Top 5 Stunning Tourist Places To Visit in Dirang & Things To Do , Famous Tourist Attractions in Dirang

Top 5 Stunning Tourist Places To Visit in Dirang & Things To Do

Places To Visit in Dirang – Located in West Kameng district, Dirang is a small hill station in Arunachal Pradesh. The tourist spot welcomes you with snow-capped mountains, gushing streams and lush greenery with a majestic air. All these characteristics make it small heaven in Arunachal Pradesh and sure to visit at least once.

Further, the rejuvenating atmosphere and surrounded picturesque landscapes attract all those tourists who want to spend a scenic holiday vacation in the lap of Mother Nature. Apart from that, the tourist site has an unlimited option for landscape photographers and adventure seekers. So here is a list of top 5 tourist places to visit in Dirang and you will be really glad to explore all of them. Meanwhile, have a great holiday vacation thereby exploring all the below mention sightseeing in Dirang.

Best Time To Visit – It is a very necessary thing to steady climate condition before going on any holiday trip. Dirang in the summer season remains quite hot when the average temperature ranges up to 20-40°C. Further, it looks more pretty and green in the monsoon season, so one can visit this location in monsoon season. But most of the tourist prefers winter season (November-February) due to its cool and pleasant climate condition. So the ideal time to visit Dirang is during the winter months and hence plan your trip accordingly.

Top 5 Best Tourist Places To Visit in Dirang & Things To Do

1. Dirang Dzong
Tourist Places to visit in Dirang - Dirang Dzong
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Located on the shore of Dirang River, Dirang Dzong is a tribal area with a 9th-century prison. The tribal colony famous for its architectural brilliance where some of the houses are over 500 years old. The wall of these houses made up of stone whereas the roof built of Wood. There is also an ancient fort in the middle of the village which was built during the 17th century. The fort also used as a Jail during the World War time. Most of the part of fort ruins now that shows architectural excellence of the olden days. By exploring this site you will see beautiful memories of the past. Overall a must visit tourist spot that should be included in the list of places to visit in Dirang.

Things To Do At Dirang Dzong – Visit Dirang Fort & Jail, Village Strolling, Take a glimpse of ancient architectural brilliance

2. National Research Centre on Yak
Famous Tourist Attraction in Dirang - National Research Centre on Yak
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Nestled amidst Eastern Himalayan range, National Research Centre on Yak located in the West Kameng District. Founded by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), the main motive of this organisation to preserve or conserve Indian Yak. Further, there are around 150 different varieties of Yak in Dirang. The centre also works in research and development programme on Yak to improve Yak husbandry and upliftment. So a unique tourist site to be explored in Dirang and sure to visit at least once.

Things To Do At National Research Centre on Yak – See different varieties of Yak and Explore research programme about Yak production

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3. Sangti Valley
Popular Sightseeing in Dirang - Sangti Valley
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Sangti Valley among one of the top places to visit in Dirang which is located at a distance of 7 km from the city centre. The picturesque valley surrounded by Eastern Himalayan range from one side and the other side bounded with dense forest and rivers. The tourist spot dotted with numerous natural sightseeing and picture landscapes that creates many mesmerising views. Apart from that, you can also get a chance to explore interesting culture and tradition of tribes who lived in Sangti Valley.

Things To Do At Sangti Valley – Nature Walk, Sightseeing and Photography

4. Kalachakra Gompa
Best Tourist Destinations in Dirang - Kalachakra Gompa
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Located in Kalachakra Village, it is the oldest monastery in Arunachal Pradesh which is about 500 years old. Kalachakra Gompa is a famous tourist attraction in Dirang among all people who follow Buddhism philosophy. Apart from that, the serene atmosphere of this location adds another charm to this tourist spot.

Things To Do At Kalachakra Gompa – Get some spirituality & Peace and Enjoy Sightseeing

5. Hot Water Spring
Dirang Tourist Places - Hot Water Spring
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Hot Water Spring is another famous tourist attraction in the list of places to visit in Dirang. Visited by a great number of tourist every year, the water of this spring rich in Sulpher thus it cures many skin diseases. By taking a deep bath in this hot water spring will completely refresh and rejuvenate your body from inside out. Make a trip to visit this location in the winter season when the whole area looks more majestic and calm.

Things To Do At Hot Water Spring – Bathing, Sightseeing, Nature Photography and Relaxing

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So along with these tourists attractions, there are many other tourist places to visit in Dirang like Regional Apple Nursery, Progeny Orchard and Kiwi Farms. Further, the tourist spot has many adventurous options like trekking, river rafting and Bird Watching. Overall, a must visit tourist destination in Arunachal Pradesh that you have to visit at least once.

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