Places To Visit in Anantnag – Located in the south-western part of Kashmir Valley, Anantnag is an important tourist hub in Jammu & Kashmir. Further, it is one of the most developed and oldest towns in Kashmir Valley that dates back 5000 years ago. In addition, Anantnag is an important pilgrimage spot for both Hindus and Muslims as there are numerous shrines in this region.

Set an altitude of 5300 feet above sea level, the city offers breathtaking views of snow-capped Himalayan peaks. Apart from that, there are many serene lakes and natural springs in Anantnag. So here is the list of some best tourist places to visit in Anantnag and you will be really glad to explore all these.

Best Time To Visit – Anantnag Weather remains cool and pleasant all throughout the year. During the summer season, the temperature remains comfortable between 8°C to 22°C. So the summer season is the best time to visit Anantnag. Besides that, it is an ideal time for sightseeing in Anantnag as you can capture the scenic beauty of this place. On the other hands, winters are extremely chilly when the temperature drops down to subzero levels.

Most Popular Tourist Places To Visit in Anantnag & Things To Do

1. Martand Sun Temple
Tourist Places to visit in Anantnag - Martand Sun Temple
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Being a popular shrine of Hindus, Martand Sun Temple is one of the best places to visit in Anantnag for spiritual travellers. Built around the 8th century by the king Lalitaditya Muktipada who was the ruler of the Karkota Dynasty. Further, it is also famous for its elegant structures that give you a glimpse of Aryan and Kashmiri style of architecture. Made up of limestone, it has large courtyards, carved pillars and vast corridors. At the inner sanctum, one can find an idol of Sun God along with Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. Currently managed by Archaeological Survey of India due to its historical and architectural importance, it is a must visit tourist attractions in Anantnag. The temple also featured in Bollywood movie like Aandhi and Haider.

Things To Do At Martand Sun Temple – Worship to Sun God, Get the panoramic view of Kashmir valley from the temple complex, See idol of Sun God and Explore nearby sightseeing

2. Aishmuqam Shrine
Most Popular Tourist Places in Anantnag - Aishmuqam Shrine
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Aishmuqam Shrine has high historical and religious significance among the devotees of Shiekh Zain-ud-Din. It is said that Shiekh Zain-ud-din was the chief disciples of Kashmir’s leading Reshi and offered his entire life to the Almighty. Built around the 15th century AD, the shrine is an important pilgrimage tourist spot in Anantnag for the followers of every religion. During the annual Urs and Zool festival, the shrine thronged by thousands of devotees with lots of faith and divinity.

Things To Do At Aishmuqam Shrine – Get spirituality & peace, Offer a prayer to the presiding deity and Attend Urs & Zool festival

3. Masjid Baba Dawood Khaki
Famous Tourist Attractions in Anantnag - Masjid Baba Dawood Khaki
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Considered to be one of the oldest mosques in Kashmir, Masjid Baba Dawood Khaki is another famous religious spot in the list of places to visit in Anantnag. Named after Hazrat Sheikh Baba Dawood Khaki, a noted scholar of the region and the main follower of Hazrat Sheikh Hamza Makhdoom Sahib. Built around 600 years ago, it spread the teachings of Islam in the region of Anantnag. Form over a years ago to date, it remains a popular pilgrimage spot.

4. Wular Lake
Places for Sightseeing in Anantnag - Wular Lake
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Listed as one of the largest freshwater lakes in India. Wular Lake is a prominent sightseeing place in and around Anantnag. Located in the Bandipora district of Jammu and Kashmir, the scenic lake attracts a huge number of visitors all around the year. Further, it hosts a number of adventure activities such as boating, water sports and water ski. In addition, it is an ideal place to relax and reveal the beauty of nature. The main source of water of this lake is the Jhelum river which is one of the 26 wetlands of India. Moreover, a must visit tourist places in Anantnag and should not be missed.

Things To Do At Wular River – Photography, Boating, Sightseeing and Angling

5. Jhelum River
Anantnag Tourist Places - Jhelum River
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Jhelum river is a tributary of the Chenab River and it has a total length of 450 miles. Originates at the Verinag Spring at Anantnag, it is a must visit tourist attraction in this region. The water spring located in the foothills of the Pir-Panjal mountain range. Therefore, it offers many spectacular views that leave every tourist spellbound.

Things To Do At Jhelum River – Swimming, Boating and Picnic

6. Bandipora –
Best Places to see & Things to do in Anantnag - Bandipora
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Blessed with scenic natural beauty and serene lakes, Bandipora is another popular tourist destination in Anantnag. Located on the eastern bank of Wular Lake, the beautiful town often visited by nature lovers and peace seekers. Further, the site also famous for its Mughal Gardens such as Nishat Park and Shalimar Bagh. These gardens famous for there mesmerising vista and scenic natural beauty and also make it a perfect spot for a family picnic.

Things To Do At Bandipora – Picnic, Ideal for Sightseeing, Photography and Nature Walk

So these are the most popular tourist places to visit in Anantnag that attracts lots of spiritual travellers and nature lovers in this region. It is home to numerous shrines and temples making it a popular pilgrimage spot for both Hindus and Muslims.


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