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Waterfalls in Arunachal Pradesh – Like you, all know the entire region of Arunachal Pradesh is famous for its wide range of flora and fauna. Surrounded by picturesque natural beauty, it is a nature lover paradise. Further, the lively and tranquil atmosphere of this location makes it an ideal spot for relaxation and rejuvenation. It is also dotted with numerous waterfalls and you will be really amazed by exploring all of them. So here is the list of top 5 stunning waterfalls in Arunachal Pradesh.

Top 5 Scenic Waterfalls in Arunachal Pradesh For Nature Lovers

1. Nuranang Waterfalls
Waterfalls in Arunachal Pradesh - Nuranang Waterfalls
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Located in the Tawang district, Nuragang Waterfall is one of the most amazing waterfalls in Arunachal Pradesh. Popularly known as the Bong Bong Falls, it falls from a height of 100 m. The spectacular waterfall surrounded by lush greenery thus it offers many mesmerising views. There is also a small hydro-electricity plant at the base of this waterfalls, which is the main key attraction of Nuranang waterfall. Further, the gushing water looks like a white sheet of water that is truly magnificent to watch. It is also picturised in the famous Bollywood movie ‘Koyla’ directed by Rakesh Roshan. So a must visit tourist destination in Arunachal Pradesh for all scenic lovers.

2. Bap Teng Kang Waterfall
Famous Falls in Arunachal Pradesh - Bap Teng Kang Waterfall
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Situated near Baap Teng Kang Village, the waterfall is also known as BTK Fountain. Cascading from a height of 100 feet above sea level, it creates a large pool at the bottom, hence it is an ideal spot for swimming too. Located in the lap of nature with green vegetation all around, it is a great spot for the photographers. Further, the surrounding picturesque beauty of this waterfall is truly remarkable. There are a few eateries option available near this waterfall that makes it a perfect spot for a day out a picnic with your family and friends. The ideal time to visit Baap Teng Kang Waterfall is the monsoon season when it looks more majestic and picturesque. So all the above-mention characteristic makes it one of the best waterfalls in Arunachal Pradesh and sure to visit at least once.

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3. Jung Fall –
Stunning Waterfalls to see in Arunachal Pradesh - Jung Fall
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Jung Falls is the major tourist attraction of Arunachal Pradesh hence frequently visited by lost of tourist every year. Situated in the proximity of Nuranang Waterfall, it lies between the valleys of Sela Pass and Tawang. Further, the beautiful waterfall falling from a great height in multiple steps thus it looks more majestic. Surrounded by lush greenery and with Himalayan mountain ranges all around, it is a great site to behold for all nature lovers. So without any doubt, it is one of the best waterfalls to see in Arunachal Pradesh that should not be missed at any instant.

4. Hot Water Spring 
Waterfalls & Hot Water Spring in Arunachal Pradesh - Hot Water Spring
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Located in Dirang town of Arunachal Pradesh, Hot Water Spring offers you a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. If you want to spend a great time with your dearest ones in the lap of Mother Nature, then it will be a great place to visit in Arunachal Pradesh. The hot water spring is rich in Sulpher, hence it cures numerous skin diseases. Further, it has several other medicinal properties too that increases the value of this location. By taking a dip in this hot water spring you will feel completely refresh and rejuvenate. So if you want to explore Dirang Tourism in your own way, then it will a worth visiting site that you can’t miss at any instant.

5. Sirki Waterfall
Arunachal Pradesh Waterfalls List - Sirki Waterfall
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Sirki Waterfall is a leading tourist attraction in Pasighat. The scenic waterfall visited by a great number of tourist every year. Apart from that, it is a great hot spot for all kind of adventure seeker. Some of the popular adventure activity that you can perform here like trekking, hiking, picnic, and outing. Further, you can see Nature in all its glory hence it offers many mesmerising views that you want to capture in your camera. So with full of natural sightseeing and numerous adventure option, it always remains on top in the list of waterfalls in Arunachal Pradesh.

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So if you want to spend a refreshing holiday vacation in Arunachal Pradesh then all the above-mention information will be really beneficial for you. If you are planning a trip to visit this tourist spot in next future then must explore these waterfalls in Arunachal Pradesh and spend a great holiday vacation.


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