Top 7 Stunning Tourist Places To Visit in Sibsagar & Things To Do , Most Popular Places to visit in Sibsagar

Top 7 Stunning Tourist Places To Visit in Sibsagar & Things To Do

Places To Visit in Sibsagar – Sibsagar is also known as Sivasagar which has high historical value. It was the Capital of Ahom kingdom for about 100 years. Famous for its historical monuments and palaces belonging to Ahom times. Further, it is a great site to be explored in upper Assam due to its rich biodiversity.

Most of the tourist attraction in Sibsagar related to ancient time hence the site has high archaeological value and you will be really amazed by exploring all these places. The historical town surrounded by lush green tea gardens that adds another charm to this tourist spot. Apart from that, the location has a number of other attraction as well that makes your holiday vacation memorable. So here is the detailed information about places to visit in Sibsagar that must be included in the itinerary of Sibsagar tourist places.

Best Time To Visit – The temperature becomes too hot and dry during the summer season. Whereas the monsoon season remains humid due to heavy rainfall in this region. So, the most convenient time to visit Sibsagar is the winter season when the weather condition remains comfortable.

Top 7 Best Tourist Places To Visit in Sibsagar & Things To Do

1. Sibsagar Lake
Places to visit in Sibsagar - Sibsagar Lake
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Sibsagar Lake is a picturesque artificial lake built by the Queen Ambika, who was the wife of King Shiva Singha. Constructed in the year 1734, it serves as one of the biggest tourist attraction in Sibsagar. Spread an area of 190 acres, it is an ideal place to relax and unwind your mind. The stunning lake surrounded by beautiful parks, museum, masjid, Buddhist monastery, church and temples. The famous Sivadol temple also located on the bank of Sivasagar Lake which is an important pilgrimage spot for all devotees. One can also get the mesmerising view of the sunset here that is truly remarkable. So being a famous tourist spot it must be in the itinerary of places to visit in Sibsagar.

Things To Do At Sibsagar Lake – Relaxing, Photography, Explore nearby sightseeing and Visit Sivadol Temple

2. Ahom Museum
Famous Tourist Attraction in Sibsagar - Ahom Museum
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Located on the bank of Sibsagar lake, Ahom Museum is a top tourist destination in Sivasagar that is frequently visited by lots of travellers every year. If you want to explore the rich history and culture of this beautiful state then must visit this place at least once. The museum also showcases the royal armoury, clothes, manuscripts, metal and swords belonged to Ahom dynasty.

Things To Do At Ahom Museum – See ancient artefacts of Ahom dynasty, Explore Sibsagar Lake and Get a chance to know some historical facts about Assam

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3. Kareng Ghar
Best Tourist Destinations in Sibsagar - Kareng Ghar
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Located at a distance of 13 km from the city centre, Kareng Ghar among one of the top places to visit in Sibsagar due to its historical importance. It was the royal seat of Ahom Dynasty which was built around 17th century by King Rajeswar Singha. It is a seven-storey castle, out of which four are above the ground and rest of three remains underground.

Further, the structural design of this historical monuments shows the architectural brilliance of ancient times. At a time, there were four watchtowers but now only two remains in existence. It also has a beautiful garden that makes it an ideal destination for the picnic and relaxing.

Things To Do At Kareng Ghar – Take a stroll inside Kareng Ghar, Photography, Picnic and Relax at the garden

4. Rang Ghar
Historical Monuments in Sibsagar - Rang Ghar
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Built by king Pramutta Singha around 1746 AD, Rang Ghar is a famous tourist destination in Sibsagar. It is also known as the ‘Colosseum of the East’ and also considered as one of the oldest surviving amphitheatres of Asia. The palace was used by the Ahom Royal family to watch a sports event. The monument has rich historical significance that reflects the architectural brilliance and grandeur of that time. Further, the monument surrounded by a beautiful garden which makes it an ideal location for the picnic and relaxing.

Things To Do At Rang Ghar – See the architectural brilliance of Ahom Dynasty, Take a stroll at the garden and Picnic

5. Talatal Ghar
Sightseeing in Sibsagar - Talatal Ghar
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Located at a distance of 6 km from the city centre, Talatal Ghar is a popular tourist attraction in Sibsagar. It is a three -storey building which depict an impressive structure of Tai Ahom architecture. The historical monument gives you a glimpse of the vibrant Assamese culture and its rich history. Constructed by King Rudra Singha in the year 1699, it is one of the largest Ahom monuments in the entire state of Assam.

There is also an underground tunnel that connects it with river Dikhow. The upper ground floor of this monument known as Kareng Ghar which was used by royal families of Assam. Moreover, for the history buffs and architecture lovers, it is one of the best places to visit in Sibsagar that can’t be missed at any instant.

Things To Do At Talatal Ghar – Get a glimpse of Tai Ahom Architecture, Sightseeing and Visit Kareng Ghar

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6. Charaideo
Tourist Spots in Sibsagar - Charaideo
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Charaideo was the Capital of Ahom Dynasty and it is about 28 km from Sibsagar. Built by Sukhapa around 1229 AD, who was the founder of Ahom Dynasty. The place stands as a symbol of Ahom dynasty whereas most of the part ruins today. The tourist spot famous for its burial vaults or maidams which belongs to kings and members of the Ahom dynasty.

There are around 150 burial sites or maidams in Charaideo and about 30 of them are under the supervision of Archaeological Survey of India and Archaeological Department of Assam. Further, near this site, there is a Sukapha Park which has lots of amusement options for kids. So being a famous historical site, it must be in the list of places to see in Sibsagar.

Things To Do At Charaideo – Visit burial vaults of Ahom Kings, Visit Sukapha Park, Try some leisure activity with your kids and Sightseeing

7. Joysagar Tank
Sibsagar Tourist Places - Joysagar Tank
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Spread an area of 318 acres, Joysagar Tank is a man-made lake in Sibsagar. Constructed by Swargadeo Rudra Singha in the memory of his mother around 1697 AD. The massive structure of this tank completed within 45 days. Apart from that, the site has high religious significance too as there are many famous temples located on the bank of Joysagar Tank.

Some of the popular shrine that you can found here like Jeydol, Shiv Temple, Devi Ghar, Sri Surya Mandir and Ghanashyam Dol. One can also spot some rare species of Migratory birds here during the winter season.

Things To Do At Joysagar Tank – Bird Watching, Enjoy Sightseeing, Visit all temples and Photography

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So these are the popular tourist attraction and places to visit in Sibsagar that every tourist has to explore at least once. The tourist spot is very famous for its historical monuments dating back to Ahom period. Apart from that, there is much natural sightseeing in Sibsagar that attract all scenic lovers in this region.

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