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Places To Visit in Pavagadh – Situated just next to Champaner, Pavagadh is a famous hill in Gujarat. The site has a rich heritage and archaeological value due to its ancient architectural significance. Further, the place also declared as a World Heritage Site, hence lots of tourists come here for archaeological study.

The tourist site dotted with numerous ancient temples and historical building that gives you beautiful insight into Gujarat rich past and culture. These historical monument dating back to the period of the 10th and 11th century. So here is the list of some common places to visit in Pavagadh as well as in Champaner. As both locations lie in the proximity of each other, hence visited together by thousands of tourist.

Best Time To Visit Champaner-Pavagadh – The ideal time to visit Champaner Pavagadh is between the months of October to February. Between these months the average temperature ranges between 12°C to 28°C with a pleasant and cool atmosphere. Further, it is an excellent time to take the best experience of sightseeing in Pavagadh.

Top 6 Famous Places To Visit in Pavagadh Champaner & Things To Do

1. Pavagadh Hill
Tourist Places to visit in Pavagadh Champaner - Pavagadh Hill
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Located at an altitude of 800 m above sea level, Pavagadh Hill is a popular tourist attraction in the list of places to visit in Pavagadh. The hill contains the oldest rock formation in India and composed of yellow coloured stone. Further, the site is an important pilgrimage centre for Hindus due to the famous Kali Mata Temple. One can also take a cable car ride to reach this temple which will be going an amazing experience for you. Form the top of the hill, one can get the mesmerising view of the surrounding area.

Things To Do At Pavagadh Hill – Enjoy Cable care ride, Photography and Visit Kali Mata Temple

2. Mahakali Temple
Popular Tourist Attraction in Pavagadh - Mahakali Temple
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As we earlier said, Pavagadh has many architectural marvels in the form of temples and mosques. Among all these, Mahakali temple is the famous one which is located above a hill around 550 m from the ground level. Further, the temple is a popular pilgrimage centre for all Hindu devotees. Due to its high religious value, it is witnessed by thousands of devotees every day. It is also believed that the Mata Kali has the power to fulfil the wishes of her devotees. Surrounded by the two beautiful lakes – Teliya Talab and Dudhia Talab, the whole area looks more majestic and picturesque. Moreover, a worth visiting tourist attraction in Pavagadh Champaner that every tourist has to explore at least once.

Things To Do At Mahakali Temple – Worship to Mata Kali, Sightseeing, Spend some relaxing time at Teliya Talab and Dudhia Talab

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3. Lakulisa Temple
Famous Temples in Pavagadh - Lakulisa Temple
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Lakulisa temple is another famous religious tourist destination in Pavagadh that date back to the 10th-11th century. Constructed by Lakulisa, who was the founder of Pashupata Shaivism, it is one of the oldest temples of Gujarat. Currently, most of the part of this temple ruins now but still you can see the sculpture of Dakshinamurthy Shiva, Ganesha and Gajantaka Shiva. By witnessing this site, one can also get an idea of the exquisite Hindu architectural style and techniques.

Things To Do At Lakulisa Temple – Get some archaeological knowledge, Take a glimpse of exquisite Hindu architectural style and Visit sculptures of Dakshinamurthy Shiva and  Ganesha

4. Kevada Mosque
Best Tourist Destinations in Pavagadh - Kevada Mosque
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Kevada Mosque is a popular archaeological site in Champaner Pavagadh which is set amidst lush greenery. The mosque is famous for its mausoleum and the globe-shaped domes that offer it a magnificent look. Further, the entrance of this mosque flanked by two tall minarets. Built by Mahmud Begada during the 15th century, it still stands as a proof of architectural dwell of that time.

Things To Do At Kevada Mosque – Take a glimpse of architectural brilliance and Enjoy Sightseeing

5. Champaner Pavagadh Archaeological Park
Most Famous Archaeologica Sites to visit in Pavagadh - Champaner Pavagadh Archaeological Park
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This famous Archaeological Park always remains on top in the list of places to visit in Pavagadh. The entire township of Champaner Pavagadh is essentially an archaeological park and it has many religious sites in forms of Hindu and Jain temples. Built by the Sultan Mahmud Begada, the park represent a perfect blend of Hindu and Islamic styles of architecture. Further, there are many historical buildings, palaces, forts and entrance gates that stand strong till today. Due to its high archaeological value, the park also listed as a World Heritage Site recognised by UNESCO.

Things To Do At Champaner Pavagadh Archaeological Park – Ideal for archaeological study, Explore various Jain & Hindu temples, Visit many historical monuments

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6. Lila Gumbaj Ki Masjid
Pavagadh Champaner Tourist Places - Lila Gumbaj Ki Masjid
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Located on a pedestal, the masjid has a central fluted dome with a Kalash hanging in the prayer hall and also accompanied by two other lateral arches on both its sides. Further, it has three domes whereas the central one has a fluted colourful design that makes it a remarkable site to watch. Apart from that, there are three entrances towards the east, south and north sides.

Things To Do At Lila Gumbaj Ki Masjid – Take a casual stroll, Photography and Witness excellent craftsmanship of ancient times

So that’s all about famous places to visit in Pavagadh Champaner that laid back to you in ancient times. By exploring this site, you will get a chance to know mysteries past of Gujarat. Undoubtedly, it is a perfect tourist destination for families and individuals alike that you have to explore at least once when you are in Gujarat.


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