 different varieties of Mangroves such as Goran, Genwa, Dhundal, Gurjan, Kankra, Sundari and Passur. Overall, one of the most-visited national parks in West Bengal as well as in India.

2. Jaldapara National Park
West Bengal National Parks To Visit - Jaldapara National Park
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Located on the bank of river Torsa in the foothills of eastern Himalayas, Jaldapara National Park is another famous wildlife reserve in West Bengal. The park is famous for a large population of one-horned rhinoceros, elephants and Bengal Tigers. Apart from that, some other popular wildlife animals include here spotted deers, barking deers, sambhar deers, bison, wild pig and bison.

Further, one can also spot various birds species such as eagles, Bengal florican, Indian Hornbill, jungle fowl, peafowl and many more. Spread over an area of 217 sq km, the park comprising of a wide expanse of riverine forests and grasslands. So along with wildlife, it is a haven for all nature lovers as it offers beautiful views of nature beauty. The place is best known to be elephant safari which gives you a chance to explore the full wilderness of this region.

3. Buxa Tiger Reserve
Tiger Reserves in West Bengal - Buxa Tiger Reserve
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Bordered by Bhutan and Assam, Buxa Tiger Reserve was set up in the year 1983 as a 15th Tiger Reserve in the Country. The tiger reserve is a part of  Terai Eco System and it encompasses around eight forest type covering an area of 759 sq km. Today, it is home to around 67 species of mammals, 36 species of reptiles and about  230 avifauna species. Further, one can also see a diverse range of floral species including some medicinal plants and orchids.

In addition, it comprising a large area of rocky terrain and evergreen dense forest which makes it an ideal place for trekking and forest camping. The wildlife reserve later declared as a national park in the year 1992. Apart from wildlife, the park has some other attraction too like Buxa Fort and Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga Temple. Moreover, a famous wildlife spot in the list of national parks in West Bengal to explore the rich biodiversity of this beautiful state.

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4. Neora Valley National Park
Famous Wildlife Reserves in West Bengal - Neora Valley National Park
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Located in Kalimpong district of West Bengal, the Neora Valley National Park established in the year 1986. Today, the park considered to be one of the richest biological zones in the country due to the endemic range of flora and fauna. Spread over an area of 88 sq km, the average altitude of this park ranging between 1500 m to 3000 m. Surrounded by snow-clad mountains with picturesque natural beauty, it is an adventure lover paradise. The unparalleled rocky and hilly terrain makes it an ideal place for trekking. Tourist can stay in Bamboo huts to get a picture-perfect view of the entire region.

The park is home to several rare and endangered species including the red panda. Some other popular wildlife species that you can spot here like Leopards, Musk Deer, Black Bear, Sloth Bear, Golden Cat and Sambar. Along with that, floral species include here bamboo, oak, ferns, sal etc. Further, the place is heavenly blessed with an abundance of beauty thus it is very popular amongst photographers. So among all West Bengal National Park, Neora Valley National Park has its distinct importance that’s why must to be explored at least once.

5. Singalila National Park
Biosphere Reserve in West Bengal - Singalila National Park
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Located in Singalila range at an altitude of 7000 feet above sea level, Singalila National Park is considered to be one of the highest national parks in West Bengal. Initially, it was a wildlife sanctuary and later converted into a national park. Today, the park covers an area of 78 sq km and has a vast expanse of virgin rhododendron forests, alpine valley and orchids. Further, the park is very popular among trekkers for the Sandakphu-Phalut trek that runs through it.

Away from that, the park offers breathtaking views of the gigantic Himalayas from Nepal to Sikkim. Some of the most endangered and exotic species found in the park are Red panda and Himalayan black bear. Other wildlife animals and birds species that you can spot here like barking deer, pangolin, Leopard Cat, Kalij Pheasant, Scarlet Minivet, Pofus-vented Tit, Blood Pheasant etc.

6. Mahanada Wildlife Sanctuary
Wildlife Sanctuaries in West Bengal - Mahanada Wildlife Sanctuary
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Regarded as one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in West Bengal, Mahanada Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a wide range of flora and fauna. The sanctuary is located at the foothills of the Himalayas in Terai region of river Mahanada. Further, it comprising of a vast expanse of thick evergreen forest and wetlands area. Due to this, the wildlife reserve creates a mesmerising vista for all nature lovers. Home to some rare species of animals like one horn Rhino, Bison, Elephants, Tigers, Leopards, Sambar and Cheetals, it is a great place to explore wildlife in West Bengal.

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7. Gorumara National Park
Wildlife in West Bengal - Gorumara National Park
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Listed as one of the best national parks in India,  Gorumara National Park is a popular wildlife reserve in West Bengal. Located on the bank of rivers Murti and Raidak, the park constitutes full of riverine grasslands and moist deciduous forests. Spread over an area of 80 sq km, it is home to a large variety of flora and fauna. The park houses different species of mammals, birds, reptiles, turtles, fish and micro-fauna. Further, it is famous for having a large population of Indian rhinoceros, Asian elephants, the royal Bengal tigers and the Great Indian Hornbill.

Other than that, the park has several watch-towers including Jatraprasad Watch Tower, Rhino Observation Point and Chandrachur Watch Tower. The park also awarded as the best wildlife protected area in India by the Ministry of Environment and Forests in 2009. Don’t forget to witness nearby Budhuram Forest Village for a live show of the ethnic tribal dance and music.

So these are the most famous Wildlife Sanctuaries & National Parks in West Bengal to explore the wilderness of this state. All the above mention wildlife hot spot in West Bengal makes it an ideal destination for a wildlife journey.

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