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Places To Visit in Guwahati – Guwahati is one of the popular tourist destinations in Assam. If you want to experience the vast wilderness in this beautiful state then Guwahati is one of the famous places to visit in Assam.

The sprawling city located beside the Brahmaputra River and also adjoining the majestic Himalayan ranges thus the location is a perfect paradise for the nature lover. Along with the natural sightseeing, there are many ancient temples in Guwahati that attracts all spiritual lovers. So here is the list of top 7 famous sightseeing in Guwahati that you have to must explore in your next holiday trip to this place.

Top 7 Most Famous Tourist Places To Visit in Guwahati & Things To Do

1. Kamakhya Temple
Tourist Places To Visit in Guwahati - Kamakhya Temple
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Located on the Nilanchal Hill, Kamakhya Temple is a popular shrine and an important pilgrimage centre for all Hindu devotees. Dedicated to Devi Kamakhya, it is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas in the country. The spiritual site is just 9 km away from the city centre and it is a group of five temples within one complex.

Further, it is one of the most revered shrines of Shakti in India, especially for Tantric worshipers. The shrine also holds religious, historical and archaeological significance hence it attracts all kinds of travellers in this region. Apart from that, there is a temple of 10 Mahavidyas including Bhuvaneswari, Bagalamukhi, Chinnamasta, Tripura Sundari, Tara, Kali, Bhairavi, Dhumavati, Matangi and Kamala Temples. A huge Ambubachi festival also organised at Kamakhya Temple every year in the month of June. During the festivals time, the temple remains closed for 3 days as it is believed that Devi Kamakhya goes through her annual cycle of menstruation. Overall a worth visiting tourist spot that must be included in the list of places to visit in Guwahati.

Things To Do At Kamakhya Temple – Worship To Kamakhya Devi, Visit 10 Mahavidyas Temple and Sightseeing

2. Assam State Museum
Famous Tourist Destinations in Guwahati - Assam State Museum
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If you want to explore the culture and tradition of this beautiful state then Assam State Museum is a worth visiting tourist destination in Guwahati. Located in the heart of the city the museum attracts a large number of tourists every year. Constructed in the year 1940, it was established by the Kamarupa Anusandhan Samiti and its showcase the history, sculptures, and handicrafts of North East India.

There are three different galleries inside this museum including iconography, archaeology and epigraphy. You can also find some of the rare artefacts and sculptures dating back to the 5th-12th century along with new artefacts from World War II. Further, in the Arms and Ammunition section, you will find a vast collection of the swords, armours, costumes and terracotta from the Mughal period. Meanwhile, a great tourist spot in Guwahati for all history buffs.

Things To Do At Assam State Museum – Photography, Explore the culture and tradition of Assam and Visit ancient artefacts and sculpture

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3. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary
Wildlife Sanctuary & National Parks in Guwahati - Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary
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Located at a distance of 30 km to the east of Guwahati, Pobitora Wildlife sanctuary among one of the top places to visit in Guwahati. The wildlife sanctuary is a haven for wildlife lovers and photographers. Spread an area of 38 sq km, it is home to a large population of One-horned Rhinos in the world. Apart from that, one can also spot around 2000 species of migratory birds along with various species of reptiles. Further, a major part of this wildlife sanctuary consists of wet grasslands that add another charm to this location. If you want to explore this beautiful location in the desired way then don’t forget to take an Elephant ride and jeep safari. The ideal time to visit this place is between the month of November and March, so plan your holiday trip accordingly.

Things To Do At Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary – Wildlife Photography, Bird Watching, Elephant Ride & Jeep Safari

4. Umananda Temple
Best Tourist Spots in Guwahati - Umananda Temple
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Without visiting this tourist spot sightseeing in Guwahati would be incomplete. Situated on a small Peacock Island, Umananda Temple is an important Hindu shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple was built by King Gadadhar Singha in the year 1694, who was a ruler of Ahom dynasty. However, it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1897 and later reconstructed by a rich merchant. Further, a huge Maha Shivaratri festival also organised at this temple every which attracts a large number of devotees. The scenic and serene environment of this location makes it an ideal destination for relaxing. Apart from that, the wall of the temple engraved and sculpted with idols of Hindu Gods and Goddess that are truly remarkable.

Things To Do At Umananda Temple – Worship To Lord Shiva, Visit Hanuman Temple, Enjoy Sightseeing and Relaxing

5. Guwahati Planetarium
Sightseeing in Guwahati - Guwahati Planetarium
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Guwahati Planetarium is another one of the famous places to visit in Guwahati especially for those who are travelling with kids. Located on MG Road, it is one of the perfect places to observe sky activity. Further, the planetarium gives you an opportunity to learn some interesting facts about the whole Universe. The Skywatching session conducted here on a regular basis with the help of a projector. These shows performed under the supervision of an expert and the content available in Hindi, English and Assamese. Moreover, a must visit tourist spot in Guwahati that gives you a glimpse of outer space.

Things To Do At Guwahati Planetarium – Learn some important things about outer space

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6. Manas National Park
Adventure Activity & Things To Do in Guwahati - Manas National Park
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Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Manas National Park is home to a large number of wildlife species. The park also declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 1985. There is also a Tiger Reserve in this park, which is considered as the only one Tiger Reserve in Assam. Spread an area of 391 sq km, it is one of the most biodiversity regions in Guwahati and has a wide range of flora and fauna. The park boasts around 60 species of mammal, 42 species of reptile and about 500 species of birds.

Some of the popular wildlife animals species that you can found here like one-horned rhinos, leopards, black panthers, elephants, sambar, chital and langur. Apart from that one can also spot some rare species of birds like bulbuls, falcons, serpent, eagles and hornbills. Along with these things, the park also offers some adventure activity like river rafting, jeep safari and elephant ride. Overall, among one of the top places to visit in Guwahati that can’t be missed at any instant.

Things To Do At Manas National Park – Wildlife Photography, Bird Watching, River Rafting and Jeep Safari

7. Nehru Park
Guwahati Tourist Places - Nehru Park
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Nehru Park is an ideal picnic spot in Guwahati for families who are travelling with their kids. Located in Pan Bazar area and just opposite side to Cotton College, it is just 1 km away from the Guwahati Railway Station. The park was established in the year 2004 and named after the first prime minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Further, there are around 45 statues in the park that depicts the various dance forms of Assam including Bihu, Deodhani, Ojapali, Bor Taal and Jhumur. Besides these things, the park also houses an open-air theatre, a jogging track and a musical fountain. The lush green surrounding and peaceful environment make it a great tourist place to see in Guwahati.

Things To Do At Nehru Park – Relaxing, Picnic, Visit beautiful sculpture of Assam dance style

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So these are some prominent tourist attraction and places to visit in Guwahati that every tourist has to explore at least one. The tourist spot is historical, natural and culturally rich that represent the arts and tradition of the Assam. So planning to visit this tourist spot in next future then must cover all the above mention sightseeing in Assam to enjoy a great holiday vacation.


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