Top 5 Wildlife Sanctuaries & National Parks in Meghalaya, Most Famous National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries in Meghalaya

Top 5 Wildlife Sanctuaries & National Parks in Meghalaya

National Parks in Meghalaya – Famously known as the ‘Abode of Clouds’, Meghalaya is a small scenic state in north-eastern India. Due to the diverse climate and topographic condition, it is home to a variety of flora and fauna. Apart from that, the beautiful state is very popular for its scenic waterfalls, caves and crystal clear lakes and river. Further, there are about three wildlife sanctuaries and two national parks in Meghalaya that makes it an ideal spot for wildlife enthusiast too. So here is the detailed information about wildlife sanctuaries in Meghalaya.

Top 5 Most Famous Wildlife Sanctuaries & National Parks in Meghalaya

1. Balphakram National Park
National Parks in Meghalaya - Balphakram National Park
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One of the best national parks in Meghalaya famous for it’s rich archaeological and geological importance. Located in the West Garo Hills, it spread an area of 220 sq km. The wildlife park is home to many wildlife animals like tigers, leopards, langurs, boars, wild cats, wild buffalo etc. Further, it is also home to very rare ‘red panda’ that are only a few left in India. One can also spot various species of colourful butterflies along with several species of birds. So it is a bird watcher paradise too. The wildlife reserve declared as a National Park in the year 1987. Away from all these things, the rich bio-diversity and wilderness of this region have lots of opportunity for the Wildlife Photographers.

2. Nokrek National Park
Wildlife Reserve Parks in Meghalaya - Nokrek National Park
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Located at a distance of 45 km away from Tura, Nokrek National Park listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Spread an area of 55 sq km, it is famous for its unique bio-diversity which comprising hills, forests, rivers and waterfalls. It is home to a large number of Hollock Gibbons along with several species of mammals and reptiles. Further, the National Park is also famous for its well-preserved forest tracks and limestones caves like Siju Cave. It can be easily accessible from William Nagar which is about 15 km away from the National Park. Overall, small heaven for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts that makes it one of the best national parks in Meghalaya.

3. Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary
Wildlife Sanctuaries in Meghalaya - Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary
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Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most popular wildlife sanctuaries in Meghalaya as well as in entire northeast India. Home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, it lies in Ri-Bhoi district of Meghalaya. The wildlife sanctuary covers an area of 29 sq km of land which is a natural inhabitant of various species of reptiles, birds and animals. Some of the popular wildlife animals that you can spot here like Royal Bengal Tiger, Himalayan Black Bear, Indian Bison, Clouded Leopard and many more. The breathtaking natural beauty of this wildlife reserve attracts tourist all over the country as well as across the World.

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4. Siju Bird Sanctuary
Wildlife Spots in Meghalaya - Siju Bird Sanctuary
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Siju Bird Sanctuary is a perfect delight for the Bird Watcher which is located next to the Simsang River. Home to a large number of the resident as well as migratory birds, it is the only bird sanctuary in Meghalaya. Famously known for its Siberian ducks, it is also home to several other bird species like Grey Hornbill and Peacock Pheasant. The ideal time to visit this sanctuary is between the month of November to March as you can see lots of migratory birds here.

5. Baghmara Pitcher Plant Wildlife Sanctuary
Brid Sanctuary in Meghalaya - Baghmara Pitcher Plant Wildlife Sanctuary
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Located in the South Garo Hills near Bhagmara village, the wildlife sanctuary widely famous for its pitcher plants. Actually, it is a reserve forest which gives you an amazing experience of holiday vacation in Meghalaya beyond wildlife. Consist of a wide range of flora and fauna includes elephant to Langoors and wildflowers. One can also witness the unique culture and lifestyle of the Garo community here. So being a unique bio-diversity region, it must be included in the list of Wildlife Sanctuaries & National Parks in Meghalaya.

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