Top 8 Stunning Tourist Places to Visit in Kochi (Cochin) , Most Famous Historical Spot in Kochi, (Cochin)

Top 8 Stunning Tourist Places to Visit in Kochi (Cochin)

Places to Visit in Kochi – Kochi or Cochin is one of the favourite tourist spots in Kerala. The beautiful city lies on the South West Coast overlooking the Arabian Sea. The place is also known as the Gateway of Kerala.

It is a perfect place for merchants and tourists where they can know about the culture of Portuguese and British. The architecture and historical significance of this place draw lots of tourist attraction. So if you are looking for the best tourist places to visit in Kochi, then this article really helps you. Here we spend some valuable time on research to find out the best location in Cochin.

Sometimes its quite difficult to find the best tourist attraction according to your desire. So to meet your expectation we prepared some top tourist attraction and places to visit in Kochi for a perfect holiday vacation.

Top 8 Fascinating Tourist Attraction & Places to Visit in Kochi

1. Fort Kochi
Places to Visit in Kochi Fort
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Fort Kochi is a smallest seaside town in Kochi. The place has a rich heritage culture which shows the glimpse of Portuguese or Dutch and how can they affect our part of the country. Fort Kochi constructed in Portuguese, Dutch and British style architecture. It is also dotted with European structures, churches and other architectural buildings which take you right back to a different era back in time. You can also see Chinese Fishing Nets on Fort Kochi. Overall a great place to Visit in Kochi which gives an amazing vibe.

2. Willingdon Island
Willingdon Island - Tourist places to visit in Kochi
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The Willingdon Island is one of the largest human-made islands in India which is named after Lord Willingdon, the British Viceroy of India. It was created in the year 1936. The Island is well connected to many national and international ports. A headquarter of southern naval command also situated on this Island.

It is also famous for mesmerising backwaters and natural beauty which makes it one of the best places to visit in Kochi. You can find some best resorts and hotels in this Island. One of the major tourist attraction due to its prime location.

3. Chinese Fishing Nets
Chinese Fishing Nets in Kochi
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Chinese Fishing Nets is a symbolic representation of the coast of Cochin. Kochi is the most recognizable sight to watch these nets and these nets have been used here from the 14th century. It is also believed that these nets were a gift from the famous Chinese King, Kublai Khan.

One of the best site for a photographer who tries to capture the sunset view along with these beautiful nets. Fishermen even today use these elaborate conventional fishing nets. The place is also famous for fresh seafood, so it is a good place for food lover.

4. Marine Drive
Tourist Place Marine Drive in Kochi
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Marine Drive is the most popular tourist attraction in the City of Kochi. It is a perfect hangout destination for backwater. The most beautiful scenic hangout offers the stunning view of sunrise and sunset.

Private Boat operators offer hourly cruises starting from Marine Drive that goes through Cochin Harbour, Bolgatty and other places around. The place is also considered as shopping hub in Kochi as there are many shopping malls in this area. Some of the major tourist attraction here is Rainbow Bridge, China Net Bridge and Boat Jetty Complex. So Marine Drive is one of the best places to visit in Kochi and its provide an amazing view of Sea.

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5. Bolgatty Palace
Bolgatty Palace Tourist Attraction in Kochi
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Bolgatty Palace was built by Dutch in the year 1744. It is located on Bolgatty Island near Kochi. Earlier it was used as the Governor’s palace for the commander of the Dutch Malabar. Now its converted into a heritage hotel and its feature a small golf course ground, swimming pool and ayurvedic massage centre.

The famous Kathakali dance performed here on daily basis. A beautiful garden also situated on hotel premises where you can go for an evening walk. It is further divided into three parts – Main Block, Marina Block and Mansion Block. Overall a true worthy places to visit in Kochi that rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

6. Folklore Museum
Folklore Museum in Kochi
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Folklore Museum is one of the popular tourist places to visit in Kochi. If you want to know the culture f Kerala then it will a worth visiting place in Kochi. The Museum opened in 2009 for public and it has three floors.

There is a large variety of art gallery which displays Kathakali masks, costumes, sculptures, musical instruments, ornaments, and utensils. The building itself is a splendid example of the traditional style of architecture of Kerala. A local dance stage dance performance also takes place here on daily basis at 6:30 PM. So when you are in Kerala don’t miss this place.

7. Jew Town
Jew Town in Kochi
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Jew Town is the oldest part of Kochin which is also known as the Pardesi Synagogue. The place is famous for antique shops, wooden furniture, jewellery, crockery, vintage photographs, handicrafts and painting. It belongs to the Malabar Yehudan or Cochin Jewish Community and it is situated very close to Mattancherry Palace. So one of the most beautiful locations in Kochi which you have to explore during the Kerala trip.

8. Kathakali Centre
Kathakali Centre in Kochi
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Kochin is a centre of a famous traditional dance Kathakali. It is founded in 1990 with an objective of encouraging and popularising the classical art forms of this region. The centre offers various performances like Kathakali, classical music and dance. Many tourists come here to enjoy the dance show from all around the world. Kathakali is a beautiful combination of literature, music, painting, acting and dance. So if you are planning a Kerala trip in future then it will be a worth visiting place.

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So these are the famous tourist places to visit in Kochi. The location is also known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, which offers many stunning views. Hence it is a glorious city which boasts a rich heritage culture, thus it gives the perfect holiday experience. Further Kochi is a home to learn culture and past of this beautiful state.

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