16 Most Iconic Tourist Attractions & Places To Visit in Delhi

Places To Visit in Delhi – Delhi is the capital city of India and famous for its rich history and heritage monuments. There is a long list of places to visit in Delhi from historical monuments to crowded shopping malls. Due to this, it is an all-time favourite tourist destination in India. Further, there are several things to do in Delhi which makes it one of the most idyllic tourist spot for all kind of traveller.

In addition, the beautiful city dotted with many historical sites from the time of Mughal era. So the place has a rich culture and history that attracts all kinds of history buffs. Today, Delhi is one of the best metropolitan cities in India and plays a vital role in the Indian economy. The city also developed himself as a famous industrial and corporate hub.

So here we bring a list of the most famous tourist places in Delhi which you are exactly looking for. Further, it is not an easy task to prepare a list of all Delhi tourist places but we are trying to our best. So let’s have a look at all the famous tourist attractions of Delhi Tourism.

Best Time To Visit Delhi – October to March considered to be the best time to visit Delhi due to pleasant and cold climate condition. During these months the temperature of Delhi ranges between 3-degree Celcius to 25 degrees Celcius. So one can get a better experience of Delhi sightseeing and other outdoor activities. Away from that, most of the cultural events and festivals of Delhi lies between these months. Besides that, Delhi Weather remains extremely hot in summer months and the temperature reaches up to 46-50 degree.

16 Most Famous Tourist Attractions & Places To Visit in Delhi That Every Tourist Must Experience

1. Red Fort
Famous Tourist Places to visit in Delhi - Red Fort
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Located in the heart of the city, Red Fort serves as the residence of the emperors of the Mughal dynasty. The magnificent structure built by Shah Jahan in the year 1638 when he shifted his capital from Agra to Delhi. Made up of using red sandstone, it is an imposing piece of architecture of the Mughal era. In ancient time, the fort served as the ceremonial and political centre of the Mughal state.

Today, Red Fort is one of the most famous places to visit in Delhi due to its iconic structure and historical significance. Further, the fort is an important venue for the occasion of Independence Day where Indian Prime Minister unfurls the national flag. The fort also declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2007 for its architectural and historical magnificence. At last, it is one of the famous places in Delhi and you should visit it once.

2. Humayun’s Tomb
Most Popular Tourist Places in Delhi - Humayun's Tomb
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Constructed in the year 1570, Humayun’s Tomb is one of the most famous historical places in Delhi. The monument built by the Queen Haji Begum who was the wife of Humayun. Further, the monument is famous for its architectural design which displays a perfect blend of Mughal and Persian style of architecture. In addition, the world-famous Taj Mahal has qual resemblance to this monument or you can say that the architectural design of Taj Mahal influenced by Humayun’s Tomb.

Made up of red sandstone and white marble it still stands as a proof of architectural brilliance of the Mughal era. The monument also listed as one of the famous UNESCO World Heritage sites in India due to its architectural magnificence and illustrious history. So among all major tourist attractions in Delhi, Humayun’s tomb is hard to miss.

3. Qutub Minar
Delhi Tourist Places - Qutub Minar
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Regarded as the tallest individual tower in India, Qutub Minar is another famous tourist spot in the list of places to visit in Delhi. The monument constructed around 12th century by Qutb Ud-Din-Aibak who was the founder of Delhi Sultanate. Located in Mehrauli, it is believed to commemorate the beginning of the Mughal era in India. Today, the site is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site of India. Further, the monument famous for its astounding architecture which showing a perfect blend of Iranian architecture and Parso-Arabic architecture. Besides that, it is a famous picnic spot for Delhiites due to its picture-perfect setting. There are other ancient structures within the Qutub Complex like Iron Pillar and the Alai Darwaza.

4. India Gate
Best Tourist Spots in Delhi - India Gate
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Located alongside the Rajpath in New Delhi, India Gate represents the All India War Memorial dedicated to martyrs of World War I and war in Afghanistan. This awe-inspiring structure was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and today it is one of the largest war memorials in the country. The construction of this site completed in the year 1931 and the place is also famous for hosting the Republic Day Parade every year. Today, it is one of the most famous places in Delhi and attracts lots of local as well as international tourists. Further, India Gate looks stunning in the evening light that’s why also recommended as one of the best places to visit in Delhi at night.

