Top 6 Stunning Tourist Places To Visit in Dibrugarh & Things To Do , Tourist Destination in Dibrugarh.

Top 6 Stunning Tourist Places To Visit in Dibrugarh & Things To Do

Places To Visit in Dibrugarh – Dibrugarh has its own importance in the list of Assam Tourist places. The tourist spot is popularly known as the ‘Tea City of India’. It is also considered as the industrial and commercial hub of upper Assam.

From a few recent decades, it is also developed as a tourist hub and now it becomes one of the most sought tourist destinations in Assam. The lush green pastures and evergreen dense forest makes it a perfect hot spot for everyone. So here is the list of top six places to visit in Dibrugarh that escape you from busy city life. Check all the below-mention sightseeing in Dibrugarh to enjoy a memorable holiday vacation.

Best Time To Visit – If you want to experience or spend a great holiday vacation in Dibrugarh then must visit this location in the winter season when the climate remains cool and pleasant. Monsoon season is another best time to visit Dibrugarh but you have to face heavy rainfall.

Top 6 Best Tourist Places To Visit in Dibrugarh & Things To Do

1. Jeypore Rainforest
Tourist Places to visit in Dibrugarh - Jeypore Rainforest
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Jeypore Rainforest is one of the best places to visit in Dibrugarh that you can’t miss at any cost. Spread an area of 108 sq km, it is famous for its rich biodiversity and a wide range of flora and fauna. You can see heavy rainfall in this region all throughout the year hence the location looks very picturesque that soothes your eyes.

Further, there are around 102 species of Orchids and tall Holong trees along with some medicinal herbs and plants. It is also home to several wildlife species like elephants, hornbills, leopards, flying squirrels, pythons and Langurs. The peaceful atmosphere filled with full of natural sightseeing that makes it a worth visiting tourist destination in Dibrugarh.

Things To Do At Jeypore Rainforest – Camping, Trekking, Nature Walk, Photography and Sightseeing

2. Dinjoy Satra
Tourist Attraction in Dibrugarh - Dinjoy Satra
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Located at a distance of 5 km from Chabua Town, Dinjoy Satra is another popular tourist attraction in Dibrugarh. The famous satra was founded by Aniruddha Dev at Bisnubalikakunshi village and later shifted to Khutiaputa. Now, it is popularly known as Dinjoy Satra when it was brought to Dinjan at Chabua. The satra depict Assamese culture and history like all other Satras in Assam. Further, it is also famous for its historical and religious significance and hence very popular pilgrimage site among all devotees.

Things To Do At Dinjoy Satra –  Get a glimpse of Assamese art & culture and Sightseeing

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3. Radha Krishna Temple –
Famous Sightseeing in Dibrugarh - Radha Krishna Temple
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Radha Krishna Temple is a popular Hindu shrine and one of the famous religious places to visit in Dibrugarh that attract a large number of tourist every year. Surrounded by beautiful lush green gardens, it is an ideal location to relax and unwind your mind. The unique architectural design of this temple adds another charm to this tourist spot. Apart from that, some other tourist attraction that you can explore here like Koli Aai Thaan, Dehing Namtii Satra and Dehing Satra.

Things To Do At Radha Krishna Temple – Worship to Lord Krishna, Relaxing, Visit Koli Aai Thaan

4. Barbarua Maidam
Tourist Destinations in Dibrugarh - Barbarua Maidam
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The Barbarua Maidam located at a distance of 14 km from Dibrugarh and it comprises two ancient graveyards. These graveyards constructed here in honour to the two well-known officials of the Ahom Dynasty. Further, it also reflects the aristocracy and royalty of ancient times in their design and structure. There are also many small maidams which belong to the dead soldiers of Ahom Dynasty. By exploring this site you will get a clear image, how respectable the dead soldiers are for the people of Dibrugarh.

Things To Do At Barbarua Maidam – Visit ancient graveyards of Ahom Dynasty

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5. Jokai Botanical Garden
Dibrugarh Tourist Places - Jokai Botanical Garden
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Jokai Botanical Garden is another famous tourist attraction in the list of places to visit in Dibrugarh. Located at a distance of 12 km from the city centre, the tourist spot is quite famous for its wide range of flora and fauna. The lush green garden surrounded by tall orchids trees, medicinal plants and aromatic plants. One can also spot some rare species of migratory birds at Jokai Reserve Forest. The lush green surrounding and peaceful atmosphere of this location make it an ideal destination for the picnic in Assam.

Things To Do At Jokai Botanical Garden – Picnic, Bird Watching, Nature Walk and Enjoy nearby sightseeing

6. Naharkatia Town
Tourist Spots in Dibrugarh - Naharkatia Town
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Filled with full of natural sightseeing and lush green tea gardens, Naharkatia town is a worth visiting tourist spot in Dibrugarh. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is a popular picnic spot in Dibrugarh. The location also considered as the commercial town of Dibrugarh due to the large production of tea. Further, there are many beautiful towns also located in the vicinity of this tourist spot like Sasoni Gojpuria, Namphake, Merbill Eco-Tourism and Gobhuro Dolong. So if you want to spend a scenic holiday vacation in Assam then must visit this place at least once.

Things To Do At Naharkatia town – Explore Tea Gardens, Go for a nature walk and Enjoy Sightseeing

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So these are the popular tourist attraction and sightseeing in Dibrugarh that gives you a true glimpse of Assamese rich culture and heritage. Enrich with a wide range of flora and fauna, the site has cultural as well as the commercial significance. So planning to visit this place in the next future then must try to cover all the above-mention tourist destination in Dibrugarh.

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