Top 7 Most Beautiful Places To Visit in Dispur & Things To Do , Best Places to visit in Dispur

Top 7 Most Beautiful Places To Visit in Dispur & Things To Do

Places To Visit in Dispur – Dispur is the Capital of Assam after the separation of Meghalaya from Assam. The city officially declared as a Capital in the year 1973. Further, it is also considered as one of the smallest Capitals in the World. The tourist spot packed with panoramic views, unique traditions and rich tribal culture thus it is a prime tourist destination in Assam.

The scenic hill town located at a distance of 10 km from Guwahati, which is another famous tourist spot. There are many ancient Hindu temples in Dispur that attracts all spiritual lovers in a great number. Apart from that, the beautiful location enriched with a wide range of flora and fauna. So here are some top tourist places to visit in Dispur that you can add to your Dispur Tour Packages. The tourist spot has pleasant climate condition all throughout the year, so you can take the best experience of Sightseeing in Dispur.

Top 7 Best Tourist Places To Visit in Dispur & Things To Do

1. Sualkuchi
Places to visit in Dispur - Sualkuchi
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Sualkuchi is very famous for its Muga Silk, which is a golden variety of silk. The Silk quality is very unique that can’t be found anywhere else in the World. So if you want to know the process of production of this silk, then Sualkuchi is one of the perfect places to visit in Dispur.

Things To Do At Sualkuchi – Know the process of Silk Production and Shopping of Silk products

2. Assam State Zoo and Botanical Gardens
Famous Tourist Attraction in Dispur - Assam State Zoo and Botanical Gardens
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Spread an area of 432 acres of Land, Assam State Zoo and Botanical Gardens is famous for its wide range of flora and fauna. Located on RGB Road, the Zoo was established in the year 1957 under a mega project to protect wildlife species. Further, in the year 1982, a botanical garden also set up here that has a wide range of flowers, plants, shrubs and herbs. The Assam State Zoo is home to many wildlife species like white tiger, leopards, rhinoceros and Himalayan black bear. Apart from that, one can also spot some rare species of birds here. There is also a children’s park and forest museum that makes it a worth visiting tourist destination in Dispur.

Things To Do At Assam State Zoo and Botanical Garden – Spot some wildlife species, Photography, Take a stroll at Botanical Garden and Visit Children’s Park

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3. Navagraha Temple
Temples in Dispur - Navagraha Temple
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Constructed around the 18th century, Navagraha temple dedicated to nine celestial bodies of the Solar system. It is also considered to be Gods who have an influence on the destiny of all creatures and hence they are to be worshipped. As the temple dedicated to the solar planets, it holds great importance among astrologers and astronomers. Further, it is located on Chitrachal Hill, so can take the breathtaking view of the city from the top point. Beside this, it is an important pilgrimage centre for all Lord Shiva devotees, which comes here with lots of faith and devotion. Moreover, a great tourist location that must be in the list of places to visit in Dispur.

Things To Do At Navagraha Temple – Get a chance to know about Solar System, Worship to Lord Shiva and Take mesmerising city view

4. Basistha Ashram
Sightseeing in Dispur - Basistha Ashram
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Basistha Ashram is one of the most famous pilgrimages site, which is located on the confluence of Sandhya, Lalita and Kanta rivers. According to legend, these three rivers were named after the wives of Basistha Sage. It is also said that the ashram has been established by him and now it becomes a popular religious spot. Further, there is a Basistha Temple inside the ashram dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Things To Do At Basistha Ashram – Visit Basistha Temple, Enjoy Sightseeing and Relaxing

5. Regional Science Centre and Museum
Tourist Destinations in Dispur - Regional Science Centre and Museum
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Located in Khanapara, the Regional Science Center and Museum is among one of the top places to visit in Dispur for the students and kids alike. Established in the year 1994, it offers interactive demonstrations on education, science and other pre-historic topics. The museum also showcases the contributions and inventions of Indian scientists and Nobel Laureates in a science field. Apart from that, it also exhibits some scientific equipment like a fun mirror, magic tap, cliff lift etc. So if you want to increase your knowledge in Science field then it will be a worth visiting tourist spot in Dispur and must go for it.

Things To Do At Regional Science Center and Museum – Get Some Scientific Knowledge, Visit scientific equipment and tool

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6. Evening Cruise At Brahmaputra River
Dispur Tourist Places - Evening Cruise At Brahmaputra River
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Take an evening cruise at Brahmaputra River, which is one of the best things to do in Dispur that you should not miss. The beautiful river originates from southwest of Tibet and enters in India through gorges of the Himalayas and Arunachal Pradesh. River cruising in the Brahmaputra river will give you a memorable experience for the lifetime. Along with this, take a sunset view here that is truly magnificent and refreshing.

7. Srimanta Sankardeva Kalashetra
Tourist Place in Dispur - Srimanta Sankardeva Kalashetra
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A must visit tourist place in Dispur to know the culture and life of Assamese people and the tribes living here. Located on the Punjabari Road, the Srimanta Shakardeva Kalashetra was a great seer from the 15th century. The main motive behind the establishment of this Institute to promote the rich heritage culture of the communities of Assam. Further, the institute also showcases the traditional jewellery, costumes, statues, articles, weapons, stone and inscriptions of this state.

Things To Do At Srimanta Shakardeva Kalashetra – Photography and get a chance to explore Assamese culture and tradition

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So these are the important sightseeing in Dispur that every tourist has to explore at least once. With a wide range of flora and fauna, there are many religious tourist spots in this region that attracts both nature and spiritual lovers.

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