Best Tourist Places To Visit in Pulwama & Things To Do

Best Tourist Places To Visit in Pulwama & Things To Do

Places To Visit in Pulwama – Also known as the ‘Rice Bowl of Kashmir’, Pulwama is a beautiful district in Jammu & Kashmir. Set at an elevation of 1630 m above sea level, the place widely known for its plethora of natural beauty. Also popular for its sparkling waterfalls, springs, lush green valleys and apple orchard, it is a great sight to behold for all nature lovers. Located at a distance of 40 km from Srinagar, the place has rich cultural and historical significance. Ruled by Mughal Sultanate from 1346 to 1586 AD before Afghans took over the rule in the 19th century. In addition, the place highly acclaimed for large production of milk and rice thus often referred to as ‘Anand of Kashmir’.

Besides that, tourist can also enjoy trekking, mountaineering, rock climbing and skiing activities. All these adventure activities considered to be the best things to do in Pulwama that attract lots of adventure seekers in this region. So here is the list of top tourist places to visit in Pulwama that you have to must explore here.

Best Time To Visit – Set amidst the Himalayan mountain ranges, Pulwama Weather remains cool and pleasant all throughout the year. But the most suitable time to visit Pulwama is between the months of April to September. During these months, one can get an amazing experience of sightseeing in Pulwama and also indulge themselves in various adventure activities. In addition, the winter season is the most suitable time to enjoy snowfall and skiing activity.

Most Popular Tourist Places To Visit in Pulwama & Things To Do

1. Aharbal Waterfall
Tourist Places to visit in Pulwama - Aharbal Waterfall
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Undoubtedly, Aharbal Waterfall is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Pulwama due to its scenic natural beauty. Surrounded by thick pine and fir forests, it is an all-time favourite tourist destination for nature lovers and peace seekers. The beautiful waterfall created by the River Vishav and falls from a height of 25 m above sea level thus it creates a mesmerising view. Due to the serene and tranquil atmosphere, it is one of the best places to visit in Pulwama for a refreshing holiday vacation.

Things To Do At Aharbal Waterfall – Trekking around the falls, Fishing, Photography and Picnic

2. Avantishwar Temple
Popular Tourist Attractions in Pulwama - Avantishwar Temple
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For the religious travellers and history buffs, Avantishwar Temple is one of the most significant tourist places in Pulwama. Being an important historical monument and pilgrimage site, the temple visited by thousands of visitors every year. Located in Jawbrari village of Pulwama district, it was built around the 9th century AD by the king Awanti Varma. It is also said that the Raja Awanti chose this place as his capital, instead of Srinagar. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, the temple also famous for its intricate architectural style. Currently, most of the temple part lies in ruins and maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

Things To Do At Avantishwar Temple – Worship to Lord Shiva & Vishnu, See beautiful figures of different God & Goddesses and Get some archaeological knowledge

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3. Payer Temple
Best Religious Tourist Places in Pulwama - Payer Temple
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Payer temple is another popular tourist attraction in the list of places to visit in Pulwama for all religious travellers. Situated at Payer Village at a distance of 3 km away from Pulwama, it is also known as Payech Temple by the local people. Dates back to the 10th century, it has been carved out of a single monolith stone. Famous for its unique architectural style, the temple still retains the glory of the ancient past.

Things To Do At Payer Temple – Sightseeing, Set some spirituality & peace and Get a glimpse of the excellent style of architecture

4. Tarsar & Marsar Lake
Best Places for Sightseeing in Pulwama - Tarsar & Marsar Lake
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Located at a distance of 3 km and 5 km from the village of Nagberan, Tarsar and Marsar are the two most beautiful lakes in Pulwama. The scenic lakes surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges and lush green meadows which makes it a popular picnic spot in Pulwama. In addition, Tarsar and Marsar trek is one of the most popular treks in Kashmir Valley that leads you to where these twin lakes reside. Lies very close to Dachigam National Park, the site also gives you a chance to explore rich flora and fauna of this region. The lakes remain frozen during the winter season but it is the best time to feel the untouched and unparalleled natural beauty of this region. Moreover, a perfect spot to enjoy natural sightseeing in Pulwama and should to miss.

Things To Do At Tarsar & Marsar Lake – Trekking, Camping, Mountaineering and Photography

5. Kungwattan
Famous Tourist Sites & Things To Do in Pulwama - Kungwattan
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Kungwattan is a beautiful meadow, located at a distance of 8 km away from Aharbal Waterfalls. Being an isolated site, it can be accessed only through ponies ride. Away from human intervention, it is an ideal place to relax and to study nature in its fullest form. A trek through thick forests leads you to Mahinag which is another beautiful site located at an altitude of 9700 feet above sea level. Although, if you want to spend a peaceful and serene holiday vacation then it will be a worth visiting tourist spot in Pulwama.

Things To Do At Kungwattan – Ideal for Photography enthusiast, Nature Walk, Sightseeing and Relax in the lap of nature

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So that’s all about beautiful tourist attraction and places to visit in Pulwama that leaves every tourist spellbound. Whenever you get a chance to visit this location then must explore all the above mention tourist sites in Pulwama for a better experience.

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