Top 6 Best Tourist Places To Visit in Jowai & Things To Do , Beautiful Tourist Destination in Jowai

Top 6 Best Tourist Places To Visit in Jowai & Things To Do

Places To Visit in Jowai – Jowai is one of the most beautiful and scenic towns in Meghalaya. Bounded by Myntdu river on three sides, it serves as an ideal location for family, kids and couples. Situated on a plateau, it has an average altitude of 1380 meters above sea level.

The mesmerising natural beauty and pleasant climate condition of this location make it a perfect tourist spot for nature lovers and honeymooners. Apart from that, it is an important commercial centre as well as the educational hub in Meghalaya. So here is the list of top 5 places to visit in Jowai with detailed information.

Best Time To Visit – October to April is the best time to visit Jowai due to its cool and pleasant climate. Further, most of the adventure activity held between these months and one can also get the best experience of Sightseeing in Jowai.

Top 6 Stunning Tourist Places To Visit in Jowai & Things To Do

1. Krang Suri Falls
Tourist places to visit in Jowai - Krang Suri Falls
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Sightseeing in Jowai would be incomplete without visiting Krang Suri Falls, which is located in Amlarem Civil Sub Division. The scenic waterfall surrounded by lush greenery thus it offers many magnificent views. There is a small trek that leads to the waterfalls. Further, the serene and peaceful environment of this location makes it an ideal destination for the peace seeker and picnickers. Snacks and beverage facility also available outside this place. So being the most favourite tourist spot, it must be in the itinerary of places to visit in Jowai.

Things To Do At Krang Suri Falls – Picnic, Trekking, Photography and Bathing

2. Jarain Pitcher Plant Lake
Lakes in Jowai - Jarain Pitcher Plant Lake
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Spread an area of 50000 sq meter, Jarain Pitcher Plant Lake is one of the most visited tourist’s destinations in Jowai. Surrounded by well-carved footpaths, arch bridges and pitcher plant gardens, it is a great place to relax and unwind your mind. Further, a pitcher plant in the shape of a fountain installed in the middle of the lake, which is the main key attraction of the lake. One can also take a boat ride to explore this beautiful lake from the closet.

Things To Do At Jarain Pitcher Plant Lake – Boating, Relaxing and Sightseeing

3. Syntu Ksiar
Famous Tourist Attraction in Jowai - Syntu Ksiar
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Located on the bank of Myntdu river, Syntu Ksiar is one of the most scenic places to visit in Jowai and frequently visited by lots of tourists. Syntu Ksiar literally means to ‘Flower of Gold’ and gets its name due to the mesmerising natural surrounding. The location is very popular as a centre of the freedom struggle led by Kiang Nangbah. The site was constructed in honour of freedom fighter King Nangbah and it becomes a popular picnic spot among local as well as tourist.

Things To Do At Syntu Ksiar – Picnic, Photography, Nature Walk and Enjoy the mesmerising natural beauty

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4. Lalong Park
Best Sightseeing in Jowai - Lalong Park
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Lalong Park is another popular tourist attraction in Jowai, which is famous for its sacred groves. The park recently developed as a tourist hub and now it becomes a popular tourist destination for the families as well as couples. Apart from that, one can also take an amazing view of Pynthorwah Valley from this point. A water eco-park also developed here, which is the main key attraction of the Park.

Things To Do At Lalong Park – Picnic, Get an amazing view of Pynthorwah Valley and Sightseeing

5. Tryshi Falls
Popular Tourist Destinations in Jowai - Tryshi Falls
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Located at a distance of 5 km away from Jowai, Tyrshi Falls is very well-known for its mesmerising natural beauty. The waterfall compared with the Elephant Falls of Shillong as a substitute for it. Surrounded by a vast expanse of green paddy fields, it offers the breathtaking view of Pynthor Nein a rice valley. There is also an arch bridge that leads you to this waterfalls. The scenic natural beauty and peaceful surrounding of this location attract every tourist, hence we placed this tourist spot in the list of places to visit in Jowai.

Things To Do At Tyrshi Falls – Ideal for Photography, Trekking, Take the stunning view of Pynthor Nein Valley

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6. Thadlaskein Lake
Jowai Tourist Places - Thadlaskein Lake
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Located in Sajjar Niangli Village, the picturesque lake is just 12 km away from the main town of Jowai. The untouched natural beauty and crystal clear water of this lake gives it a magnificent look that soothes your eyes. Further, the lake has religious value too as it is still worshipped by the Raid Mukhala tribe of Jowai. It also serves as a perfect picnic spot due to its mesmerising natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere.

Things To Do At Thadlaskein Lake – Picnic, Boating and Photography

So that’s all about famous tourist attraction and places to visit in Jowai that makes your holiday vacation memorable. Dotted with numerous waterfalls and lakes, it is an ideal spot to visit in Meghalaya for the nature lover and couples.

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