Places to Visit in Spiti Valley – Surrounded by the high mountain ranges, the Spiti valley is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the best-preferred destinations for trekking and hiking. There are many pristine lakes and Buddhist monasteries found in Spiti Valley. Further, the location is very well-known for its breathtaking natural beauty.

Spiti Valley is completely isolated during the winter season. There are many hidden treasures to visit in Spiti Valley that makes it an unusual destination in Himachal. A rod trip journey in Spiti Valley is truly awesome and magnificent. Often known as the ‘Little Tibet’, as it has the similar culture of Tibet. Now here we are going to mention some best places to visit in Spiti Valley for a memorable holiday vacation. Check below mention sightseeing in Spiti Valley to explore this beautiful location in a perfect way.

Top 6 Stunning Places to Visit in Spiti Valley & Things to Do

1. Suraj Tal Lake
Tourist Places to Visit in Spiti Valley - Suraj Tal Lake
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Located very near to Baralacha pass, the Suraj Tal Lake is one of the best photogenic places to visit in Spiti Valley. It is also considered as the 3rd highest lake in India. Further, it is an ideal place for the nature lover, trekking trails and photographer. The scenic lake has many breathtaking views of surrounding nature that adds another charm. Summer season is the best time to visit this lake as it remains frozen in the winter season. Trekking and Biking Tour around this location gives you a unique experience.

Things to do:– Trekking, Biking and Best for Photography

2. Key Monastery
Famous Tourist Attraction in Spiti Valley - Key Monastery
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Key Monastery is one of the major tourist attraction in Spiti Valley and frequently visited by lots of tourists. Located at an altitude of 4120 metres above sea level, it is situated very near to Spiti river. Further, the monastery is very popular for its Buddha shrine, ancient books, manuscripts and murals.

It also houses a training and learning centre of Lamas. The unique architectural style with beautiful interior makes it one of the best places to visit in Spiti Valley.

Things to do:– Sightseeing and Photography

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3. Dhankar Lake
Lakes in Spiti Valley - Dhankar Lake
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Located at an altitude of 4270 meters above sea level, the picturesque lake is an all-time favourite tourist destination in Spiti Valley. It is just 5 km away from the Dhankar Monastery. Further, it can be approached by a trek from the monastery which is quite challenging. The surrounding peaceful environment with many stunning views rejuvenates your mind and soul. Spend some time at this lake and see the sky change colours that offer a majestic view.

Things to do:– Trekking and Photography

4. Baralacha Pass
Adventure Activity & Things to do in Spiti Valley - Baralacha Pass
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Located at an altitude of 16040 feet above the sea level, the Baralacha Pass is one of the most challenging passes in Himachal Pradesh. Situated on Leh-Manali highway, it connects Lahaul district to Ladakh. One can take the breathtaking view of Great Himalayan, Pir Panjal and Zanskar mountain range from the pass.

For the adventure seeker, a trek route also available from the Baralacha to Chandra tall. Along with trekking, one can also go camping and mountain biking in this region, which are the best things to do in Spiti Valley. There is no doubt you will get a unique experience by exploring such a beautiful site in Spiti Valley.

Things to do:– Trekking, Camping, Mountain Biking and Photography

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5. Pin Valley National Park
Best Sightseeing in Spiti Valley - Pin Valley National Park
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Pin Valley National Park is one of the best places to visit in Spiti Valley for the nature lover and wildlife enthusiast. It was established in 1987 and now it is the largest bio-reserve in this region. You can find some rare species of flora and fauna including snow leopards, snowcocks, chukar partridges, and Siberian ibex.

Situate on the backdrop of stunning Himalayas, the park is an ideal destination for all kind of adventure freaks. Further, the park boasts some medicinal herbs and rare species of plants like Juniper and Birch. Overall a unique sightseeing in Spiti Valley that you have to visit at least once.

Things to do:– Bird Watching, Photography and Sightseeing

6. Lhalung Monastery
Monasteries in Spiti Valley - Lhalung Monastery
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Founded by Rinchen Zangpo, the Lhalung Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in Spiti Valley. There are 9 shrines in the monastery complex and each one of them considered as the hub of Buddhist teachings. The monastery is often known as the Golden temple due to various gold leaf deities kept in its shrine.

Important Note:– There are some common places to visit in Spiti Valley and Kaza. Kaza is the capital of Spiti Valley. which is another famous place to visit in this region. So if you want to explore this tourist destination in a perfect way then you have to visit both sites simultaneously. To check the list of all common places, click on below link.

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So these are some amazing places to visit in Spiti Valley and Kaza. The place is very famous for ancient monasteries, lakes, enthralling passes and mountain ranges. So the location holds all those things which you expect from a tourist place. Here we mention all the major tourist attraction in Spiti Valley that should not be miss.


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