7 Best Tourist Places To Visit in Dwarka For A Spiritual Experience, Famous Tourist Attraction in Dwarka

7 Best Tourist Places To Visit in Dwarka For A Spiritual Experience

Places To Visit in Dwarka – Dwarka is one of the most significant places to visit in Gujarat for spiritual travellers. Dotted with numerous ancient temples and pristine beaches, the tourist place has great religious as well as historical importance. Therefore, the beautiful city also listed as one of the best pilgrimage destinations in India. It is also considered as one of the four sacred sites (Char Dham) in Hindu mythology.

Further, there are a number of places to visit in Dwarka and most of the tourist attraction related to religious sites. According to Hindu Methodology, it is home to Lord Krishna which is the main deities of all Hindu devotees. During the Krishna Janmashtami festival, the whole city comes alive and visited by lots of pilgrims. So here is the list of all famous tourist attraction in Dwarka which makes it a great site to behold in Gujarat.

Best Time To Visit – Being a famous pilgrimage site, it attracts tourist all throughout the year. But the ideal time to visit Dwarka is between the months of August to February due to cool and pleasant weather condition.

Top 7 Famous Tourist Places To Visit in Dwarka For A Spiritual Journey in India

1. Dwarkadhish Temple
Tourist Places to visit in Dwarka - Dwarkadhish Temple
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Popularly known as Jagat Temple, Dwarkadhish Temple is one of the most significant religious places to visit in Dwarka. Dedicated to Lord Krishna, it was built around the 16th century by Vajranabha. This five-storied temple famous for its Chalukya style of architecture and it is completely made up of sand and limestone. There are various other shrines within the temple complex such as  Subhadra, Balarama, Vasudeva and Rukmini. Before entering this temple, you have to take a dip in the Gomti river to access this temple through the Swarg Dwar. Apart from that, one has to climb 56 steps to reach the temple. Being an important religious place, it is a must visit tourist attraction in Dwarka and should not be missed.

2. Beyt Island
Popular Tourist Attraction in Dwarka - Beyt Island
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Located at a distance of 30 km away from the main town of Dwarka, Beyt Dwarka is a small island. Surrounded by a few temples, white sand beaches and coral reefs, it is a tourist place in Dwarka for sea excursions, camping and picnics. Further, it is also considered to be the real abode of Lord Krishna and his family as you can find a 500 years old temple in this region which is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Also home to many other shrines and temples, Bet Dwarka is a famous pilgrimage and adventure-filled destination in Dwarka.

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3. Gomti Ghat
Famous Tourist Places in Dwarka - Gomti Ghat
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Gomti Ghat is a perfect place to sit back and to relax your mind and soul after completing all sightseeing of Dwarka. Located at Gomti river just right behind to Dwarkadheesh temple, it is a sacred place where Gomti river meets the mighty ocean. Every year lots of tourists visit Gomti Ghat to take a holy bath here as it is believed that it purges the soul and mind. During the sunset time, the location offers you a magical experience by looking deep into the Arabian Sea. Moreover, among one of the top places to visit in Dwarka that can’t be missed at any instant.

4. Dwarka Beach
Dwarka Tourist Places - Dwarka Beach
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Located along the Arabian Sea Coast, Dwarka Beach is an ideal spot to relax and unwind your mind. Unlike all other Dwarka tourist places, it is a unique tourist destination to visit in this region. Further, the popular beach destination is a perfect place to go for morning and evening stroll and to witness sunset hues. The breathtaking surrounded beauty with golden sands and clean water makes it a must visit tourist attraction in Dwarka. In addition, the site is very popular among locals as well as tourists due to its scenic and peaceful atmosphere.

5. Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple
Popular Temples in Dwarka - Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple
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Also known as Nagnath temple, Nageshwara Jyotirlinga Temple is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India which are dedicated to Lord Shiva. Further, the temple has various myths about its origin, thus it has great religious significance as many methodological stories associated with this shrine. You can also find an 80 feet tall statue within the temple complex that attracts every tourist with its aesthetic appeal. Being a popular shrine of Lord Shiva, it is one of the prominent pilgrimage places to visit in Dwarka for all Shiva devotees. During Maha Shivratri festival lots of pilgrims come here to attend this grand celebration.

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6. Rukmani Devi Temple
Best Pilgrimage Sites in Dwarka - Rukmani Devi Temple
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Dedicated to Rukmani Devi who was the beloved wife of Lord Krishna, it is another popular tourist spot in Dwarka. Famous for its architectural excellence, the temple complex has a beautiful collection of paintings from the time of the 12th century. The intricates carving and sculptures on the wall depicting the love and romance of Lord Krishna with Rukmini. At the inner sanctum, you can find an idol of Devi Rukmani with four hands which symbolise Goddess Maha Lakshmi. As the entire temple carved with beautiful sculpture thus, it is a great place for the art lover too.

7. Dwarka Lighthouse
Best Tourist Destinations in Dwarka - Dwarka Lighthouse
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Constructed at Rupen Creek in the year 1866 in order to lift a lamp and a flag to notify the Dwarka Port. Initially, it was eighteen metres tall tower and later re-constructed between 1960 to 1962. Today, the tower stands at a height of 43m and it was inaugurated on 15th July 1962. Form the historic period to the modern day era, it is the most attractive attraction in the list of places to visit in Dwarka. Further, it is a perfect place for those who are looking for peace and serenity. From the top point of the lighthouse, one can take the amazing view of Sea and Sunset.

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So these are the most popular tourist attraction in Dwarka that makes your holiday vacation memorable. Most of the tourist sites in Dwarka has a religious significance, hence it is a popular pilgrimage destination in India. The tourist place offers you a remarkable spiritual experience as it is home to many ancient Hindu Temples.

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