Top 5 Most Famous Tourist Places To Visit in Spain, Tourist Attractions in Spain

Top 5 Most Famous Tourist Places To Visit in Spain

Places To Visit in Spain – There is no doubt Spain is a popular tourist destination in Europe. Spain is a world famous honeymoon destination, so couples come here from all across the globe. With many splendid beaches, vibrant nightlife and delicious cuisine, the city has much more to offer that you can’t imagine.

Further, the beautiful city is historically and culturally rich thus if offers many magnificent views that soothes your eyes. It is a land of many colourful festivals and events that make it a great sight to behold. Moreover, a dream destination that every tourist have a desire to explore this location at least once. Now here are some famous tourist attraction & beautiful cities to visit in Spain that you can add into Europe tour packages. Check-below mention list of top 5 places to visit in Spain with detailed information.

Top 5 Most Beautiful Cities & Places To Visit in Spain

1. Barcelona
Places to visit in Spain - Barcelona
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Barcelona is an all-time favourite tourist destination in Spain and still remain a top tourist attraction. The tourist spot famous for its iconic architecture, vibrant culture, buzzing nightlife and lively shopping destination. Further, the place has a large coastal line, where you can spend quality time with your family and loved ones by enjoying the local cuisine. Among all tourist attraction, La Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell are the famous ones that attract millions of tourist in this region.

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2. Madrid
Tourist Destinations in Spain - Madrid
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Madrid is the largest and one of the most beautiful cities to visit in Spain. The city extremely famous for its vibrant nightlife scene. The street of this city always occupied by lots of crowds, where music and dance party going on until sunrise. There are many historical monuments, museums, parks, bar and cafes in Madrid that make it a great holiday hotspot in Spain. Moreover, an important gathering location with great food and a lively atmosphere at night.

3. Granada
Famous Tourist Attraction in Spain - Granada
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Located in the foothill of Sierra Nevada mountains of southern Spain, Granada is famous for its rich heritage and palace of Alhambra. The ancient palace built by the Nasrid sultans, who was the ruler of last Islamic dynasty, Andalucia. Surrounded by the lush greenery and many breathtaking views, the palace is a great sight to behold in Spain. One can also get the stunning view of the sunset and Alhambra Palace from Mirador de San Nicolas that is truly remarkable.

4. Valencia
Tourist Spots in Spain - Valencia
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Valencia is the third largest city and among one of the best tourist spot in the list of Cities to visit in Spain. The tourist spot famous for its Spanish delicious mouth-watering dishes, beach shacks and seafood. Further, the city is popularly known for its City of Arts and Sciences complex. The entertainment complex is a massive landmark in Valencia and a group of museum, planetarium, opera house and aquarium. Moreover, a unique sight to be explored in Valencia or even Spain, where you get lots of stuff under one roof.

5. The Balearic Islands
Spain Tourist Places - The Balearic Islands
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The Balearic Islands is the most popular tourist destination in Spain which lies inside the Mediterranean Sea. The wonderful Island has a varied landscape of mountains, valleys, rocky coves and sandy beaches. There are around 375 beaches on this islands, hence it is an ideal destination for relaxing and to do some leisure activity. The site can be accessed only through the boat, where you can get the stunning view of surrounding mountain peaks and lush green surrounding. Being a famous party destination in Spain it always fulls up with lots of crowds. Further, the place offers many water sports activity along with some
leisure activity that makes it a worth visiting tourist spot in Spain.

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