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Places To Visit in Sarnath – Located at a distance of 10 km away from Varanasi, Sarnath is a popular pilgrimage spot for the Buddhist in India. It is believed that at the same place Lord Buddha gave his first sermon. Further, it is the birthplace of the Buddhist Sangha and the site once was a deer park. Home to numerous Hindu, Jain and Buddhist temples, Sarnath is one of the four main Buddhist pilgrimage destinations in India.

In addition, there are several Buddhist structures and monuments dating back to the 2nd century BC. Being a focal point of Buddhist pilgrims, it is a must-visit site for historians and archaeologists. So below here is the list of best places to visit in Sarnath. All these tourist attractions in Sarnath making it a worth visiting spot for Buddhist followers.

Best Time To Visit – November to March considered to be the best time to visit Sarnath due to the pleasant weather condition. Whereas the summer months remains hot and humid, so it is not good for Sarnath sightseeing.

Top Most Famous Tourist Places To Visit in Sarnath & Things To Do

1. Dhamekh Stupa
Best Tourist Places To Visit in Sarnath - Dhamekh Stupa
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Dhamekh Stupa is one of the famous Buddhist monument and places to visit in Sarnath. The monument has great historical importance for being a spot of Buddha’s first sermon. Built in the year 500 AD, the construction of this stupa earlier commissioned by Emperor Ashoka in 249 BC. Famous for its massive size, the stupa composed of a cylindrical tower and has a height of 43 m and diameter of 28 m.

Made up of using bricks and stone, it is adorned with beautiful stone carving and sculptures. Located inside the deer park in Sarnath, the monument currently managed by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

Things To Do At Dhamekh Stupa – See the beautiful stone carving, Stroll inside Deer Park and Photography

2. Thai Temple
Popular Tourist Attractions in Sarnath - Thai Temple
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There are many Buddhist Temples in Sarnath and among all these Thai Temple holds unique importance. Set amidst lush green gardens, the temple has a calm and peaceful ambience. The temple managed by Thai Buddhist monks and it displays an elegant Thai style of architecture. For having a perfect blend of peace and spirituality, we added it in the list of famous tourist places in Sarnath.

Things To Do At Thai Temple – See elaborate Thai style of architecture, Relax in the Garden and Explore nearby Sightseeing

3. Chaukhandi Stupa
Buddhist Monuments in Sarnath - Chaukhandi Stupa
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Regarded as one of the popular pilgrimage spots for Buddhist, Chaukhandi Stupa is another famous tourist attraction in the list of places to visit in Sarnath. Traced back to the 5th century AD from the time of the Gupta Dynasty, it is a significant sight to behold in Sarnath. Originally it was a temple until the 4th century AD and later converted into the present structure.

Today, the stupa is under the administration of the Archaeological Survey of India. The place holds significant historical importance as it is one of the finest Buddhist Monuments in Sarnath.

Things To Do At Chaukhandi Stupa – Sightseeing, Get divinity & Peace and Explore Buddhist relics

4. Archeological Museum
Famous Tourist Places in Sarnath - Archeological Museum
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Established in the year 1910, Archeological Museum is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Sarnath. The site frequently visited by historians and archaeological enthusiast. The museum houses a rare collection of artefacts that dates back to 3rd century BC to 12th century AD. Some of the popular key attraction here including a Jain temple, Bodhi tree and ruins Buddhist monasteries. The museum presently managed by Archaeological Survey of India since then 1930.

Things To Do At Sarnath Archeological Museum – Explore a large collection of artefacts, Photography and Visit several Buddhist monuments

5. Tibetan Temple
Buddhist Pilgrimage Spot & Temples in Sarnath - Tibetan Temple
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Constructed in the year 1955, Tibetan Temple famous for its Thangksa and frescoes which you can see on the walls and ceilings. Further, the temple boasts of traditional Tibetan architectural style and it also features a statue of Shakyamuni, the Buddha. In addition, prayer wheels are also seen outside the temple which releases paper scrolls with prayers written on them.

Apart from that, the entrance of the temple adorned with intricate carvings of two lions, therefore, it looks more majestic. So being a highly revered Buddhist pilgrimage site, the temple must be included in the itinerary of places to visit in Sarnath.

Things To Do At Tibetan Temple – Worship to Lord Buddha and Take a glimpse of Tibetan Style of architecture

6. Ashoka Pillar –
Sarnath Tourist Places - Ashoka Pillar
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Ashoka Pillar mark as a National emblem of India and one of the major tourist attractions in Sarnath. Built by Emperor Ashoka around 3rd century BC, it is an impressive structure carved out of stone. Further, the pillar depicts four lions seated back to back on the top along with a wheel beneath the lions.

It is said that these lions symbolise power, courage, pride and confidence. In addition, one can also find the sculptures of a Bull, Lion, an elephant and a horse in the base of Ashoka Pillar which symbolises four different phases of Gautama Buddha life. You can also see several buried monks all around the compound along with Buddhist Stupas and a museum.

Things To Do At Ashoka Pillar – Photography, Explore various sculpture & Buddhist Stupas

So these are the best places to visit in Sarnath that attracts a fairly amount of tourist in this region. The beautiful town has several Buddhist Monuments, temples and ruins structure which makes it a favourite pilgrim spot for Buddhist in India. So whenever you get a chance to visit this place then must explore all the above mention Sarnath tourist places.


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