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Haunted Places in Rajasthan – Rajasthan is very well-known for its rich heritage and historical monuments. Further, there are many haunted places in Rajasthan that you can explore in your next holiday trip. You should have enough daring to explore all these horror sites in Rajasthan. So here is the list of top 5 haunted sites in Rajasthan along with some real ghost or horror stories.

Top 5 Haunted Places in Rajasthan That You Have To Must Visit

1. Bhangarh Fort
Haunted Places in Rajasthan - Bhangarh Fort
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Located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, Bhangarh Fort is one of the most haunted places in India. The Fort was built by Raja Madhav Singh in 1613, who was the son of Maharaja of Amer. According to the Legend, a supernatural presence or paranormal activity can be felt here.

Further, according to local people Strange sounds, music, a voice of women crying and the clinking sound of the bangles heard here many times. You can also see a signboard of Archaeological Survey of India outside the fort that warns people to not stay in the fort after dark. There is also a historical story that a tantric wanted to marry the queen of Rani Ratnawati, but after learning the tantric Vidhya or technique she killed the magician. Moreover, Bhangarh Fort still remains a mysterious site and among one of the most Haunted Places in Rajasthan.

2. Kuldhara Village
Scared Places in Rajasthan - Kuldhara Village
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Kuldhara Village is another famous horror site in Jaisalmer and among one of the most haunted places in Rajasthan. The places have a strange story that nobody believes in. The village has been abandoned for almost 200 years now and used to pay their taxes to an unscrupulous minister, Salim Singh. On their visit to Kuldhara Village, he saw a beautiful daughter of the village chief and wanted to marry her forcefully.

To protect his daughter from the tyrannical minister, the chief of 84 villages decided to leave Kuldhara by an undying spell so that no one could ever live or breed on this land. Now the place managed under Archeological Survey of India and they detect or record the voice of the dead villager and seen the footprints of villagers. It is also believed that who tried to spend a night here never come back, to tell the truth.

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3. Brij Raj Bhavan
Horror Sites in Rajasthan - Brij Raj Bhavan
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Brij Raj Bhavan is a residential hotel in Kota, which has a dark history and makes it a haunted site to visit in Rajasthan. Before converted into a heritage hotel it was a residence of British Major Charles Burton. Further, it is said that Charles Burton was killed here along with his two sons by Indian militants during the British Rule. From till then to now many guest experience the paranormal activity here but it could not harm anyone. According to many security guards, they heard the voice that someone ordered them. And many of them complained that they were slapped by a strange power.

4. Rana Kumbha Palace
Ghosts Sites to visit in Rajasthan - Rana Kumbha Palace
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Next, in the list of haunted places in Rajasthan is Rana Kumbha Palace. It is also considered as one of the scariest places in Rajasthan due to its deadly secret chambers and dark passages. According to the legend, Rani Padmini performed the Jauhar at this palace along with his 700 female followers. People who stayed here heard a voice of crying women asking for help.

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5. Sudhabay
Paranormal activity in Rajasthan - Sudhabay
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Sudhabay is a small area located near Pushkar, which is another haunted place in Rajasthan. A Ghost Fair also conducted at this place where people possessed by evil spirits come to get themselves rid of the energy. There is also a sacred lake where resident takes a bath to protect themselves from the negative energies that float around. No doubt a worth visiting sites in Rajasthan if you want to feel or witness exorcisms.

So these are some haunted places in Rajasthan that you can experience here at least once. Moreover, if you want to feel some paranormal activity in Rajasthan then these sites give you a unique spirit.

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