Top 5 Most Amazing Places To Visit in Karimganj & Things To Do , Relaxing Holiday Vacation in Karimganj

Top 5 Most Amazing Places To Visit in Karimganj & Things To Do

Places To Visit in Karimganj – Assam is a perfect tourist destination in northeast India for all nature lover. Karimganj in Assam is one of the top natural sightseeing where you can see nature at its peak. It is the most biodiversity zones in Assam sprawling with lush green tea gardens and also marked with National parks.

Surrounded by vast hills and meandering rivers on both side, it is an ideal location for outing and picnic. Away from the hustle and bustle of the other cities, the site amidst with natural serenity and you really amazed to explore this location. Further, it is an adobe of many wildlife species and a small haven for the bird watcher. Now here is the list of top tourist places to visit in Karimganj that you have to must explore. Apart from that, there is much natural sightseeing in Karimganj that makes it a great tourist hub.

Best Time To Visit – Winter season is the ideal time to visit this location because at this time you can see nature on its fullest form. One can also visit this place in monsoon season but the only problem is that at this time you can face heavy rainfall.

Top 5 Beautiful Tourist Places To Visit in Karimganj & Things To Do

1. Chhatachura Range
Places to visit in Karimganj - Chhatachura Range
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Located at an altitude of 2080 feet above sea level, Chhatachura Range is the highest peak in Karimganj. There is also a Saraspur peak in the lower middle section of this mountain range, which is about 1000 feet high. The whole location surrounded by lush greenery thus it offers many picturesque views that soothes your eyes. Further, it is an ideal location for the trekking and hence it attracts lots of adventure seeker in this region. Apart from that, the mesmerising natural beauty of this location makes it one of the top places to visit in Karimganj.

Things To Do At Chhatachura Range – Photography, Trekking and Natural Sightseeing

2. Son Beel
Sightseeing in Karimganj - Son Beel
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If you want to spend a relaxing holiday vacation in this area then Son Beel is an ideal tourist destination in Karimganj. It is the largest wetland in Karimganj or even entire Assam. Further, the beautiful river Shingla passes through this wetland that creates a mesmerising view. Encircled with lush green hills and picturesque landscapes, the tourist spot popular among all nature lover and photographers. You can also find a variety of fishes in this lake especially the Bhujia fish. Apart from that, one can also get the stunning view of Sunrise and Sunset here.

Things To Do At Son Beel – Photography, Take the breathtaking view of surrounding nature, View Sunrise & Sunset

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3. Duhalia Range
Famous Tourist Destinations in Karimganj - Duhalia Range
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Duhalia Range is another popular tourist attraction and among one of the famous places to visit in Karimganj. Situated at an altitude of 1500 feet above sea level, it separates the valleys of Longai and Chargola. Further, the scenic natural beauty and peaceful environment of this location bound in such a manner that you don’t want to leave this place.

Things To Do At Duhalia Range – Trekking, Valley Crossing and Sightseeing

4. Eolabari Tea Estate
Tourist Attraction in Karimganj - Eolabari Tea Estate
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Located at a distance of 15 km from Karimganj, Eolabari Tea Estate is very well known for its tea gardens after Jorhat and Dibrugarh. It is a great place to relax and unwind in the lap of Mother Nature. If you are planning for a peaceful and scenic holiday vacation then it will a great choice for you that must be an itinerary of places to visit in Karimganj. One can also take the spectacular view of Duhalia and Adamail Hill Range from here.

Things To Do At Eolabari Tea Estate – Explore tea gardens, Relaxing, Enjoy Scenic view

5. Kushiara River
Karimganj Tourist Places - Kushiara River
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Flows through Karimganj to Bangladesh, the beautiful River Kushiara serves as an international border that separate Assam from Bangladesh. Surrounded by lush greenery and mesmerising natural beauty, it is an ideal destination for the boating. Besides that, the location also serves as a picnic spot where you can spend some quality hours with your loved ones and family member. One can also spot some migratory birds here in the winter season.

Things To Do At River Kushiara – Boating, Picnic and Bird Watching

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So that’s all about tourist attraction and places to visit in Karimganj that are mostly preferred by all tourist. The location is very famous for its natural scenic beauty and hence it attracts all nature lover in this region. Moreover, a worth visiting tourist spot in Assam that you should visit at least once in your life.

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