Top 6 Beautiful Places To Visit in Nalbari & Things To Do , Famous Places to Visit in Nalbari

Top 6 Beautiful Places To Visit in Nalbari & Things To Do

Places To Visit in Nalbari – Nalbari is very famous for its beautiful landscapes and grand temples. The site is culturally and historically rich that attracts lots of tourist in this region. Surrounded by the lush greenery of paddy fields and dense forests, it is an ideal destination for the nature lover in Assam. Further, it is an important pilgrimage site too as there are many ancient temples like Billeshwar Temple, Hari Mandir, Buddhist Temple.

Apart from that, the site has archaeological importance too as you can find ancient texts and copper inscriptions from date back to Kamarupa dynasty. So all the above mention characteristic makes it a perfect tourist destination in Assam. Here is the list of top tourist places to visit in Nalbari.

Best Time To Visit – Winter and monsoon season is the best time to visit Nalbari because at this time weather condition is very good so you can enjoy the best sightseeing in Nalbari. However, one can also visit this location in the summer season but the temperature is too hot at this time.

Top 6 Famous Tourist Places To Visit in Nalbari & Things To Do

1. Billeshwar Temple
Places to visit in Nalbari - Billeshwar Temple
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Dedicated to Lord Krishna, Billeshwar Temple is about 500 years old which is one of the important places to visit in Nalbari for all spiritual traveller. Located in Belsor Village, the temple has high religious importance among all devotees hence tourist gather at this location in large number. According to the Legend, a priest lived there who owned a cow and refused to give milk him. The following day, the priest found out that the cow gave her milk to a type of grass called virina. When the place comes into the notice of State King then he ordered to build a temple there. At the same spot, a Shivlinga also founded by him that is worshipped by lots of devotees. The temple was destroyed by a natural disaster and later reconstructed by the King Lakshmi Singha.

Things To Do At Billeshwar Temple – Worship to Lord Krishna, Sightseeing

2. Hari Mandir
Temples in Nalbari - Hari Mandir
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Over a period of time, Hari Mandir remains among one of the famous places to visit in Nalbari and also one of the most popular pilgrimage sites in this region. Dedicated to Lord Krishna, the temple was established in the year 1965 and the land was donated by Rambahadur Pratap Narayan Choudhury. Further, the temple is very famous for its Raas Mahotsav Festival that is celebrated here in the month of November every year. It is a 15 days long festival and witnessed by a large number of devotees who comes here all across the country.

Things To Do At Hari Mandir – Relaxing in such a peaceful environment, Be a part of Raas Mahotsav Festival, Take a stroll inside the temple

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3. Jaypal Than
Famous Tourist Attraction in Nalbari - Jaypal Than
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Located at a distance of 13 km from Nalbari, Jaypal Than temple is popularly known as Kshudra Dingdingi. According to the local people, the temple was discovered by a cow named ‘Kapali’ during the rule of Sib Singha, who was the King of Ahom dynasty between 1718-1744. Further, a major part of the temple was buried underground due to an earthquake. The site has many mythical stories attached to it, hence it is a very popular religious spot among all local as well as outsider travellers.

Things To Do At Jaypal Than – Get some spirituality and peace, Enjoy nearby sightseeing

4. Sonkuhira
Sightseeing in Nalbari - Sonkuhira
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Sonkuhira is among one of the famous tourist attraction and places to visit in Nalbari who love to enjoy a scenic holiday vacation. It is a small water pond and widely famous for its breathtaking natural beauty. Apart from that, it is a bird watcher paradise too as you can some rare species of Migratory here in the winter season. The peaceful surrounding atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for the picnic. Beside all these things, a major festival also held at this location during Ashok Asthami. On this special occasion, devotees come here all across the country to witness this event.

Things To Do At Sonkuhira – Picnic, Photography, Bird Watching and Relaxing

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5. Buddhist Temple
Nalbari Tourist Places - Buddhist Temple
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Built in the year 1965 by Chhatra Singh, Buddhist Temple is one of the few temples in India that were built by Nepalis. Located at the base of the eastern Himalayas, the temple is about 30 km away from Nalbari. It is also known as Sangdo Palgi Gumba, which is considered as one of the biggest Gumbas in Nalbari District. Further, the site visited by lots of devotees during the Buddha Jayanti, Dhol Purnima and Buddha Purnima. Moreover, a famous tourist destination in Nalbari who follow the Buddhist philosophy.

Things To Do At Buddhist Temple – Get some knowledge about Buddhist philosophy, Attend Buddha Jayanti Festival

6. Basudeb Devalay
Best Tourist Destinations in Nalbari - Basudeb Devalay
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Basudeb Devalay Temple has high religious value among all local people as there is a fascinating story attached with this site. As per the Legend, a fisherman of this region was unable to remove a fish from his fishing net. On the 7th day, a local people had dreamed of Lord Basudeb and asked him to released fish from the net. Following day, he found two large stones in the fishing net.

When the whole story came into knowledge of King Sib Singha, then he tried to remove both stones but failed to do so. Hence the King built a temple over there which is still worship by lots of devotees. Some of the famous festivals that you can witness here like Doljatra, Janmashtami and Shivratri. So being a popular pilgrimage centre it must be on the list of an itinerary of places to visit in Nalbari.

Things To Do At Basudeb Devalay – Worship to the main deity, Sightseeing and Relaxing

So that’s all about tourist attraction and sightseeing in Nalbari that you can explore here on your next holiday trip. Dotted with numerous ancient temples it is an important pilgrimage tourist spot to visit in Assam.

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