Top 7 Famous Tourist Places To Visit in Bikaner & Things To Do, Best Tourist Destination in Bikaner

Top 7 Famous Tourist Places To Visit in Bikaner & Things To Do

Places To Visit in Bikaner – Bikaner is one of the best cultural heritage sites to visit in Rajasthan. It is home to various palaces, forts, museum, havelis and temples that offer a clear picture of a bygone era. The city was established in the year 1488 by Rao Bika Ji, who was a great Rajput warrior. As the earliest established city in Rajasthan, the location has glorious past that laid back to you in past time.

So one can want to experience or knew about the rich heritage culture of the ancient time, then must visit Bikaner. Further, the city is very famous for its old civilization that remains since before Harappan civilization. Apart from these things, Bikaner is very famous for its sweets and snacks, whereas Bikaneri Bhujia is world famous snacks. There are many shopping destinations in Bikaner, where you can buy handicraft, embroidered footwear, local fabric item and leather goods. Now here we spend some time on research to prepare a list of the best places to visit in Bikaner. So check below-mention tourist attraction and sightseeing in Bikaner with detailed information.

Top 7 Best Tourist Places To Visit in Bikaner & Things To Do

1. Junagarh Fort
Places to visit in Bikaner - Junagarh Fort
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Junagarh Fort is a famous tourist attraction and among one of the best places to visit in Bikaner that every traveller must visit. The fort was constructed by Raja Rai Singh during the period of 1588 to 1593. Further, it is the finest example of Mughal, Gujrati and Rajput style of architecture and its massive structure too.

It also houses some magnificent palaces and gardens an assortment of courtyards, balconies, kiosks and windows. The architectural design of this historical monument influenced by different culture and tradition that makes it worth visiting sightseeing in Bikaner. Some of the famous attraction that you can explore within fort premises are Karan Mahal, Anup Mahal, Chandra Mahal, Hawa Mahal, Ganga Mahal and Diwan-e-Khas.

Entry Fees – Rs. 30 for Indians and Rs. 300 for Foreigners

Opening Hours – 10 AM to 4:30 PM Everyday

Things To Do At Junagarh Fort – Visit Museum, Photography, Take a stroll inside the Fort

2. Lalgarh Palace & Museum
Famous Tourist Attraction in Bikaner - Lalgarh Palace & Museum
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Made up of red sandstone, Lalgarh Palace is another famous tourist spot in Bikaner. The palace was built by Maharaja Ganga Singh between the year 1902 and 1926 in the memory of his father Maharaja Lal Singh Ji. Now the palace converted into a heritage hotel, which is an excellent spot to spend your holiday.

Further, the architectural structure of this palace is a perfect blend of Mughal, Rajput and European style of architecture that gives it a glorious look. You can also find a museum inside the Ganga Niwas, where you see many manuscripts and antique artefact of Bikaner royal families. There is also a library, which has a good collection of Sanskrit Manuscript printed on parchments. Overall a great site to behold in Bikaner and must be in the list of places to visit in Bikaner.

Museum Entry Fees – Rs. 10 for Indians and Rs. 25 for Foreigners

Opening Hours – 10 AM to 5 PM Everyday

Things To Do At Lalgarh Palace – Visit Museum, Spend some time at the in-house Library, Stay at Laxmi Niwas Palace

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3. Sadul Singh Museum
Museums in Bikaner - Sadul Singh Museum
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Sadul Singh Museum is another famous historical sight to explore in Bikaner. The museum has a fine collection of Georgian paintings, hunting trophies and rare artefacts belonging to the kings of Bikaner. Further, the museum is dedicated to successive kings of Bikaner namely Maharaja Ganga Singh, Sadul Singh and Karni Singh, it is one of the best places to visit in Bikaner to know heroic activities of the Maharajas.

Entry Fees – Rs. 25 for Indians and Rs. 50 for Foreigners

Opening Hours – 10 AM to 5 PM Everyday

Things To Do At Sadul Singh Museum – Photography, Shopping at nearby Bazaar and Sightseeing

4. Gajner Palace
Best Sightseeing in Bikaner - Gajner Palace
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Located on the bank of Gajner Lake, Gajner Palace is popular sightseeing in Bikaner to see the culture and tradition of this beautiful city. Initially, it was the royal residence of Maharaja Sir Ganga Singh and now it is converted into a heritage hotel. The palace was hunting and retreating lodge during ancient times and it has been used by royal families of Bikaner.

Further, it is an ideal destination for the family vacation, where you can spend some leisure time by indulging themselves in various activity. Some of the famous leisure activity which you can do here like Boating, lawn tennis, cycling, bird-watching and wildlife safaris. As it is located in the middle of a thick forest, one can also get a chance to explore Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary that is another famous key attraction in this region.

Things To Do At Gajner Palace – Boating, Bird-watching at Gajner Lake, Explore Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary and Sightseeing

5. Karni Mata Temple
Bikaner Tourist Palaces - Karni Mata Temple
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Karni Mata Temple is a famous religious spot to visit in Bikaner that attract lots of devotees every year. Dedicated to Karni Mata, which is an incarnation of goddess Durga, it is an important pilgrimage for Hindus. Further, it is about 600 years old and home to more than 20,000 rats. It is also believed that these rats are the sons of Karni Mata, hence tourist worship them and also offer prasad to them. The silver gate and marble carvings of this temple add another charm to this location. A huge Navratri festival also celebrated here and it is visited by a great number of tourists. So a unique site to explore in Bikaner that must be in the list of places to visit in Bikaner.

Things To Do At Karni Mata Temple – Worship, Be a part of the Navratri festival, Relaxing and Sightseeing

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6. Rampuria Haveli
Historical Palaces & Havelis in Bikaner - Rampuria Haveli
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Bikaner is very well-known for its ancient havelis and palaces, whereas Rampuria Haveli is one of them. It is a group of havelis constructed by the rich merchants of Bikaner around the 15th century. Made up of Dulmera red sandstone, it is a perfect example of Rajputana style of architecture. Further, the interior designed adorned with tasteful artefacts, golden paintings and woodwork that gives it an amazing look. The visual of these havelis is truly remarkable that makes it one of the best places to visit in Bikaner. Some of the popular haveli that you can found here like Rikhji Bagri ki Haveli, Haveli of Bhairondan, Sampatlala Agarwal Haveli and Daga Chowk Havelis.

Things To Do At Rampuria Haveli – Photography, Take a glimpse of Rajputana style of architecture and Sightseeing

7. Devi Kund
Famous Tourist Destination in Bikaner - Devi Kund
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Located at a distance of 8 km from the city centre, Devi Kund is another famous tourist spot to visit in Bikaner. The place consists of royal cenotaphs along with several ornamented cenotaphs belong to brave rulers of Bika dynasty and these cenotaphs popularly known as Chhatri. Among all these cenotaphs, Devi Kund Chhatri and Maharaja Suraj Singh’s Chhatri are the two most beautiful sight to behold here that display remarkable Rajput craftsmanship. Further, you can see a large collection of Rajput ruler paintings on the ceiling that is truly admirable.

Things To Do At Devi Kund – See the beautiful painting of Rajput ruler, Visit Devi Kund Chhatri and Photography

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So these are some stunning tourist places to visit in Bikaner if you to explore true glory of this beautiful site. Here we mention all the famous sightseeing in Bikaner that really helps you to make an itinerary and list of tourist attraction that you can visit in your next holiday trip.

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