Top 7 Best Tourist Places To Visit in Itanagar & Things To Do , Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Itanagar

Top 7 Best Tourist Places To Visit in Itanagar & Things To Do

Places To Visit in Itanagar – Itanagar is the Capital of Arunachal Pradesh and yet another popular tourist destination in this beautiful state. If you love to enjoy a scenic holiday vacation in the lap of Mother Nature, then it will be the right choice for you.

Surrounded by the beautiful snow-clad hills and scenic lakes all around, it is a great spot to feel the natural beauty from the closet. Further, the beautiful city is historically and culturally rich as there are many ancient monuments that laid back to you in ancient times. Apart from that, the location has a diverse range of flora and fauna that attract every wildlife enthusiast in this region. The site also offers numerous adventure sports too including trekking, hiking, angling and river rafting. So here is a list of top tourist places to visit in Itanagar that truly describe this location.

Best Time To Visit – Monsoon season and Winter season is the best time to visit Itanagar due to the pleasant climate condition. Further, one can also get the best experience of sightseeing in Itanagar between these seasons when nature in its fullest form. So plan your trip accordingly and enjoy a serene holiday vacation.

Top 7 Beautiful Tourist Places To Visit in Itanagar & Things To Do

1. Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary
Tourist Places to visit in Itanagar - Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary
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Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary among one of the top places to visit in Itanagar for wildlife enthusiasts as well as a nature lover. Spread an area of 140 sq km, it is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. The wildlife sanctuary is an expansive reserve that features various trees and foliage. Further, the sanctuary is an inhabitant of many wildlife species including tiger, deer, leopard, langur, porcupines and elephant.

Apart from that, it is a bird watcher paradise too where you can spot more than 400 species of birds. Surrounded by beautiful hills and valleys, the sanctuary divided into two parts from wet evergreen to tropical semi-evergreen forests. If you want to explore this wildlife reserve in the desired way then take a wildlife safari tour within the sanctuary.

Things To Do At Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary – Jungle Safari, Bird Watching, Wildlife Photography and Sightseeing

2. Ganga Lake
Famous Tourist Attraction in Itanagar - Ganga Lake
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Ganga Lake is the most visited and popular tourist attraction in Itanagar which is located at a distance of 6 km from the city centre. The scenic lake is an ideal spot for the picnic in Itanagar where you can do some recreational activities like boating and fishing. Surrounded by lush greenery and lofty mountains in the backdrop, it offers many majestic views that soothes your eyes.

Further, the scenic and peaceful atmosphere of this location make it a great spot to relax and unwind your mind. One can also go for trekking in the nearby jungle trails and it will be going to an amazing experience for the lifetime. Before planning to visit this location must carry a camera as it offers many stunning views and you want to capture each and every moment.

Things To Do At Ganga Lake – Boating, Picnic, Photography and Trekking at nearby trails

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3. Ita Fort
Best Tourist Destinations in Itanagar - Ita Fort
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Built around the 14th-15th century, Ita Fort is the oldest and renowned marvel of the ancient religion that must be included in the bucket list of places to visit in Itanagar. Constructed by the king of Jitari dynasty, Ramachandra, it still stands as a proof of architectural intelligence of ancient times.

Ita Fort literally means to ‘Fort of Bricks’ according to the Ahom language. Further, it is believed that there were 8 million bricks used in the construction of this Fort. Spread an area of 45 cubic metres, the fort has three main entrance on the south, east and west direction. Moreover, a great site to be explored in Itanagar for all history buffs that should not be missed.

Things To Do At Ita Fort – Get a chance to know some historical facts, Take a glimpse of ancient architectural brilliance and Photography

4. Indira Gandhi Park
Popular Sightseeing in Itanagar - Indira Gandhi Park
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Indira Gandhi Park is an ideal destination for a family holiday vacation in Itanagar. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is a perfect spot to spend some quality time in the lap of nature. Spread over a large area, it has lush greenery all around and you will be really glad to watch it. Due to the serene and tranquil atmosphere, it also serves as a perfect picnic spot where you can engage themselves in various leisure activity.

Things To Do At Indira Gandhi Park – Picnic, Relaxing and Sightseeing

5. Craft Centre and Emporium
Itanagar Tourist Places - Craft Centre and Emporium
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If you have a wish to explore the rich culture and tradition of Arunachal Pradesh then Craft Centre and Emporium among one of the famous places to visit in Itanagar. The Emporium has a large collection of local artefacts, beautiful wall paintings, cane and bamboo products. Further, you can buy many traditional costumes and household things like shawls and carpet at a reasonable price. Overall, a famous tourist destination in Itanagar for all shopaholic people and sure to visit at least once.

Things To Do At Craft Centre and Emporium – Shopping and Get a glimpse of the rich culture of Arunachal Pradesh

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6. Polo Park
Tourist Spot to visit in Itanagar - Polo Park
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Located in Naharlagun region of Itanagar, Polo Park has a wonderful collection of flowers, orchids and thickets of the cane. Basically, it is a botanical garden which spread over a vast expanse of greenery. The park also houses a mini zoo where you can spot various species of animals including guinea pigs, rabbits, snakes and many more. Further, there is also a handicrafts centre in the middle of the park which has a good range of shawls, woven carpets, carved caskets as well as cane and bamboo product.

Things To Do At Polo Park – See a wide range of flowers, Visit mini Zoo and Shopping at handicrafts centre

7. Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum
Itanagar Tour Packages - Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum
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Established in the year 1980, the Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum reflects the rich culture and history of Arunachal Pradesh. The museum houses a large collection of woodcarving, handicrafts and musical instrument items. There are many ancient artefacts and scriptures preserved at this site which gives you a glimpse of the tribal culture and the rich heritage of the state. Further, it also has an art gallery and a Library section which has an extensive collection of books. So if you really want to explore or take the beautiful insight of Arunachal Pradesh culture then it will be one of the perfect places to visit in Itanagar.

Things To Do At Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum – Photography, See a wide range of ancient artefacts and Visit inside Library

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So these are the popular tourist attraction in Itanagar for both nature lover and adventure enthusiast. The tourist spot has lots more to offer which makes it a great tourist hot spot in Arunachal Pradesh. So you can’t avoid this location if you are planning to visit this beautiful state.

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