5. Hauz Khas Village
Famous Historical Places in Delhi - Hauz Khas Village
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From swanky clubs, bars, fine-dine restaurants and remnants of Mughal era everything is just perfect here which makes Hauz Khas Village is a right tourist destination in Delhi for all kind traveller. The historical town glorifying its rich past from the Mughal era to present-day modernization. Further, the town is much famed for its Hauz Khas Complex or Hauz Khas Fort which was built around 13th century AD. The view from Hauz Khas Fort during sunset and sunrise is beyond words.

Apart from that, the fort surrounded by well-maintained green parks and a picturesque lake thus the place looks more magnificent. There is also a deer park, art galleries and boutiques making it one of the famous tourist places in Delhi. In addition, the vibrant nightlife with countless cafes, bars and pubs in Hauz Khas Village makes it one of the most happening places in Delhi for Couples.

6. Lotus Temple
Pilgrimage Places in Delhi - Lotus Temple
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Lotus Temple or Bahai Temple is famous for its splendid architectural design and owing resemblance to Lotus flower. The temple dedicated to Bahai faith which symbolizes four religions namely Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Islam. So devotees of all religion gather here in large number to a daily basis to pay their homage to the presiding deity. Constructed in the year 1986, the temple has 27 free-standing marble-clad petals and nine doors which allows 2500 visitors at the same time.

The temple also achieved several awards and rewards due to its mesmerizing architecture. There is also a beautiful floral garden and scintillating pool and the tranquil ambience of this place makes it an ideal place for rejuvenation. Overall the list of places to visit in Delhi would be incomplete without visiting this spot.

7. Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple
Religious Tourist Destinations in Delhi - Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple
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Located on the bank of river Yamuna, Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple is one of the most visited Hindu temples in India. Made up of pink stone and white marble, the temple covers an area of 60 acres. Due to its massive structure, it is also listed as one of the largest Hindu temples in World. Dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan, the temple famous for its outstanding architecture and intricate carvings.

Further, the temple also holds a position in  Guinness Book of World Records due to its massive size. The temple also organises exhibitions on Swaminarayan’s life teachings whereas one can enjoy the musical fountain and light show in the evening time. Today, it is one of the famous religious places in Delhi and attracts thousands of pilgrims every day.

8. Rashtrapati Bhawan
Delhi Tourism Places - Rashtrapati Bhawan
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Rashtrapati Bhavan is an important landmark in the city of Delhi and known as the official residence of the President of India. This largest and impressive structure spreads over an area of 330 acres including huge floral gardens. At present, there are 340 rooms in the main building and listed as the largest residence of any head of state around the world.

The architectural design of this palace has a perfect amalgamation of the Indian and British architectural styles and it was designed by the famous architect Sir Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker. The construction of this monument took place in the year 1929 and today it is the residence of President Ram Nath Kovind since July 2017. Due to its awe-inspiring structure and historical significance, it is another famous spot in the list of places to visit in Delhi.

9. Bangla Sahib Gurudwara
Famous Places in Delhi - Bangla Sahib Gurudwara
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Built-in the year 1783, Bangla Sahib Gurudwara is one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in Delhi for Sikhs. The temple has a close association with the eighth Sikh Guru, Guru Har Kishan who was the eighth Sikh guru. Further, the construction of this temple completed by General Sardar Bhagel Singh who supervised nine Sikh shrines in Delhi.

Today, it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Delhi for all spiritual traveller and peace seekers. The temple complex also houses a higher secondary school, a hospital, Baba Baghel Singh Museum and library. Surrounded by a beautiful Sarovar or Lake, the place is all about peace and divinity that’s why visited by thousands of pilgrims in a single day.

10. Jama Masjid
Popular Tourist Attractions in Delhi - Jama Masjid
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Jama Masjid is the finest specimen of Mughal architecture in India and regarded as one of the largest mosques in the country. The magnificent structure constructed by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan between 1644 and 1656 AD. Further, it was the last construction made by Shah Jahan after the famous architectural wonder Taj Mahal and Red Fort.

Made up of using red sandstone and white marble, it has three large gates, four towers and two minarets. Today, it is an important place for Muslims worshippers in India and the mosque has a capacity of 25000 devotees at the same time. The place frequently visited by lots of tourist for its amazing architecture and religious significance. Moreover a famous pilgrimage spot in the list of places to visit in Delhi and should not be missed.

