Top 7 Incredible Tourist Places To Visit in Saputara & Things To Do, Most Popular picnic Spots in Saputara

Top 7 Incredible Tourist Places To Visit in Saputara & Things To Do

Places To Visit in Saputara – Located in Dang district, Saputara is a popular hill station in Gujarat. Famous for its lush green forests, enchanting waterfalls and the beautiful view of sunrise and sunset. The picturesque natural beauty and serene atmosphere of this location make it a heaven for nature lovers. Besides that, it is a great spot for wildlife enthusiasts and adventure trails thus it attracts tourist all around the year.

Further, there are many tourist places to visit in Saputara from religious sites to the wildlife park. All these stunning tourist attraction will offer you a memorable experience of the holiday vacation in Gujarat.

Best Time To Visit – Saputara has a pleasant climate all throughout the year so you can visit this place any time in the year. During the monsoon season, the hill station looks more majestic and beautiful. Hence between monsoon months, one can get the best experience of Sightseeing in Saputara. Besides that, the winter season (October to February) is another best time to visit Saputara due to extreme cool climate. So before planning to visit this location keep all these facts in your mind about Saputara Weather.

7 Best Tourist Places To Visit in Saputara & Things To Do

1. Saputara Lake
Tourist Places To Visit in Saputara - Saputara Lake
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Surrounded by lush green hills with colourful garden on both sides, Saputara Lake is one of the best places to visit in Saputara. The serene lake serves as a popular picnic spot and also known for boating activity. There are several children’s park and playground near this lake which makes it a perfect place for a family outing. Packed with numerous entertainment activity, it is a great hot spot to spend a lovely time with your loved ones.

In addition, there are many boating clubs near the lake which offers an amazing experience of a row-boat, paddle boat and sailboats. The serene surrounding beauty of this lake offers the countless opportunity to Photographers.

Things To Do At Saputara Lake – Photography, Boating, Picnic and Sightseeing

2. Gira Falls
Famous Tourist Attraction in Saputara - Gira Falls
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Located at a distance of 1.5 km away from Waghai town, Gira Falls is one of the most visited tourist attraction in Saputara. The scenic waterfalls falling from a height of 150 feet which creates a small pool at the bottom. Originates from Gira river, it is surrounded by lush greenery that steals every tourist’s heart. Further, there are various tea and snacks stalls around this fall hence it is a popular picnic spot in Saputara as well. The best time to visit Gira Falls is between the months of June to October.

Things To Do At Gira Falls – Picnic, Photography and Swimming

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3. Vansda National Park
Best Tourist Places in Saputara - Vansda National Park
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Spread over an area of 24 sq km, Vansda National Park is home to an abundant variety of flora and fauna. Located at a distance of 35 km away from the main town of Saputara, it is a popular place for wildlife and photography enthusiast. The wildlife park managed by South Dangs Forest Division and it comprises a dense moist deciduous forest. Some of the popular wild animal’s species that you can spot here like tiger, leopards, hyenas, wild boar and Four-horned deer.

It is also home to around 30 species of reptiles such as pythons, Russel’s viper, cobras and kraits. Along with that, one can also find around 60 species of butterflies, 443 species of flowering plants and about 110 species of spiders. The park also inhabited by various tribes which are known as Adivasis. So having such a diverse range of flora and fauna, it is one of the best places to visit in Sputara for wildlife as well as nature lovers.

Things To Do At Vansda National Park – Wildlife Photography, Natural Sightseeing, Forest Trekking

4. Sunset Point
Famous Sightseeing in Saputara - Sunset Point
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Sunset Point is popularly known as Gandhi Shikhar which offers an amazing view of sunrise and sunset. The location is very popular among photographers and nature lovers as it offers many breathtaking views. Further, the surrounded lush greenery with the cool breeze in the air retreats your soul and mind.

From the sunset point, one can also take the mesmerising view of Dang Forest as well as tribal villages of nearby areas. To reach this point you have to take a ropeway ride that takes around 15 minutes. While enjoying the cable car ride, one can get the exquisite bird’s eye view of Satpura. Undoubtedly, one of the most famous places to visit in Sputara Hill Station which remains crowded all around the year.

Things To Do At Sunset Point – Enjoy Cable Car Ride, View Sunrise & Sunset, Nature Photography

5. Saputara Tribal Museum
Popular Tourist Spots & Destinations in Saputara - Saputara Tribal Museum
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Saputara Tribal Museum is also known as Saputara Museum which gives you beautiful insight into the lifestyle and culture of tribal people of Dang district. The museum houses a variety of artefacts like clothes, utensils, traditional articles, woodcarving, grass ornaments and musical instruments. It also has an extensive collection of clay objects such as body tattoos and masks that are used in traditional dance-dramas. The museum depicts the true cultural tribal lifestyle of Gujarat, hence it is a must visit tourist attraction in Saputara and should not to miss.

Things To Do At Saputara Tribal Museum – Explore Tribal culture & lifestyle and See a collection of various artefacts

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6. Hatgadh Fort
Saputara Tourist Places - Hatgadh Fort
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Located on Gujarat-Maharashtra border at a distance of 5 km from Saputara, Hatgadh Fort is a perfect place for relaxing and picnic. Built by Maratha ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji, it is surrounded by beautiful valleys and lush green meadows. Located at an altitude of 3500 feet above sea level, the fort can be accessed by taking an easy trekking route. One can also take an amazing view of the entire valley and Suragana Village from the top point of the Fort. In addition, two small water reservoir of river Ganga and Jamuna also found here that adds another charm to this place. Moreover, a unique tourist place in Saputara which has something for everyone.

Things To Do At Hatgadh Fort – Ideal for Photography & Picnic, Trekking and Nature Walk

7. Eco Point
Popular Picnic Spot in and around Saputara - Eco Point
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In the list of famous tourist places to visit in and around Saputara, the Eco-Point has its own importance and you can’t neglect this place. The tourist spot enables tourists to hear their own voice that rebound from the beautiful surroundings. Located in Matheran near Saputara which is a popular hill station in Maharashtra, that has several other attraction to such as King George Point, Louisa Point and Charlotte Lake. As it is located in the proximity of Saputara, hence we add this site in Saputara Tourist Places to visit.

Things To Do At Eco Point – Nature Walk, Picnic, Relaxing and Enjoy Natural Sightseeing

So these are the most famous tourist places to visit in Saputara and around that makes your holiday vacation memorable. From serene lakes to enchanting waterfalls to wildlife reserve, it is a perfect weekend getaway in Gujarat. Further, Saputara also considered as one of the famous hill stations in Gujarat thus it attracts nature lovers, couples and individual alike.

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