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Places To Visit in Bundi – A home to classic architecture and ancient art, Bundi is yet another popular tourist spot in Rajasthan. There are numerous palaces, forts and stepwell reservoir in Bundi that makes it a worth visiting tourist destination in Rajasthan. The city has a rich historical significance thus it gives a chance to explore some unknown historical facts.

Further, the city surrounded by lush green Aravalli mountain range and has numerous waterfalls and water reservoir known as Baoris. According to many historians, it was the capital of the great Hadoti Kingdom and ruled by the Hada Chauhans. As the city is architecturally and historically rich, hence there are many famous tourist places to visit in Bundi. You can check below-mention detailed information about these tourists place in Bundi. So here are some popular sightseeing in Bundi that every tourist has to visit on their holiday vacation.

Best Time To Visit – Winter Season (October-March) is the best time to visit Bundi as the summer and monsoon season are too hot and humid.

Top 6 Best Tourist Places To Visit in Bundi & Things To Do

1. Bundi Palace
Places To Visit in Bundi - Bundi Palace
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Bundi Palace or Garh Palace is the largest palace in India and one of the famous places to visit in Bundi. The Palace is a collection of a number of palaces that were built by a different ruler. Each palace has its own significance and unique architectural style that soothes your eyes.

Built by Rao Balwant Singh, the palace complex boasts both the cultural and historical significance and you can also see murals on the wall that is really amazing to watch. Some of the famous palaces here like Chhatra Mahal, Phool Mahal and Badal Mahal. Among all these palaces Chitrashala is a famous one and has a collection of paintings belonging to 16th century.

Things To Do At Bundi Palace – Photography, Visit Chitrashala Palace, Take a stroll to explore the whole palace

2. Taragarh Fort
Famous Tourist Attraction in Bundi - Taragarh Fort
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Constructed over a hilltop, Taragarh Fort is a famous tourist attraction in Bundi and it witnessed by thousands of traveller every year. The fort was built in the year 1345 and considered as one of the oldest forts in Rajasthan.

Famous for its massive and impressive architecture, it is a perfect blend of the Rajput style of architecture that bound every tourist. There are three huge water tanks in the fort premises, which are the famous key attraction of this Fort. Spread in a large area, it is an ideal place for a leisure stroll. Apart from these things, one can also take the panoramic view of the whole city from the fort premises that is truly remarkable. So there is no reason why we skip this location from the list of places to visit in Bundi.

Things To Do At Taragarh Fort – Take a leisure stroll, Photography, Get a city view and Enjoy nearby sightseeing

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3. Raniji Ki Baori
Bundi Tourist Places - Raniji Ki Baori
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Bundi is popularly known for its stepwell (Baori) and Raniji Ki Baori among one of them. Also known as ‘Queen’s Stepwell’, it is a popular tourist site among all places to visit in Bundi. Built in the year 1699 by Rani Nanavati, who was the youngest queen of Rao Raja Anirudh Singh of Bundi.

Further, it is about 165 ft long and 49 m deep that can be accessed from a narrow entrance. The multi-storied stepwell also displays the beautiful sculpture of the elephant that gives it a glorious look. By exploring this site you will get a unique peace and relax and it also shows the rich heritage and cultural side of Bundi.

Things To Do At Raniji Ki Baori – See magnificent sculpture of an elephant, Relax, Photography and Shopping at the nearby market

4. Lake Jait Sagar
Best Sightseeing in Bundi - Lake Jait Sagar
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Located very close to Taragarh Fort, Lake Jait Sagar is a picturesque location in Bundi. It is an ideal location to spend some relaxing hour by enjoying the serenity of this place. Surrounded by lush green Aravalli Hills, it is home to beautiful lotus flowers thus offer many spectacular views and you don’t want to miss them. Further, one can also witness some rare species of migratory birds here during the winter season. Moreover, a peaceful setting on the lap of nature that must be included in the list of places to visit in Bundi.

Things To Do At Lake Jait Sagar – Photography, Enjoy peace and serenity, Bird Watching

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5. Sukh Mahal
Tourist Spot to visit in Bundi - Sukh Mahal
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Located on the periphery of the lake Jait Sagar, Sukh Mahal is an old palace. It was used as a summer retreat in the ancient time. Further, a famous writer Rudyard Kipling also stayed here and write a great novel ‘Kim’. Surrounded by lush greenery it has a much natural attraction that soothes your eyes and soul. One of the major key attraction here is a white marble Chhatri or an umbrella that is placed on the second storey of the Sukh Mahal. Undoubtedly, Sukh Mahal is another worth visiting sightseeing in Bundi that you can go for.

Things To Do At Sukh Mahal – Ideal Spot for Relaxing, See beautiful paintings of Rudyard Kipling, Get the splendid view of Lake Jait Sagar

6. Nawal Sagar Lake
Adventure Activity & Things To Do in Bundi - Nawal Sagar Lake
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Nawal Sagar Lake is another famous man-made lake in Bundi that can be seen from Taragarh Fort too. Located in the heart of the city, the serene lake is an all-time favourite tourist destination in Bundi and top in the list of places to visit in Bundi. Further, in the middle of this lake, you can see a temple of Lord Varun Dev that attracts lots of devotees. As it lies in the middle of the city, so one can get a beautiful reflection of nearby places in the water of this lake. Surrounded by breathtaking views and various small baoris, it is a unique sight to behold in Bundi.

Things To Do At Nawal Sagar Lake – Boating, Take the stunning view of nearby tourist attraction and Visit Lard Varun Dev Temple

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So these are some stunning tourist places to visit in Bundi that every tourist must visit. The tourist spot famous for its forts, palaces, lakes and baoris that gives you an amazing experience for the lifetime. For the history buffs, it is an ideal location to visit in Rajasthan, which has rich historical, cultural and architectural importance.


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