Top 5 Incredible Tourist Places To Visit in Nongpoh & Things To Do , Beautiful lake in Nongpoh

Top 5 Incredible Tourist Places To Visit in Nongpoh & Things To Do

Places To Visit in Nongpoh – Nongpoh is the administrative headquarters of Ri-Bhoi District as well as one of the most significant tourist spot in Meghalaya. The beautiful place surrounded by pristine natural beauty and also has a tranquil atmosphere all around the year. Due to its mesmerising natural beauty, it is an ideal destination for families and honeymoon couples. Moreover, if you are looking for a peaceful holiday vacation in Meghalaya then Nongpoh will be a great choice. So here is the list of most popular tourist place to visit in Nongpoh that should be in your bucket list.

Best Time To Visit – Winter Season is the best time to visit Nongpoh as compared to summer & monsoon season. The temperature remains cool and pleasant during the months of November to February, so you can take the best view of sightseeing in Nongpoh.

Top 5 Stunning Tourist Places To Visit in Nongpoh & Things To Do

1. Umiam Lake
Tourist Places to visit in Nongpoh - Umiam Lake
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Spread an area of 220 sq km, the picturesque Umiam Lake among one of the best places to visit in Nongpoh. Located on the northern side of Shillong, the water reservoir created under a dam project in 1965. It is also very popular for being the first ever hydro-electric project in the north-eastern region. Further, the mesmerising natural surrounding and tranquil atmosphere of this lake make it a great site to behold in Nongpoh as well as Shillong. One can also enjoy various water sports activity here like boating, kayaking etc.

Things To Do At Umiam Lake – Boating, Kayaking, Photography and Visit Hydro-electric dam

2. Lum Nehru Park
Famous Sightseeing in Nongpoh - Lum Nehru Park
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If you want to spend some relaxing time in the lap of nature then Lum Nehru Park in Nongpoh would a perfect place for you. The lush green gardens, vast lawns, aviaries and beautiful orchids make this tourist spot more picturesque. Due to the picturesque and peaceful surrounding, it is an ideal spot for relaxing and picnic, which is mostly preferred by families and couples.

Things To Do At Lum Nehru Park – Picnic, Relaxing and Nature Walk

3. Lum Sophetbneng
Best Tourist Attraction in Nongpoh - Lum Sophetbneng
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Located at a distance of 40 km away from Nongpoh, Lum Sohpetbneng is a sacred place, which has high mythological importance among all local as well as tourist. Lum Sohpetbneng literally means to ‘Navel of the Earth’ and hence there are many legends associated with this site. There is also a legendary peak and a golden vine bridge that connects earth and heaven. Further, it is also believed that Seng Khasi tribes were the first ones to be settled on the earth. So being one of the famous spiritual sites, it should be in the list of places to visit in Nongpoh and should not be missed.

Things To Do At Lum Sohpetbneng – Trekking, Photography and Best for Sightseeing

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4. Dwar Ksuid –
Popular Tourist Destinations in Nongpoh - Dwar Ksuid 
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Situated in Khapmara, Dwar Ksuid is a beautiful pool which is surrounded by mesmerising natural beauty. The picturesque pool is famous for its rock formation which looks like a lotus plant. Further, there are several sand boulders around this pool that give it a unique and magnificent look. It is also known as ‘Devils doorway’ because of a belief that devils assemble here.

Things To Do At Dwar Ksuid – Take a stroll, Sightseeing and View beautiful rock formation

5. Thrills Fun Park
Nongpoh Tourist Places - Thrills Fun Park
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Thrills Fun Park is among one of the top places to visit in Nongpoh for families, couples and kids alike. Located in R-Bhoi District, it is just 25 km away from Shillong and about 5 km from Umiam Lake Resort, Nongpoh. It is an ideal spot for the day outing, picnic, fun and recreation for the kids as well as youth. One can also indulge themselves in various adventure and leisure activity, which are performed here on daily basis.

Things To Do At Thrills Fun Park – Picnic, Relaxing, Try some fun and adventure activity

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So these are some popular tourist attraction and sightseeing in Nongpoh that every tourist has to visit at least once. The tourist spot blessed with scenic natural beauty and has a pleasant climate all through the year that makes it a worth visiting tourist hub in Meghalaya.

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