Top 8 Amazing Places to Visit in Kovalam , Famous Tourist Destination in Kovalam

Top 8 Amazing Places to Visit in Kovalam

Places to Visit in Kovalam – Kovalam is the most popular and happening place in Kerala. The location famous for beaches which attract lots of tourists. This beautiful place fascinates travellers with its three crescent beaches like Hawah Beach, Samudra Beach and Lighthouse Beach.

It is one of the major tourist’s attractions in Kerala, preferred by thousands of travellers. There are many mesmerizingly places to visit in Kovalam including beach activity, admirable art, old castles, churches and temple. If you are looking for a fantastic destination that offers several kids’ friendly activities, then Kovalam is the best choice for you.

Here we spend some valuable time to find out the best tourist destination in Kovalam to explore the experience of your journey. It is a starting point of your Kerala trip where you can enjoy many beach activity along with natural beauty.

Top 8 Famous Tourist Attraction & Places to Visit in Kovalam

1. Lighthouse Beach
Places to Visit in Kovalam
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Lighthouse beach in Kovalam is the most happening and crowded place. A 35-meter tall lighthouse also situated on the top of Kurumkal Hill, alongside the beach. It is one of the best places to visit in Kovalam which is mostly preferred by the foreign tourist.

There are 3 main beaches at this destination and it is the largest one. Some of the water sports activity also held on this beach like paragliding, swimming, surfing and parasailing. You can also find some best resort and hotels in this area for a convenient stay. The beach is also well known for its lush palm plantations and trees.

2. Hawah Beach
Hawah Beach in Kovalam
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Hawah Beach located just opposite side to Lighthouse beach. It is a great location for those who prefer serenity and relaxation, which is also known as the Eve Beach. It is the first topless beach in India. If you are looking for some adventure activity then Sunbath and Catamaran Rides are the best choices for you.

3. Samudra Beach
Samudra Beach in Kovalam
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If you want to spend some relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then Samudra Beach is one of the coolest places to visit in Kovalam. It is just 4 km away from the main city of Kovalam. One of the best location for photographer where you can view stunning sunrise and sunset. Overall a worth visiting place in Kovalam and we sure you don’t want to miss it.

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4. Vellayani Lake
Places to visit in Kovalam Vellayani Lake
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Vellayani Lake located just 7 km away from the main city of Kavalam, which is the largest freshwater Lake.  Vellayani Lake on a moonlit night – lake’s crystal clear, nearly transparent water; and surrounding beauty is worth a visit. It covers an area of 7.5 sq km and most of the tourist come here on the festival occasion of Onam. Surrounded by a scenic landscape of coconut groves and backwaters, the lake is a favourite picnic spot among locals as well as tourists. So it is considered as one of the top places to visit in Kovalam which you have to visit at least once.

5. Veli Tourist Village
Veli Tourist Village Kovalam
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It is one of the famous tourist hotspots in Kovalam which is situated on the mouth of the River Veli. A perfect location for the family member where they can enjoy lots of entertainment activity. Some of the adventure activity which you can do here like a pedal/speedboat, horse rides, swimming along with children playground. You can also find many famous Hotels & Restaurant at Veli Tourist Village.

This beautiful picnic spot also houses a floating bridge that connects to the Veli beach. It is a perfect leisure spot and a photogenic place for families and friends. So it is highly recommended places to visit in Kovalam which gives you a unique experience during the Kerala trip. You can also reserve a houseboat to stay at night to feel the untouched beauty of this place with birds sound.

6. Karamana River
Karamana River in Kovalam
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It originates from the Western Ghat of Sahyadri Range and it’s located 14 km away from Kovalam city. Dotted with rich plantations of coconut, pepper and tapioca trees with serene beauty, it attracts lots of tourists every year. The Thiruvalam Boating Camp offers various water sports activity like canoeing, kayaking and houseboat cruises.

Along with all these water sports activities the location is one of the popular tourist places in Kovalam which you have to visit at least once. The place has all those things for Kerala is famous.

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7. Aruvikkara Dam
Kovalam Aruvikkara Dam
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It is situated on the bank of river Karamana which is just 25 km away from the Kovalam. You can spot much fish here which comes near to the water surface. The main attraction of this place is the ancient Bhagavathi Temple, which is dedicated to goddess Durga. With boat rides and a small park, this is a great spot for visitors who can engage themselves in activities. The District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC) runs a small eatery cum coffee shop here. Boating facility is also available here from 9 AM to 4 PM.

8. Kovalam Art Gallery
Kovalam Art Gallery
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Kovalam Art Gallery is also known as Sree Chithra Art Gallery, which is a paradise for intricate paintings and artwork. The gallery displays valuable and significant paintings of famous painters of the Kerala community. The essential paintings of the gallery are of Raja Ravi Varma, Nicolas Roerich and Svetlova with some rare, ancient collection of Indian fresco artworks. It is an ideal picnic spot to watch the remnants of the rich ancient culture and heritage of the state. So it is one of the most famous places to visit in Kovalam.

So these are the top 8 amazing places to visit in Kovalam which you have to visit at least once during the Kerala trip. The place is famous for its pristine beaches, architecture buildings, lake, water sports along with scenic beauty. It is an ideal location for the family picnic spot. So when you are in Kerala then don’t forget to explore the beauty of Kovalam city.

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