11. Jantar Mantar
Delhi Tourist Places To Visit - Jantar Mantar
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Jantar Mantar is one of the five astronomical observatories in India located in Jaipur, Ujjain, Varanasi and Mathura as well. Located in the Parliament Street in Connaught Place Circle, Jantar Mantar is a must visit tourist places in Delhi for youngsters and student. The observatory was constructed by Maharaja Jai Singh in the year 1724 with a motive to predict the movement and timings of the sun, moon and planets. There are many principal instruments within the observatory including  Samrat Yantra, Jai Prakash, the Ram Yantra, and the Misra Yantra. By visiting this place you will get important knowledge about the movement of sun, planet and space and how these instruments work.

12. Chandni Chowk
Popular Shopping Destinations in Delhi - Chandni Chowk
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Located just opposite side to Red Fort, Chandani Chowk is one of the busiest shopping destinations in Delhi. There are many lined shops in Chandni Chowk which offers you a full medieval bazaar experience. This oldest market of Delhi established by Shah Jahan around the 17th century. Further, form that time to till date, Chandni Chowk considered as a famous shoppers paradise in Delhi. This famous Delhi Bazaar offers a wide range of products including clothes, perfumes, electronic items, jewellery, candles and other household things.

Also known as the largest wholesale bazaar in the country, it attracts thousands of shopkeepers all around the nation. Apart from that, there are several street food stalls in Chandni Chowk which offers delicious food dishes of Delhi cuisine. Among all these Delhi Food joints, Parathe Wali Gali and Karim Hotel are the most famous one. Today, Chandi Chowk is one of the famous places to visit in Delhi with friends and family.

13. Connaught Place
Places To visit in Delhi At Night - Connaught Place
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Connaught Place or ‘CP’ is a famous commercial hub and food lovers paradise in New Delhi. There are many famous food chains, international brand stores, restaurants and pubs in Connaught Place which makes it the most happening places in Delhi. Further, it is one of the best tourist spots in Delhi who want to experience the vibrant and glamorous nightlife of the city. Most of the famous nightclubs, restaurants and cafes of Delhi lies in Connaught Place circle that’s why tourists flock here in large number every day. So a perfect place to enjoy shopping, Delhi cuisine and nightlife.

14. Agrasen Ki Baoli
Historical Monuments in Delhi - Agrasen Ki Baoli
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Agrasen Ki Baoli is an ancient stepwell and also regarded as one of the popular historical places to visit in Delhi. It is believed that the stepwell built by Raja Agrasen around 14th century during the Mahabharta era. At present, it has 108 steps and the place become quite popular after Aamir Khan’s PK movie. Further, the splendid architectural style of this monument gives you a glimpse of excellent craftsmanship of ancient times. In addition, you feel a little bit change in temperature when you go down through steps. Currently, the monument is well protected under the Archaeological Survey of India.

15. Tughlaqabad Fort
Delhi Historical Places - Tughlaqabad Fort
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Tughlaqabad Fort is a historical ruin which offers glorious past of medieval India. The magnificent fort constructed by Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq and it displays a pure blend of Islamic architecture style. It is said that the king was so passionate about this fort that he ordered his all architect to built this fort as soon as possible. Today, the destroyed fort gives lifetime opportunity to all history enthusiasts and students to architectural magnificence of ancient era. However, it is not so difficult to imagine how magnificent this fort in olden days.

16. Lodhi Gardens
Famous Picnic Spots in Delhi - Lodhi Gardens
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Once was known as the ‘Lady Willingdon Park’, Lodhi Garden built around 1936 during the British rule in India. Spread over an area of 90 acres, it houses the tombs of Mohammed Shah and king Sikandar Lodhi. Today, this well-maintained garden is a famous picnic spot in Delhi. Apart from that, it is an ideal spot for relaxing, jogging and nature wark. Currently managed by the Archaeological Survey of India, Lodhi Garden should be added in the list of places to visit in Delhi.

So these are the most famous tourist places to visit in Delhi which are frequently visited by lots of travellers. There are many other tourists places in Delhi and we will describe them later, till then keep in touch with us.

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